Here’s Why Sentosa Is The Next Chinatown This CNY 2018

Sentosa: home to just about anything exhilarating – the tallest dueling coasters in the world, a speedy skyline luge, and an indoor wind tunnel so anyone can fly like a bird, just to name a few. That’s merely the icing on top of the cake; Sentosa is also home to not one, but a total of three beaches for all to take a quick breather from the stressful confines of the mainland. It’s really no surprise to see why the humble little island is touted as the state of fun! This year, Sentosa goes beyond just being a fun place…

MOSH! Is Sentosa’s Newest, Most High-Tech Playground

Orchestrate fireworks, create one-of-a-kind aquatic creatures, or launch a jumbo jet from your hand. Introducing MOSH!, Singapore’s very first immersive edu-tainment facility, which will showcase state-of-the-art multimedia technology to allow guests to create imaginary worlds of their own. “MOSH! is created from the belief that imagination fuels innovation. Some of the greatest innovations for the past centuries have positively changed the way we lived and shaped our society to what we know today. It starts with the simple question of ‘what if?’. Through this new creative future space, we want children, and even adults, to gain confidence in their own…