Lenovo launches new 4,500 square feet flagship store in Funan

Funan was successfully relaunched less than a month ago, with new and exciting stores breathing new life into the famed shopping centre. Now it’s been bolstered by the launch of another new store within its walls – the Lenovo Experience Store.

Lenovo Funan: Store Opening

The Lenovo Experience Store (LES) is a new flagship store by the technology company of the same name, housing all of their latest tech and gadgets for consumers to view and try out before making a purchase.

Promising a unique “online-to-offline” retail experience, Lenovo invites its customers to interact with their products on-ground, before confidently making a purchase online from the comfort of their home.

Eddie Ang, General Manager for Lenovo Singapore, said that he hoped the launch of the flagship store will help bring about unique ways to engage customers with their brand.

Lenovo Funan: Laptops

To help with that vision, the impressive 4,500 square feet store has also been outfitted with self-service kiosks which help with a customer’s unique needs to provide better service while also freeing up employees to provide personalised services to other customers.

Several zones are situated in store for consumers to visit, each specialising in different products within Lenovo’s catalogue of devices. These zones cater to different sets of consumers: students, travellers, business people and older generation consumers. 

Lenovo flagship store opening - student

As their names suggest, the student zone features various laptops from Lenovo’s Ideapad line with different specifications and prices for, well, students. The traveller zone houses several devices from Lenovo’s line of tablets. You will find products with features that are lightweight, portable, and those on-the-go usually look for – such as reliable, lasting battery life. 

For the ones born during Singapore’s early years, a special “Merdeka Generations Zone” has devices dedicated to fit their particular needs. This section mainly feature products from Lenovo’s Yoga line, which are ultra-portable and can also be used as a two-in-one device. Two-in-one – that’s a convenience, right?

The zone for businesspeople is the largest section in the central area. No surprise there, seeing Singapore’s demographic breakdown. Products from Lenovo’s Thinkpad line are most prominently displayed here, including the fantastic all-rounder Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Extreme.

Lenovo flagship store opening - gaming laptops

Lastly, there is a separate zone specialised for gamers. Located right next to the main area of the store, the zone features products from Lenovo’s Legion laptop line. Among them are the newly refreshed high-performance laptop lines that launched alongside the opening of the store. These are the Legion Y740, Legion Y540, IdeaPad L340 Gaming, and the Legion Y7000 SE. As with other refreshed laptop lines in 2019, they feature a new processor, the 9th Gen Intel® Core, as well as updates to the GPUs, providing the very best in performance to cope with the gaming needs for the hardcore player. 

Lenovo Funan: IdeaPad L340 Gaming

In addition to the abovementioned featured, the IdeaPad L340 Gaming is meant for the undercover gamer, equally adept at handling work-related matters as well as gaming. Two different modes help with switching between the two: “Quick” mode for gaming and “Quiet” mode for work.

Those interested in viewing the latest versions of Lenovo’s line of devices can visit the Lenovo flagship store at #03-19/20 in Funan. For more information on Lenovo’s products, visit

Photos by Soloman Soh of the DANAMIC team.

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