Hello, Halloween: 15 Songs You Need In Your Halloween Party’s Playlist

Ordered a cute Halloween costume from Hot Topic, check; watched countless YouTube videos to perfect that Halloween look, check; carved a pumpkin, check; bought Halloween home decorations at Daiso, check. You’re ready for the most exciting party of the year before Christmas… until you realise: you forgot all about the music. Modelled by Liu Yi Fan, she is Halloween-ready with an intricate bleeding zipper eye look, done by MUA Heleena Panicker. Don’t fear (the reaper), we have you covered with a frightening playlist that will take your party to a whole new level of horror. These heavy metal/rock tracks will…

“Pay The Ghost” is a Ghost of a Story

We have an instinctive distrust of any film that starts with a jump scare. Partly because it’s a cheap trick – mostly because we don’t enjoy sitting through a whole 94-minute flick with soiled pants. The main weapon of horror still scares this writer, much to his chagrin. The writer confesses he’s an extremely easy person to scare. Horror just isn’t our forte. The fact that the writer’s seat smelt faintly of vomit didn’t help at all to distract from the fear. Luckily, “Pay The Ghost” isn’t all horror. Nor is it much of a movie. Nicholas Cage is Mike…