Calling All Creators: Learn from the best at CreatorWeek 2024

Sometimes, I look at the Forbes 30 Under 30 and wish I could pick the brains of those on the list — what knowledge can I glean? Well, this May may be the best opportunity to do so. The most influential musicians, artists, and content creators are coming to one place, and the best part is that you get to hear their ideas and learn from them. This is all enabled by CreatorWeek 2024, the debut event by organiser Branded to connect creators with platforms and brands.

From 8 to 9 May 2024, Singapore is turning into the epicentre for creativity and entrepreneurship through the CreatorWeek conference. You’ll experience an impressive lineup of panels, live performances, workshops, and networking opportunities—all designed to empower creators, musicians, artists, and industry professionals alike. There’s no better place to mingle with the best of the best than here!

Now, when I say that the CreatorWeek conference is huge, I mean it! It isn’t just one conference, but three—you get access to three widely-encompassing tracks: Music Matters, CreatorWorld, and the brand-new AI Matters.

For all you musicians out there, the Music Matters conference track is for you! Returning for its 19th edition, the conference brings together renowned speakers and thought leaders to share their insights on the music industry. 

YouTube Music is a big player in the music scene, and at the Music Matters conference, you can attend highly engaging sessions with their executives. But YouTube Music is only one of many notable brands appearing at the conference, with others like Believe and Caldecott Music Group taking to the stage as well!

CreatorWeek 2024: Meng Ru Kuok
Meng Ru Kuok, CEO & Founder of Caldecott Music Group, has much to say about the music industry!

You can also look forward to a series of ‘The Music Matters Gateway to…’ sessions, which will provide insightful exploration into the vibrant and diverse music scenes from various regions, such as Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, and more. Sounds like music to my ears!

Creators also get the spotlight through the CreatorWorld conference track! Attendees are afforded the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and learn from fellow creators, artists, and industry executives to supercharge their creative ventures.

The likes of Adrian Xiao Ming of Hepmil Media Group (whom you’ll recognise from SGAG),  the viral #HireMeLeh content creator Elizabeth Boon, and Epic Games Managing Director Mike McCabe are just a few names speaking at the conference, divulging all kinds of juicy tidbits from the industry! Topics like the evolving landscape of content creation, monetisation strategies, and partnerships are among the many agendas being discussed that are sure to broaden your mind.

But besides the thought-provoking sessions, the CreatorWorld conference is also about spotlighting your favourite creators and artists. During the conference, a series of Creator and Artist Spotlights will be held, featuring William Singe—the multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer, and YouTuber known for his viral covers!

CreatorWeek 2024: William Singe
With over 2 million subscribers on YouTube, CreatorWeek 2024 invites William Singe to share in his success

Exciting indeed! But for now, let’s say bye-bye to the creators and aye-aye to AI. CreatorWeek is doing something new and introducing AI Matters, a dedicated track for, you guessed it, artificial intelligence. Specifically, it will explore how AI technologies are revolutionising the music and content creation industries.

From algorithmic music composition and automated content generation to personalised recommendations and audience insights, AI innovation will be the focal point of AI Matters. Experts will be on hand to present attendees with new possibilities for artistic expression, audience engagement, and business growth. So, if you’ve been keen to begin working with AI in mind, there’s no better learning space than AI Matters!

Of course, the learning doesn’t stop with these three conference tracks at CreatorWeek. The Music Matters Academy @ Swee Lee Clarke Quay presents another opportunity to continue upskilling as an artist, young executive, and industry newcomer through mentorship, training and knowledge sharing from eminent profiles in the global music and creator sphere! It’s all happening on 10 May 2024 from 10am to 3pm. 

And while International Women’s Day may have just recently concluded this year, we still have some time to spare for our female innovators and creators.

CreatorWeek 2024 thinks so too, and it is bringing along the award-winning It’s A Girl Thing (IAGT) to share in the love. After successful outings in the Philippines and India, IAGT makes its way back to Singapore on 11 May 2024 to serve as a platform for female creators, aiming to inspire and uplift young women while providing them with the tools to pursue their dreams and passions.

IAGT Talks begins the event in earnest, where you’ll be able to hear from inspirational speakers like Priyanka Annuncia, our beloved Miss Universe Singapore 2023, who has been a fierce crusader against Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation. There’s also Sarah Renae Clark, the content creator behind the Color Cube; learn about how her product has captured the hearts of artists and crafters around the world. 

When evening arrives, it is party time! GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT, presented by IAGT, promises a night of hard-hitting music from a fantastic all-female line-up across APAC! Dance the night away with live tunes from Emma Dilemma, JHM, Nao Yoshioka, and Singapore’s very own Marian Caramel and Matilde G

CreatorWeek 2024: JHM
JHM will light up the stage at CQ @ Clarke Quay

There’s much more yet to be announced for IAGT, so keep an eye out for exciting updates on the IAGT Talks agenda and Girls’ Night Out schedule here.

Here’s how to take part

Whether you’re a musician or creator, CreatorWeek 2024 has something for you. Tickets are now on sale for you to join in the festivities, with passes available at US$349. VIP passes are also on sale for US$749, offering additional access to VIP networking parties, coffee breaks and daily lunches! Hurry to get your tickets now!

If you’re excited about CreatorWeek 2024 like us, bookmark our website or follow our socials on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok; we’ve got plenty more to show once the festival goes live on 7 May 2024!

In the meantime, you can stay updated on CreatorWeek 2024 by visiting their official website and following their socials on Facebook and Instagram.

CreatorWeek 2024

🗓️Date: 7 to 11 May 2024


  • Content Pass: US$349
  • VIP Pass: US$749

For our readers, we have an exceptional deal for you: Simply follow our link to get 15% off all ticket types! Now that’s a better way to start the CreatorWeek festivities!

Visuals courtesy of Branded.

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