Spartan Downtown Challenge 2018: The Finish Line is Yours For The Taking

The name “Spartan” alone carries a legacy commonly associated with fearsome, disciplined warriors, soon becoming synonymous with endurance, strength, and the pursuit of physical greatness. Spartan warriors are remembered to have completed legendary feats, surpassing the limits many ordinary people struggle to reach. To this day, the Spartan name is still being used with near superhuman feats, and this time, it has arrived in town for brave local Spartans to conquer. The Spartan Downtown Challenge 2018 is the first inception of the Spartan Singapore urban obstacle course. Hosted in conjunction with OUE Downtown on 23 June 2018, Spartans stepped up…

Fitness & Fasting: Keep Your Gains & Fast In Check This Ramadan

The time draws nigh for the most sacred month of the year for our Muslim friends, who have to observe strict fasting from dawn to sunset. With proper dietary planning, you don’t have to be afraid to train around the season – and you’ll definitely not lose your gains, if you follow these dietary guidelines closely. Here is the break-down of the dietary intake by its hour, with both the pre-dawn meal (suhur) and sunset meal (iftar) included in the plan: 1930hrs: Dinner (Iftar) 2100hrs: 1 scoop of protein for Pre-Workout 2200hrs: 1 scoop of protein for Post-Workout 2200hrs –…