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11 Things to Do in Singapore: May 2024

Have you been bored lately? Craving some spontaneous excitement? Then take a peek at our list of ‘Things to Do’ —  a series dedicated to showcasing what you (and your family and friends) can experience in Singapore for the upcoming month!

May 2024 is heating up in Singapore, and I’m not just talking about the weather! May heralds the arrival of some of the coolest happenings around town. From vibrant cultural events to mouthwatering food festivals, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! Get ready to spice up your May with our list of unforgettable experiences and endless fun!

Singapore International Festival of Arts 2024

11 Things to Do in Singapore: May 2024: SIFA

The Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) returns for another edition, gifting us the chance to experience a world of art from locally and internationally acclaimed artists! For three weeks, we’ll witness the unimaginable talent and an array of art forms, regardless of geographical or artistic borders.

From theatre to outdoor installations to even opera, if you can think of it, SIFA has it. One of the performances that stood out the most was Moby Dick by Plexus Polaire. It mixes theatre and the unlikely art of puppetry to retell the classic tale by Herman Melville. With a cast of only seven actors and 50 meticulously crafted puppets, the team brings the novel to life and enthrals you!

That’s just one of the many performances you can expect to see at this year’s SIFA! They’re even offering workshops so you can appreciate the art on display and even become a part of it. It’s not just an event for the adults; you can bring your little ones, too! With Little SIFA, children can also attend performances, installations, and workshops! 

🗓️Date: 17 May to 2 June 2024
📍Location: Various Locations

Strap in and get ready because SIFA will be a heck of a time! Make sure to check out the official SIFA website for a complete list of the wondrous performances and workshops!

Frida Kahlo: The Life of An Icon 

11 Things to Do in Singapore: May 2024: Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo is not an unfamiliar name to any of us. The legendary Mexican painter has undoubtedly left her mark on the world by gracing us with her godly talents and soul-touching artworks. Whether you’re a fan of the artist herself or art in general, Frida Kahlo: The Life of An Icon is an exhibition you absolutely can’t miss!

The exhibition promises to give attendees an intimate look into the life of this cultural icon. Discover a tapestry of experiences across eight thematic spaces, each unveiling different personal aspects of Kahlo’s remarkable journey. Through the use of photographs, installations and projections, the exhibition brings the artist’s iconic self-portraits and narratives to life! The exhibition is a tribute to the artist’s enduring spirit and the inspiration she continues to ignite – a true testament to her resilience and unwavering courage. 

🗓️Date: 4 May to 1 September 2024
📍Location: ArtScience Museum, 6 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018974
💲Price: From S$19
⏰Opening Hours: 10am to 7pm (Last entry at 6pm)

Embark on a voyage through Kahlo’s life, delving into the moments that shaped her passions and talents at the ArtScience Museum! Visit the official Fever website to secure your tickets now!

Cultural Extravaganza 2024

11 Things to Do in Singapore: May 2024: Cultural Extravaganza

I’ve always felt like the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC) is one of Singapore’s best-kept secrets – every time they have an event, it’s the epitome of cool, informative and fun! This time around, SCCC presents Cultural Extravaganza 2024! This year’s festivities feature an impressive lineup of 10 exciting programmes and exhibitions by local art groups that will leave you wanting more! 

Come join the Cultural Extravaganza 2024 as they take you on a journey of stories that transcend generations, cultures and disciplines. With two theatre performances, six concerts and two exhibitions, you’ll be entertained from start to end! Enjoy rare Teochew opera performances, soulful jazz concerts and artworks by pioneer cartoonists that hold more secrets than you can imagine, all in one place.

🗓️Date: 8 May to 30 June 2024
📍Location: Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, 1 Straits Blvd, Singapore 018906
💲Price: Free and ticketed programs

SCCC has made a name for itself as the go-to place for the most entertaining and immersive cultural experiences, and I’m sure that Cultural Extravaganza 2024 will be no different! For full details, check out the official SCCC website, or to see what programmes await you in May, check out our expanded listing!

Music Matters Live 2024

11 Things to Do in Singapore: May 2024: Music Matters

Ready to groove this May? Music Matters Live 2024 is here to turn Singapore into a music haven! Featuring a thrilling lineup of more than 50 emerging stars from across 16 countries, be captivated by the diverse range of talent over four hard-hitting days.

The festival will take place across seven venues with Filipino star Kyleaux, Atlanta rapper Gorilla Zoe, Japanese boy band PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE, and Singapore’s own Josh Makazo, among many names that will tear up the stage. But that’s not all. Music Matters Live also has unique showcases these four days. NME Girls To The Front features inspiring female and non-binary artists, while Swee Lee Sessions features more intimate, unplugged acoustic sets — and there’s more to look forward to for all kinds of music lovers!

🗓️Date: 8 May to 11 May 2024
📍Location: Various locations
💲Price: Free (some events are invite-only)

That’s just a little glimpse into what you can expect from Music Matters Live 2024, and trust me, there’s a lot more where that came from! Do yourself a favour and check out the official website for the full schedule!

Income Eco Run (IER)

11 Things to Do in Singapore: May 2024: Income Eco Run

Ready to lace up those sneakers and run towards a greener tomorrow? Get ready, because the Income Eco Run is back! It’s not just about racing to the finish line – it’s about racing towards a zero-waste lifestyle. This isn’t your typical run-of-the-mill event; it’s a marathon with a cause.

Whether you’re looking to clock in 3, 5, or even 21.1 kilometres, you can rest assured knowing you’ve left your mark on a cleaner future! For every kilometre you clock, Income Insurance will donate S$1 to the Singapore Environment Council—literally every step counts!

You could even make it a family affair. This year, the Income Eco Run introduces a kid’s category, which features a 700-metre and a 1-kilometre run – no contribution is too small! What a way to teach your little ones more about living a zero-waste lifestyle!

 🗓️Date: 26 May 2024
📍Location: Marina Barrage, 8 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018951

Registration Period11 March to 10 May 2024
Income Policyholders/NTUC MembersS$38
PAssion MembersS$40
Public S$45
Bundle of 4S$160
Kids Category700M (4 to 9 years old) 1KM (10 to 12 years old) S$24

⏰Time: 4:30am to 11am 

Tie those shoelaces, dash, and embrace the thrill of running towards a greener future! Every step you take doesn’t just bring you closer to the finish line; it’s a leap towards sustainability and environmental consciousness. Join the Income Eco Run and make a difference, one kilometre at a time! To sign up, just head to the official Income Eco Run website!

Singapore HeritageFest 2024

Something about May has got all of us in the mood to reconnect with our roots! The next event on the list is none other than Singapore HeritageFest 2024 – which celebrates the 40th anniversary of Total Defence in Singapore. Back for its 21st edition, Singapore HeritageFest gives us the chance to rediscover a forgotten side of our home.

Through a series of tours, trails, exhibitions and workshops, we can uncover the hidden lore behind some of Singapore’s most iconic landmarks and architecture – the walls really do have ears! From town all the way to the east, Singapore HeritageFest is taking you on a journey throughout Singapore; it’s like being a tourist in your own home! 

Visit Singapore’s first flatted factory or experience the Hop-on, Hop-off (HOHO) bus – you’ll have so many choices to pick from! Take a walk down memory lane as you learn about a time in our history that may have been left out of our textbooks. There’s no better way to learn about the past than to experience it yourself, right? 

🗓️Date: 1 May to 26 May 2024
📍Location: Various Locations

Step into a time machine that’ll give you a real blast from the past! All you have to do is head over to the official Singapore HeritageFest website and go crazy picking which events you wish to join – the hard part is controlling yourself from signing up for all of them!

Doujin Market 2024

If you’re an avid gamer or just a simple collector of cute trinkets, boy do I have the event for you! Doujin Market 2024 is invading three massive halls at the Suntec Convention Hall for two days in May – creating a space for local and international artists to showcase their talents. 

With over 500 independent creators from over 15 countries, including Japan and the United States, Doujin Market is a one-stop place for all things arts and crafts, illustrations and gaming! Not only are there tons of booths to shop from, but this year, Doujin Market is dedicating an entire space just for attendees to play various board and video games – so grab your friends because it’s going to be a blast!

Attendees can look forward to playing the famous tabletop role-playing game: Dungeons and Dragons alongside a ton of other trading card games! Stand a chance to snag a bunch of convention-only deals and promotions right there on the show floor from partners like XPPen, newnew, and GMax Essentials!

🗓️Date: 11 May to 12 May 2024
📍Location: Suntec Convention Hall 403/404/405, 1 Raffles Boulevard Singapore, 039593
💲Price: S$10 per day 
⏰Opening Hours: 

  • 11 May: 12pm to 8pm (Last entry at 7:30pm)
  • 12 May: 11am to 7pm (Last entry at 6:30pm)

You’ll depart from Doujin Market with more than just souvenirs – you’ll carry the vibrant energy of creativity that filled the halls! Head on over to the official Doujin Market 2024 website for more information or to snatch tickets for yourself now!

APAC Food & Beverage Expo 2024

Go on a culinary adventure like no other at the APAC Food & Beverage Expo 2024! This gastronomic extravaganza promises to keep your stomach full and your fridge well-stocked. With over 1500 promotional deals at up to 70% off for anything ranging from frozen foods to health supplements – this is a shopper’s paradise!

Don’t miss the chance to feast on culinary delights from over 300 Asia-Pacific vendors, representing the diverse flavours of countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, and many more! But the excitement doesn’t end with just shopping and dining. Attendees stand a chance to win daily air tickets to exciting destinations and other amazing prizes with a minimum spend of S$50. 

With four fun-filled days of stage activities and performances, including cooking and baking demonstrations by famous chefs and live music performances, the APAC Food & Beverage Expo 2024 promises a delicious and memorable experience for all!

🗓️Date: 2 May to 5 May 2024
📍Location: Singapore Expo, Hall 5, 1 Expo Dr, Singapore 486150
💲Price: Free admission 
⏰Opening Hours: 11am to 9pm

Remember to wear your baggiest outfits for optimal enjoyment at APAC Food & Beverage Expo 2024! For more information, check out their official website! See you there!


I know Singapore only has one season all year round, but who says we can’t play pretend? May usually ushers in spring, and the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay allows us to bask in the beauty of a meadow of tulips at Tulipmania!

This year’s Tulipmania marks its milestone 10th edition, harking back to its inaugural display back in 2013. Recreating the allure of the Netherlands’ tulip farms, the exhibition seamlessly marries tradition with contemporary flair! Drawing inspiration from the grandeur of Dutch tulip fields, the Flower Dome will be adorned with elements like windmills and watermills to drive that aesthetic home!

🗓️Date: Till 26 May 2024
📍Location: Gardens by the Bay, Flower Dome, 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953

Ticket TypesSingapore ResidentsNon-Residents
Adults(13 to 59 years old)S$12S$32
Senior (60 years old and above)S$8
Children (3 to 12 years old)S$8S$18

⏰Opening Hours: 9am to 9pm 

Just look at how gorgeous this exhibition is! You’d be a masochist if you let this slip right through your fingers. To take in the majestic beauty of Tulipmania, head over to the official Gardens by the Bay website to secure your tickets.

Orchids of Angkor Wat 

11 Things to Do in Singapore: May 2024: Orchids of Angkor Wat

Not many of us have the luxury of travelling during this busy period, with no long holidays soon – the weight of work is slowly starting to eat at our insides! What if I told you that you could satiate your seemingly insatiable wanderlust? All you have to do is step into the Orchids of Angkor Wat – an exhibition held at the Flower Dome – and you’ll find yourself transported to the beautiful country of Cambodia!

Embark on a journey inspired by the majestic temple of Angkor Wat and experience the native orchids of Cambodia! Delve into the realm of the ancient Khmer Empire, where orchids reigned as symbols of noble lineage and emblems of religious beliefs. Explore the profound significance of these flowers, which have been woven into the fabric of Cambodian culture.

🗓️Date: 17 May to 8 September 2024
📍Location: Gardens by the Bay, Flower Dome, 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953

Ticket TypesSingapore ResidentsNon-Residents
Adults(13 to 59 years old)S$12S$32
Senior (60 years old and above)S$8
Children (3 to 12 years old)S$8S$18

⏰Opening Hours: 9am to 9pm 

Exhibition or teleportation device? You tell me! To secure your tickets for the Orchids of Angkor Wat exhibition, check out the official Gardens by the Bay website!


Now, this one’s a bit different from the other two exhibitions taking place at Gardens by the Bay this month. Introducing Borealis, the new light and sound installation bringing the Northern Lights experience to Singapore!

Borealis is an outdoor art installation that features layers of lights and cloud particles to bring the magic of the Northern Lights to the Supertree Grove—all for our enjoyment! The experience—enhanced by an immersive soundtrack—seamlessly merges art and technology, creating a captivating fusion that will leave you wondering when you left Singapore.

🗓️Date: From 5 May 2024
📍Location: Gardens by the Bay, Supertree Grove, 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953
💲Price: Free admission
⏰Opening Hours: 

  • Every Monday: 8pm to 8:30pm 
  • Every Saturday and Sunday: 9pm to 9:30pm

The exhibition has already toured more than 40 cities across four continents, so don’t be a fool and miss out on this amazing opportunity! You already know the drill; head to the official Gardens by the Bay website for more information on this spectacular exhibition!

Like any of the selections we have for you this month, or should we include others in this list or the next? Let us know at [email protected], or slide into our DMs on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. See you next month!

Visuals courtesy of National Arts Council, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, Income Insurance, Fever, Gardens by the Bay, and CreatorWeek.

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