SLIMWALK Compression Leggings: The Answer to Leg Soreness?

Did you know that women are more prone to edema (fluid retention) than men? This is due to differences in muscle strength and hormone secretion. Similarly, the venous return power (rate of blood flow back to the heart) of most women is also lower than that of men, which is why women are more prone to feeling fatigue and soreness in their legs, especially if they sit or stand all day or wear uncomfortable footwear like high heels. 

This issue is further confounded by our lifestyles in Singapore. We’re some of the fastest walkers in the world, and many of us spend the entire day on our feet at work. Even office workers spend more time walking than they might think, rushing from MRT stations to offices and everywhere in between their busy schedules.

Leg fatigue and soreness is a growing concern in our fast-paced world

These lifestyle factors can lead to long-term issues in our legs and feet, including swelling and pain. So how do we mitigate these circumstances?

Compress the stress away

Enter compression leggings. Compression leggings are designed to promote blood circulation and alleviate soreness in legs. Some variations of the product can even enhance workout efficiency and promote calorie burn, resulting in more effective workouts. 

This lifestyle product has been an open secret with women in East Asian countries like China and Japan for years and is now starting to make waves in Southeast Asia.

One notable brand of compression leggings that dominates sales in Japan is SLIMWALK — over 300 million pairs of SLIMWALK leggings are sold every year. 

SLIMWALK: Products
SLIMWALK’s popularity is starting to show in Southeast Asia

Unique to SLIMWALK is its progressive stage pressure design, where the pressure gradually decreases from the angle to the thigh, promoting contraction of leg muscles and improving blood circulation in the legs. When worn over the long term, this even has the potential to create a slimming effect on the legs. 

To the gym and beyond

At a recent experience event in Singapore, SLIMWALK showcased its leggings at Fitstop Holland Village, where experienced trainers shared their insights into the benefits of SLIMWALK’s compression leggings and how they can enhance their active lifestyles.

According to Jamie, co-owner and fitness instructor at Fitstop Holland Village, wearing compression leggings can help to relieve muscle strain when doing strenuous workouts like cardio sessions. 

Its resistance design allows for increased efficiency and calorie burn during a workout, improving your overall performance. The material is also stretchable and comfortable, remaining in place for the entirety of a workout session. 

SLIMWALK’s range of compression leggings isn’t limited to the gym. Its “forDaytime” and “forRelaxtime” Series are suitable for various occasions including exercise, everyday wear, and post-recovery after a workout. 

SLIMWALK: "forRelaxtime" Series
SLIMWALK’s range is more than just for sports, with the “forRelaxtime” Series made for use at home

The “forDaytime” range includes a U-shaped design that has a hip lift and thigh tightening effect. This versatility makes them an ideal addition to your activewear collection, whether you’re hitting the gym, going for a run, or simply running errands.

Only time will tell if the benefits do surface when used over the long term, but medically speaking, compression does benefit muscle recovery and blood flow. If your lifestyle frequently results in sore legs, SLIMWALK’s compression leggings may be a good fit for you.

If you’re interested to give these leggings a go and find out whether they’ll work for you, you can find them on Lazada, Shopee or AscenShoppe. They’re also available offline at Watsons and Welcia.

Visuals courtesy of SLIMWALK and ADOBE Stock.


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