Cigarettes After Sex Blow Us Away with New Single: Baby Blue Movie!

In their first track since they sold out Singapore Indoor Stadium in a relentless ticketing war, Cigarettes After Sex blows us away. The indie sensation returns with their iconic, unmistakable, mesmerising blend of dreamlike melodies and ethereal vocals in their newest single – Baby Blue Movie. As every note of the track drifts into your ears, allow yourself to be swept away into the wistful, cinematic world that only Cigarettes After Sex can create.

Starting with Tejano Blue, then Dark Vacay, and now, Baby Blue Movie, Cigarettes After Sex is releasing tracks from their upcoming album, X’s, which is slated for release on 12 July. The album’s gradual release has progressed in true Cigarettes After Sex fashion – slow and steady, hypnotic, and filled with an enchanting allure. This latest release invites us into a dreamscape with haunting vocals and delicate instrumentation, foreshadowing the continuation of their signature slow-burn melodies in the upcoming album.

Frontman of the band, Greg Gonzalez, shared about the track: “A ‘blue movie’ is a term for a porn movie, and so ‘baby blue movie’ is a reference to softcore porn. I heard the title years ago, and it felt really striking to me. The story of the song is intentionally meant to be more cryptic storytelling-wise than the lyrics I usually write. I like the idea of leaving the listener to decide what this one could be about…”. 

Cigarettes After Sex - Baby Blue Movie
The voice and the mind behind Cigarettes After Sex – Greg Gonzalez

Despite the suggestive lyrics, they’re wrapped in a dreamy, romantic production that contrasts sharply with its themes. This juxtaposition magnifies the track’s allure tenfold and makes it an even greater treat to crack. This song hopes to be a bit of a seductress, and we’re all for it!

As echoed by Greg Gonzalez, the cryptic nature of the lyrics in this song has left many people wondering about its story, considering that most Cigarettes After Sex tracks encapsulate a story that adds to the listening experience, making every song (that otherwise, sonically, sounds rather similar) stand out. But you know we have to crack the code!

The opening verse sets the stage for what seems like a romantic rendezvous at a hotel. The names used in the lyrics are fascinating, almost as if they’re code names or aliases, like “always4tuesdays” and “Sarah”. This reinforces the mystery and secretive nature of the lyrics, making it so much more scintillating, as if we’re bearing witness to something more.

But the rest of the song continues to perplex the listener as to where the tale goes. From the cheeky lyrics, the song progresses to be more introspective, as the protagonist seems to navigate the complexities of love and matters of the heart. But the next verse seals the deal as it returns to the scandalous love affair going down at the hotel, this time with a “bestie”. The song almost worships the all-consuming passion of romantic desires in varying forms and tales.

The lyrics really leave it up to the mind to conjure its own story for this track. Through the softcore instrumentation paired with Greg Gonzalez’s baritone vocals, this song is a simple yet delightful haze of passion and love in a seductive production.

Nonetheless, while the song stands true to the signature Cigarettes After Sex sound, it doesn’t stand out in the discography. It has a lyricism that doesn’t live up to the typical wonders of Cigarettes After Sex and an instrumental that sounds a little too familiar. While the song indeed tries to be a seductress, it fails to lure me in. 

Cigarettes After Sex - Tejano Blue
Tejano Blue, the track that announced the arrival of Cigarettes After Sex’s third studio album

Of the three pre-releases we’ve heard from X’s, my favourite thus far has been Tejano Blue. Greg’s ability to blend poetic imagery with raw emotion is combined with a masterfully ethereal production and instrumental that transports you to a time when you weren’t even alive. Not to forget the honey-like vocals that Greg lends to the song, making it a nostalgic soundscape unlike any other. This song is easily one of my all-time favourites by Cigarettes After Sex. 

The newest album talks about a relationship that spanned four years, about which Greg Gonzalez shared, “The record feels brutal. I could sit and talk about this loss to someone, but that wouldn’t scratch the surface. I have to really write about it, sing about it, have the music, and then I can start to analyse and learn from it. Or just relive it—in a good way. I don’t have that Eternal Sunshine-thing of wanting to forget.”. 

Moving away from the sound of the ‘50s and ‘60s, Greg finds himself drawn to a ‘70s or ’80s slow dance type of beat. If we were to paint the look and feel of the album into a picture, it’d be glistening tears reflected by a disco ball into a mosaic of shimmering patterns on the dance floor. It’s beautiful and mesmerising, but so much so that it makes you want to bawl your eyes out.

Cigarettes After Sex – Baby Blue Movie
He brings the good, the bad, the pain, the passion – all of it

We can’t wait to hear the rest of the album for a good sob sesh. Let’s take a peek at the album tracklist:

  1. X’s
  2. Tejano Blue
  3. Silver Sable
  4. Hideaway
  5. Holding you, Holding me
  6. Dark Vacay
  7. Baby Blue Movie 
  8. Hot
  9. Dreams From Bunker Hill
  10. Ambien Slide

Three pre-release songs. One upcoming album. One upcoming tour. Cigarettes After Sex has a busy rest of the year and 2025 coming up, and we’re so excited to be part of their journey with a sold-out stop at Singapore Indoor Stadium on 3 February 2025! (Manifesting for another stop so that we lost warriors have another shot at seeing these icons live!)

As for the setlist for the show in Singapore, we can’t be sure what tracks will make the cut, especially considering that X’s would be out by then, and the album’s hits will probably dominate the tracklist. But we know (and hope!) the timeless Cigarettes After Sex hits simply cannot be missed in the setlist – Apocalypse, Crush, Cry, K., Sunsetz, Heavenly, Pistol, and, ugh, so many more!

In recent years, Cigarettes After Sex has become a globally accomplished act that the whole world knows. They may not be our little secret anymore, but their ethereal sound continues to captivate hearts worldwide, proving that true artistry transcends borders. We’ll love them to the ends of the world.

X’s and O’s for you, Cigarettes After Sex – our melodic companions who know our hearts’ deepest secrets and darkest whispers.

Cigarettes After Sex – Baby Blue Movie

Cigarettes After Sex - Baby Blue Movie
Baby Blue Movie – all yours now

As we await the album that we hope will change the course of our lives, listen to Baby Blue Movie right now on Spotify and Apple Music. Stay tuned to further announcements and surprises on Cigarettes After Sex’s official website and Instagram, X, and TikTok pages!

Cigarettes After Sex – Live in Singapore

🗓️ Date: 3 February 2025
📍Location: Singapore Indoor Stadium, 2 Stadium Walk, Singapore 397691
Time: 8pm

While the tickets for the show are sold out, stay tuned to SISTIC Singapore, the official ticketing site for Cigarettes After Sex live in Singapore, for any surprises that may come (we’re hoping and praying)!

Visuals courtesy of Ebru Yildiz.

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