DAILY BEER: South Korea’s beloved chimaek chain is landing in Singapore

“I feel like chimaek when it snows.”

Sounds familiar? A little over a decade ago, if you were deep into the K-drama craze, you might remember the K-drama “My Love From The Star”, a romantic comedy featuring top actress Cheon Song-yi and her extraterrestrial partner Do Min-jun, an alien who has been on Earth for over 400 years after accidentally falling from a star.

With the show becoming an instant hit, one product featured extensively in the show was the centre of all attention—chimaek—“chi” being short for chicken and “maek” referring to “maekju,” the Korean word for beer. This was due to the lead Cheon’s obsession with having this meal during the year’s first snowfall, which sparked a craze for chimaek internationally.

Such a great love story deserves a great resolution, doesn’t it? And if you wish to fall in love with chimaek just like Cheon did, DAILY BEER is here for that reason!

With an impressive 370 outlets opened across Korea, the award-winning DAILY BEER is a fan favourite amongst Korean celebrities such as K-Pop boyband EXO’s Xiumin and the beloved cast of the internationally known variety show “Running Man”! And now it is opening its doors here in Singapore’s bustling Telok Ayer district, offering its beloved craft beer and fried chicken to all of us chimaek-fans!

So whether you’re dipping your toes into K-food or a long-time K-food connoisseur, let me introduce you to the tantalising dishes DAILY BEER has to offer!

The Beer

What’s a chimaek joint without some good beer? Being located at the culinary epicentre of the Central Business District, DAILY BEER is the perfect place to gulp down a cold glass of beer after a long day at work!

What makes DAILY BEER stand out from the crowd is that their craft beers are produced through their own “beer platform”. Rather than pre-made brews, the brand works with local small-batch breweries to make DAILY BEER-exclusive craft beers! You can’t find the unique taste of DAILY BEER’s drinks anywhere else, and you’re guaranteed a high-quality brew! 

In the Singapore outlet, DAILY BEER offers a menu of seven craft beers served from the tap. Each beer has its own unique flavour profile, and for my indecisive overthinkers, the choice of item to pair with your drink is made for you, as every drink is designed to pair with selected food menu items! 

Daily Beer: Craft Beer Tap
Enjoy a glass of high-quality brew in DAILY BEER’s red neon-lit space

One delicious combination is the Kampong Pilsner, a crispy, clean brew that goes well with French fries. Another perfect pairing is the K-Festbier, a malty Margen-style lager, and sausages! The caramel malt and sweetness of this drink, when paired with the savoury sausage, are a match made in heaven!

And it doesn’t stop there! The menu includes craft beers exclusive to Singapore, such as the aptly named Telok Hazy IPA, developed in collaboration with local brewery Brewerkz. Using only Korean yeast cultivated in-house in Korea before being exported here for brewing, the drink nicely complements fried chicken and can aid you in fighting Singapore’s sweltering heat!

Another beer specially made for Telok Ayer is the Telok Pale Ale, a refreshingly fruity drink with Chinook, Idaho, and Simcoe hops. This drink is a great companion to chicken and tteokbokki, Korea’s number one street food, with its spicy and chewy consistency!

Lastly, another great defender against the Singapore heat is the K-Ginseng Lager, brewed with whole Korean ginseng that can be bitter but uplifting! You can opt to enjoy this drink with either salads, fried dishes, or fruits for a great time.

Daily Beer: Glass of Beer
Beat the heat with any of DAILY BEER’s refreshing craft beers!

Not to feed into any alcohol addiction, but for my friends who are the complete opposite and want a variety to choose from, you can try the Beer Flight, which offers a selection of five DAILY BEER craft beers! For a more authentic Korean experience, you can choose the Real K-Somaek 500, a unique concoction of smooth Korean soju and ginseng beer for the best Somaek experience! Non-alcoholic beverage options are also available for those who wish to quench their thirst.

The Chicken

Now that you know all about the beer, it’s time to dig into its perfect companion! Fried chicken paired with beer is almost synonymous with Korean dining culture. It is quintessential to get-togethers with friends or coworkers during the evenings and especially after work to put you in a mood to unwind.

Famous for its crispy and crunchy exterior, Korean fried chicken is only made possible by a double-fried method to produce that enticing, delicious goodness. For DAILY BEER’s own Korean fried chicken, they use a secret batter and flour to coat the chicken before it is lowered into hot oil to produce a golden and crunchy texture! 

If that’s your thing, you can taste the original, crispy version yourself by opting for the signature Angry Bird. While DAILY BEER’s chicken has nothing to do with the video game of the same name, Angry Bird promises to soar just as high in flavour! This dish comes in four irresistible flavours — Angry Bird Red, Angry Bird Black, Angry Bird Kimchi, and Angry Bird Crunch!

Daily Beer: Angry Bird Red Chicken
No pain, no gain, am I right?

The Angry Bird Red is for those who believe that deliciousness needs to have a kick to it. A burning red Angry Bird Sauce coats the original chicken with roasted sesame seeds sprinkled over for more crunch. A beautiful combination of spice and crispness!

Meanwhile, on the opposite end, we have the Angry Bird Black, which has dark and sticky sweet garlic aged soy sauce in place of the fiery Angry Bird Sauce. And if you want to go full out in Korean flavours, choose the Angry Bird Kimchi, which generously covers the meat with spicy and tart kimchi seasoning.

But sometimes, you just want a little more texture that hits the spot. And that’s where the Angry Bird Crunch comes in—a sweet but spicy cornflake garlic seasoning that covers the chicken after it is fried until it reaches its maximum crispiness! It’s fitting for anyone who wants a satisfying mouthfeel and textural experience!

Daily Beer: Angry Bird Chicken Crunch
The Angry Chicken Crunch is so crispy, it can cause uncontrollable crunch cravings!

Other Korean dishes

Aside from their fried chicken dishes, DAILY BEER also offers various all-time K-food favourites. This includes the Daily Budae Tteokbokki, a hearty Korean Army Stew filled with chewy rice cakes, assorted sausages, and springy noodles served in piping hot, spicy soup! A non-spicy alternative is the Premium Fish Cake Soup, suitable for chilly days because of its warm, comforting broth covered in fish cakes and shrimp skewers. 

Daily Beer: Daily Budae Tteokbokki
Gather around a warm bowl of Daily Budae Tteokbokki with your friends or coworkers for a good time!

Other highlights you can try include Grilled Dried Pollack, a famous Korean side dish, and the savoury Original French Fries that come in original or spicy kimchi seasoning for that extra kick! But if you want both, you can have half of each flavour for more variety!

Want a lighter option? Try the Cajun Chicken Salad, a crunchy bowl of leafy green goodness and fried chicken toppings drizzled with a creamy dressing, or a tangy sweet and sour dressing if you choose the Chinese-style Chicken Salad instead.

Signature Lunch Menu

DAILY BEER is not just a night-time hangout spot for some quick bites! Exclusively offered in Singapore, the Chicken Bibimbap Set is for busy professionals who crave a flavoursome lunch set during the busy lunch period. Hot crispy chicken, with either black or red sauce, is set atop classic kimchi fried rice and paired with seaweed and a kimchi cheese ball in this dish. You can choose a cold soft drink or an energising Green Plum to complete the meal!

Daily Beer: Chicken Bibimbap
How can you say no to The Chicken Bibimbap set?

But if you still wish to have some beer with your lunch, add a Telok Pale Ale, which makes for a refreshing and fruity thirst quencher.

Opening Promotion

You’re already racing to grab your wallet and head to DAILY BEER, aren’t you? Good news! From now till 30 April 2024, the first 30 customers daily will be entitled to a free beer sampler from 5pm onwards.

Even reading this article alone has its perks! Show this news article at DAILY BEER, and you can also have a beer sampler for just S$1 for any food purchase.

The next time you want to remake that K-Drama moment, or maybe you’re just craving some classic Korean fried chicken, DAILY BEER welcomes you to kick back and relax with its delicious beers and hearty fried chicken!


📍Location: 212 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068645

Opening hours

  • Sunday to Thursday, from 11.30am to 11pm
  • Friday, Saturday, and public holidays, from 11.30am to 12.30am

Visuals courtesy of DAILY BEER.

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