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Why danamic.?

We are an alternative media for bold, ambitious, and independent millennials. Based in Singapore, danamic. is one of the fastest growing online media companies in the Southeast Asian region.

Speak to an audience who wants to engage with your brand

When you advertise at danamic., you reach out to a focused, targeted group of millennials aged 21 to 34 in Singapore. As well-educated individuals, our local readers return to our site frequently for our authoritative approach to guides and news coverage.

Through danamic., our informed and opinionated readers are risk-takers who are willing to try new things, specifically in interests relating to fitness, food, tech, games, arts, and self-improvement.

Progressive audience and targeted reach

With a penchant for authentic, relevant, and empowering editorial content, more than 20,000 discerning readers arrive at our editorial website every month. We have also grown an active community on our social media channels, where our members are eager to share and discuss the latest products and services with their personal network. Content on the editorial is also shared on our social media channels, which culminates to more than 50,000 total monthly reach across various widely-used platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Different device, same experience

More than 60% of danamic.’s readers view our content on their mobile devices, and this is possible only because of our professional adherence towards mobile-friendly and responsive content viewing. We also have the creative and technical expertise to embed photos and videos into our content to express ourselves further.

Well-respected editorial

At danamic., we place our readers at the heart of everything we do. From curated event listicles to op-ed pieces, our independent editorial content has built an authority of its own right. We cut to the chase and make sure that our content delivers more of what our readers want, and less of what they don’t.

Going global

danamic. is amongst the few media outlets in Singapore that have been officially verified as a Facebook News Page, an Apple News Publisher, and a Google News Source. When you advertise on our platform, your content is also distributed across these channels, which typically reaches out to a significant percentage of our international audience, such as the United States and the greater APAC region.

Our Products

We help brands grow through targeted messaging tied with creative, engaging stories to increase brand affinity for your brand. danamic. specialises in advertorials, sponsored content, branded content, and branded video to cater to the shifting needs of your business.


To improve brand perception and increase sales, a paid advertorial at danamic. is the fastest way to do just that. We specialise in creating compelling content for your brand by providing valuable information for our readers. Furthermore, our editorial team will work closely with you to include industry trends and topics that will be relevant for your brand and our readers.

Branded Content

When readers read our stories, they want to relate to real-life challenges and obtain innovative ways to solve today’s problems. With danamic.’s branded content, your brand will be able to connect with our audience through powerful storytelling methods. danamic.’s branded content is a great solution for generating conversations around your brand, thereby increasing word-of-mouth referrals and brand awareness.

Sponsored Content

Today’s web users are inundated with intrusive ads and commercial ingenuity. When your brand sponsors an editorial content on danamic., you engage your audience with effective, well-written pieces that deliver your brand objectives at the same time.

Branded Video

Strengthen your brand’s voice further with a branded video on danamic. Based on web analytics, we found that adding videos with an editorial content boosts readership by an average of 20% to 30%. With a competent team of creatives to support your brand, we have helped our clients to showcase their company’s expertise in ways a paid ad never could.

Empower your brand today

To get the conversation started, reach out to us at [email protected]. For more information about our creative services, you may check out our works at

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