Start Your Wellness Journey with Wellness Festival Singapore’s Islandwide Programmes

The importance of our general wellness is more prevalent than ever before, so this begs the question: when was the last time you took care of yourself? If not recently, perhaps Wellness Festival Singapore can provide the rejuvenation you need.

Wellness Festival Singapore is a nationwide event aimed to promote the holistic well-being of people by way of experiences that boost our physical, emotional and mental wellness. The festival is set to run from 3 to 12 June 2022 and features 120 physical and virtual

wellness offerings at various locations islandwide.

There’s a wide variety of activities within those 120 experiences, including fitness classes, meditation workshops, and arts and lifestyle experiences, so here’s a look at some that you can participate in.

The Wellness Sensorium

Make your way to The Meadow at Gardens by the Bay for The Wellness Sensorium, a pop-up event that provides a multi-sensory experience for visitors. There, six zones will greet people, providing innovative and instagrammable opportunities.

One of these experiences is the Stone Ritual, which has visitors engage in the collaborative exercise of stone-stacking, which is said to heighten spatial awareness in people. Light and Sound Bath is another, and it puts people in a darkened environment decorated with slow-moving coloured lights with ambient sound playing to bring about a sense of calm for participants. 

Free daily programmes are also available at the Masterclass Studio. Such as one on the practice of slow-stitching meditation by Textile Artist Agatha Lee, or a nutrition workshop by Nutritionist-cum-Presenter Charlotte Mei and Chef-cum-Host Sarah Huang Benjamin that delves into health and Singapore’s local flavours with cooking demonstrations.

Somatic Movement 

Wellness Festival Singapore: Embodied Landscapes by National Gallery Singapore
Engage in somatic movement with National Gallery Singapore’s workshops

In the Civic District, National Gallery Singapore has several offerings, including Somatic Movement workshops using practices like qi gong and silat.

These come accompanied by traditional instruments and a broad playlist that plays throughout the workshops, aiming to get participants into a zen environment as they express themselves when practising these movements.

Outdoor Kickboxing 

Wellness Festival Singapore: Kickboxing by AIBI
Kickboxing session by AIBI

For something that can get your sweat going, there are also several fitness-based activities that you can look forward to during Wellness Festival Singapore’s run.

AIBI MaxWell conducts one of them with its ‘Punch Hard, Kick Harder’ programme, inviting people to drop by and join their Outdoor Kickboxing Group Workout Class — improving your agility and stamina as you sweat it out alongside others with the help of a trainer.


Wellness Festival Singapore: Aromatherapy Workshop
A mixologist conducting Oo La Lab’s Aromatherapy workshop

Wellness Festival Singapore has also curated programmes that excite the senses, such as the Craft Fragrance Experience by organiser Top Middle Base. 

It is an aromatherapy workshop where participants learn all about the various iconic fragrance notes, with a mixologist guiding people along their aroma journey. But there’s more! You can also create your own formula that will be bottled, crimped, capped & labelled — your very own personalised perfume.

This is just a small peek at what is on offer, and there is much more to discover at Wellness Festival Singapore. If you’re keen to start your wellness journey, you can find out more about the festival and its list of programmes on its official page here

Visuals courtesy of Wellness Festival Singapore.

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