Survive the Night and Beware the Undead: Halloween Horror Nights 11 Returns!

Be afraid. Be petrified. Will you survive the night during Southeast Asia’s most anticipated horror event? It’s that time of year again when we summon our bravest companions and brace ourselves for the wickedly immersive Halloween Horror Nights, where screams will echo, hearts will race, and the realm of nightmares will intertwine with the realm of the living. Behold, Halloween Horror Nights 11 is upon us and is ready to paralyse us in its relentless grip of terror.

From 29 September to 4 November 2023, Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 11 will have five terrifying haunted houses, three sinister scare zones, two live shows and a multi-sensory dining experience. Over 18 event nights (10 peak nights and 8 non-peak nights), go into the night where the darkest corners of your imagination come to sinister life. Put your sanity to the test with every corner turned and every step taken. You never know who’s watching.

Want to know what’s in store for you at the full-scale return of Halloween Horror Nights 11? Keep reading. But beware of any unseen presence lurking in the shadows, peering over your shoulder.

5 Haunted Houses

All of Us Are Dead

Halloween Horror Nights 2023: All of Us Are Dead
You might not catch season 2 anytime soon, but at least you get to experience it in real life for yourself.

This year, Halloween Horror Nights takes this blood-curdling experience to the next level with a collaboration that feels killer. This year, Halloween Horror Nights joins forces with Netflix, giving Southeast Asia’s most iconic scare event a terrifying new haunted house based on the Korean horror series, All of Us Are Dead.

The series will be brought to life in a haunted house designed to take you along the students’ perilous journey as they fight for their lives after a zombie outbreak in their high school. Brave your way through Hyosan High School – the source of the zombie outbreak – and try to make it out alive. Take centre stage and live your main character dreams as iconic scenes are recreated – from the horrifying discovery in the medical bay to the nail-biting classroom fight and the harrowing escape from the library. 

Will you make it?

Rebirth of the Matriarch

Halloween Horror Nights 11: Rebirth of the Matriarch
The Matriarch is back.

Remember Vengeance of the Matriarch from the first-ever Halloween Horror Nights in Singapore? Welcome back the Matriarch in its rebirth in this formidable haunted house. Step foot into the family home where a deadly ritual is being conducted to bring the Matriarch back to life. You don’t know who or what you might see. Brace yourself.

DIYU: Descent into Hell

Halloween Horror Nights 2023 - DIYU: Descent into Hell
Repent or taste the flames of hell.

Oh, this one’s definitely going to give you a lick of hellfire. This terrifying haunted house puts Chinese mythology in the spotlight as you face King Yama’s judgement and punishment for your earthly sins. Will you make it past his judgement?

Grimm Encounters

Halloween Horror Nights 11: Grimm Encounters
Grimm Encounters redefines fairytales. Are you ready to turn your life around?

What better way to terrify the bejeezus out of you than transforming your favourite fairytales that gave your young heart solace into the most petrifying, soul-chilling haunted house that will give you nightmares forevermore, and ensure you never see fairytales the same way ever again? Exactly. Enter Grimm Encounters for a twisted take on the Pied Piper, whose sinister tunes have corrupted everyone’s favourite fairy tales.

Surprise: There’s One More Mystery House!

Now that’s four haunted houses that we already know of. But there’s one more that’s been kept under wraps as a secret, almost as if it’s too scary even to say out loud. Almost as if its mere revelation could invite a malevolent presence into our world. But wait we shall, that too with bated breath for the soul-wrenching revelation of the fifth and final haunted house.

3 Scare Zones

Halloween Horror Nights is about the haunted houses, but it’s also about the gut-wrenching fear that consumes you with every footstep you take in the scare zones. Here’s what awaits you.

Halloween Horror Nights 2023: Scare Zone
Last year’s Scare Zones really outdid themselves.

Dead Man’s Wharf

Get up close and (unfortunately) personal with the real-life historical figure Madame Dragon, the fearsome, legendary Chinese pirate and her motley crew. 

The Hacker

We hear horror stories (or innocent jokes) about A.I. taking over the world. But let the lines between reality and fiction blur in this scare zone. The Hacker, a destructive A.I. being, reigns supreme over a terrifying cyber hellscape where technology feeds off the desperate souls of humanity. Are you up for it?

The Cursed Kiramam

Visit a whole new world in this scare zone – an Indian village cursed by the gods, whose once prosperous inhabitants now exist in a state of perpetual torment. Venture in to see if the villagers can escape their impending doom. Or maybe, you can help them out. But at what cost?

Two Live Shows

Every night, two pulse-throbbing shows await your presence!

Judgement Day 

Halloween Horror Nights 2023: Judgement Day Scaremony
Last year’s Scaremony was terrifying. We can only imagine how it will be this year.

As you await the opening of the hellfire gates in a crowd flushed against one another, take the time to prepare yourself for the chaos and fear you will be thrust into. In the night’s grand opening Scaremony, watch as an unfortunate soul tries to escape his final judgement amidst flame and fury. 

The Hacker: Game Over

You’ve heard stories and experienced horror from ancient times. But let the future do some of its own scares in this live show that will leave you shell-shocked. Watch how a destructive A.I. entity invades and corrupts the games of her victims as she tries to hack her way out of the virtual world and into their nightmares. You might want to sleep with one eye open that night.

Die-ning in Hell

Halloween Horror Nights 11: Die-ning in Hell
There’s no dining in peace here.

Your experience is simply not complete without the ultimate die-ning experience. If you dare, of course. Enjoy dining a delicious three-course meal with a side of fear and torture – fire, blade and blood. As you dine, you will be “entertained” by chilling performances by King Yama’s dreadful demons. Can you stomach this meal?

During event nights, Die-ning in Hell is served at the Hollywood China Arcade over three 80-minute sessions: 6pm, 7.45pm or 9.20pm. Top up another S$128 to your Halloween Horror Nights 11 admission ticket for this incredible dining experience.

But Die-ning in Hell is also available to guests during non-event nights on Mondays and Tuesdays from 2 to 31 October. There are two sessions per day, at 5.30pm and 7.30pm. Get your tickets for Die-ning in Hell at S$148.

Halloween Horror Nights 11: Die-ning in Hell
Innovation or absolutely crazy?

Get Your Tickets Now!

Are you enticed? Are you feeling the urge to put yourself through this yet another year? Have you gathered your troop who will be going in with you? Here’s what’s next. Get your tickets online right now.

Early bird tickets are available from now till 17 August at S$89 for peak nights and S$79 for non-peak nights. You will also receive a limited-edition Halloween Horror Nights souvenir, a S$5 Halloween Horror Nights food and beverage voucher, S$5 retail voucher and an interactive LED wristband with each ticket purchase. What a steal!

If you miss the early bird period, you can always purchase the regular tickets instead, which will go on sale from 18 August at S$89 for peak nights and S$79 for non-peak nights. Each ticket also comes with a S$5 Halloween Horror Nights food and beverage voucher, S$5 retail voucher and an interactive LED wristband. Same deal as the early bird tickets, but without the mystery souvenir.

If you’ve got a scare party of four, then you can consider the Frights for Four bundle deal of four tickets, which also comes with many perks, including early entry to the park at 4pm, admission to selected rides (like the TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle and the Revenge of the Mummy) between 5pm and 5.30pm, and a Halloween Horror Nights set meal, at a starting price of S$419.

Halloween Horror Nights 11: Scare Zone
Did you spot them last year? You never know who you might see this time.

Another sweet deal is the Halloween Horror Nights R.I.P. Tour. This guided V.I.P. experience lets you skip the queues at the haunted houses and rides, and enjoy unique experiences such as Die-ning in Hell, and a private meet-and-greet with selected Halloween Horror Nights 11 characters! 

Or, of course, get your hands on the Halloween Horror Nights Express pass, which allows ticket holders to skip the regular lines once at all haunted houses. The Halloween Horror Nights Express Plus pass, meanwhile, allows you to skip the regular lines one time at all haunted houses, participating rides and attractions. Will you live like royalty on the scariest nights of the year? Or will you seek comfort in the people shaking in terror with you in the queue to hell?

So, are you ready for the nights that await you? Are you ready for the screams that will echo in the dark night, for the nightmares that will haunt you that night, for the memories of this frightful night to take over every brain cell? Are you ready for the hell gates to finally open? The darkness awaits you, yearning to wrap you in its sinister embrace.

Get your tickets now and work on steeling yourself for the nights that await you. Will you survive the night? There’s only one way to find out.

Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 11

Dates: 29 September to 4 November 2023 (18 event nights)

  • Early bird tickets (now till 17 August)
    • S$79 (non-peak nights)
    • S$89 (peak nights)
  • Regular tickets (from 18 August)
    • S$79 (non-peak nights)
    • S$89 (peak nights)

Get your tickets on Resorts World Sentosa’s official website, and stay tuned to Resorts World Sentosa’s Instagram and Facebook pages for more information.

Visuals courtesy of Resorts World Sentosa.

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