OmniFoods launches OmniSeafood: A healthier and more sustainable alternative to fish

I’m sure many of us have heard a bit of the current global concerns over our ocean and seafood consumption. With all sorts of problems, such as overfishing and fish extinction – not to mention, ensuring seafood safety and subverting animal cruelty in the fish farming industry – continuing so isn’t sustainable to the Earth’s ecosystem. However, we can take one step to help protect the ocean by trying to change our eating habits.

OmniSeafood: Classic Fillet
OmniFoods present OmniSeafood, a more sustainable and healthier option to traditional fish

To help further the popularity of plant-based food innovation, it becomes more critical that we find ways to not compromise on taste, while pursuing this more sustainable option. And OmniFoods has been one such pioneer spearheading plant-based innovation.

Since its debut in 2018, they’ve gained worldwide recognition and success with further releases of the OmniMeats series, including the OmniMeat Mince and OmniMeat Luncheon. So it was only time that on 2021’s World’s Oceans Day, OmniFoods came through with their latest release, OmniSeafood.

OmniSeafood: Omni Ocean Burger
The Omni Ocean Burger, with its familiar flakey texture and square shape to a traditional Filet-O-Fish, is set to become your newest comfort food!

Unlike poultry, pork and beef, fish comprises countless edible species, each with different textures, tastes and applications. This ground-breaking range of products includes the Omni Classic Fillet, Omni Golden Fillet, and Omni Ocean Burger, in original, battered or, breaded fish burger varieties, along with OmniTuna and the forthcoming OmniSalmon. It presents a brand-new experience of high-quality plant-based fish with high culinary versatility.

Mr. David Yeung, founder and CEO of Green Monday Group and OmniFoods, said, “We cannot tackle climate change without taking care of the ocean. After years of R&D, we are thrilled to officially unveil this revolutionary OmniSeafood series on World Oceans Day. This breakthrough guarantees not only to wow our taste buds, but also to awaken our consciousness towards the ocean and the planet.”

OmniSeafood: OmniTuna
OmniTuna is a recreation of the world’s most widely consumed fish, which retains all the same deliciousness but with added health and environmental benefits

Crafted with a proprietary blend of plant-based protein from non-GMO soy, pea and rice, Omni Classic Fillet, Omni Golden Fillet and Omni Ocean Burger offer meat-free alternatives of mild white fish in different preparations. Natural and clean, they offer a slightly sweet taste profile, just like real fish.

Apart from the trio, OmniTuna is the first ambient product of OmniFoods. As a safe alternative to the world’s most widely consumed fish, OmniTuna mimics the taste and texture of real tuna whilst being mercury-free. Another revolutionary innovation in the pipeline, OmniSalmon, recreates another best-loved fish variety worldwide.

All certified vegan and Buddhist-friendly; these fish alternatives are also good protein sources. They are also free from trans-fat and cholesterol, contain no hormones, artificial colours, antibiotics, or preservatives, making them a pretty healthier alternative.

OmniSeafood: Omni Classic Fillet in Soup
Omni Classic Fillet, incorporated into a soup dish. OmniSeafood tastes just like their traditional counterpart, but without added preservatives or MSG

This makes for a revolutionary product that would help lessen the harmful environmental impact of commercial fishing while retaining the familiar taste of fish as we know it. 

Not to mention, OmniSeafood is also more beneficial for our health, so it’s a win-win situation for all. So don’t hesitate, and take the step forward to make the choice to save the environment. 

OmniSeafood: Omni Classic Fillet in Different Styles
Fried Omni Classic Fillet with dry chilli, Sichuan style, at Ming Court Wang Chai

In the meantime, the Great Eagle Group in Hong Kong, a longtime strategic partner of Green Monday Group and OmniFoods sharing the same vision to promote a green and sustainable future, will launch an innovative menu created with the OmniSeafood series in July. They’ll be starting in Hong Kong with some pretty well-renowned restaurants, such as The Garage Bar, the one Michelin-starred Ming Court Wangchai and the Green Common Sheung Wan store, which will all be rolling out new menus that use them.

This includes a series of plant-based fish dishes incorporating OmniSeafood into traditional dishes, such as “Sautéed Omni Classic Fillet with pumpkin in black truffle paste”, made from the Omni Classic Fillet. 

That means there’s an exciting array of new products and dishes to look forward to! However, do note that OmniSeafood will be available in Singapore in Q4 this year, so do keep a lookout for its release! 

Visuals Courtesy of Green Monday Group

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