Funan returns with an innovative shopping concept for the new generation

Funan makes its highly-anticipated return on 28 June 2019 (Friday) after undergoing a three-year redevelopment. Located right in the heart of the Civic District, Funan aims to inspire play, learning, creativity and connection with more than 180 brands clustered around six passion themes – Tech, Craft, Play, Fit, Chic, and Taste. Of these, around 30% are new-to-market brands, new concept stores or flagships. Also, more than 60% of the brands originate from Singapore, reinforcing Funan’s position as a showcase for local talents.

Funan - rock climbing wall

Funan’s main features include a cycling path and bicycle hub, kinetic wall, and the Tree of Life.

Cycling Path & Bicycle Hub

A unique feature that’s a first for a mall in Singapore is Funan’s 200m indoor cycling path, which takes cyclists from the external shared cycling and walking path along North Bridge Road to its Level 1 Bicycle Hub. This provides an added convenience for Funan’s office community who cycle to work. Cyclists may also take the external path to enter and exit the Bicycle Hub. 

However, cycling through Funan is only allowed during the morning rush hour before the mall opens, and cyclists cannot venture beyond the designated path. Instead, cyclists are required to dismount and push their bicycles if they choose to use the indoor cycling path during the mall’s operating hours.

Safety measures have also been put in place – signs will be put up at all entrances and along the indoor cycling path to remind cyclists to slow down, and speed-regulating strips have been installed on the path to prevent speeding.

At the end of the cycling track is the Bicycle Hub which – on top of 166 bicycle bays – houses a variety of end-to-trip amenities; including shower cabins, lockers, and a bicycle repair and pump station. There are also bicycle counters that allow cyclists to take their meals while seated on their bicycles.

Kinetic Wall

The Kinetic Wall is a multimedia art installation that is a first-of-its-kind in Singapore.  Comprising of embossed aluminium panels that span 13m in height and 9m in width, it features a total of 1,271 motorised light blades made from specially customised moulds.  Besides the standard date and time display, the Kinetic Wall can also be programmed to present a variety of animated content. Best viewed from a distance of 50m, the visual impact of the Kinetic Wall is further enhanced by the mirrored ceiling that optically expands the size of the art installation. 

Tree of Life

Funan - tree of life

Behind Funan’s copper-brass coloured façade along North Bridge Road, a giant “tree” has taken root in the centre of the mall. Extending from Basement 2 to Level 4, the 25-metre tall majestic Tree of Life is the design centrepiece of Funan. The Tree of Life deploys long cantilevers, providing a clear space underneath the beam without any supporting columns or bracing. This allows visitors to see through the structure, thereby creating a sense of spaciousness. 

Predominantly made of steel, the Tree of Life houses 20 retail pods for brands to showcase their products and crafts, and for entrepreneurs and design ateliers to conduct classes and workshops. Representing Funan’s commitment to offer differentiated experiences for shoppers, it supports co-retailing by providing a platform for brands – both emerging and established – to stage their brand moments with limited-period pop-up concepts.

Another unique concept adopted by Funan is its use of technology and innovation not only in its mall, but in its retailing stores as well.

Nikon Experience Hub

Funan - Nikon experience hub

Nikon’s first standalone and flagship outlet in Singapore adopts a one-stop brand concept store for professional photographers and avid photography lovers together to immerse themselves in the Nikon brand.

At the heart of the Hub is the Experience Zone, where visitors can immerse in the entire range of Nikon imaging solutions from the latest Z Series mirrorless cameras, digital compact cameras, digital SLR cameras to NIKKOR lenses. Another highlight in the store is the Nikon School space which will be used to host workshops led by Nikon’s professional photographers and the industry’s movers and shakers.

Funan - Nikon School and gallery

The Hub also features a gallery for local photographers to showcase their work, and for the brand to feature award-winning photography works, designed to inspire visitors


Two of COURTS’ main features in its Funan outlet are its Samsung’s largest Smart Home Experiential Concept, and the debut of GT Robot Technology’s AI Buddies.

Funan - COURTS Samsung Smart Home

Boasting the largest Samsung Smart Home retail concept in Singapore, COURTS at Funan provides consumers an immersive experience to fully understand how a connected smart home can enhance their everyday lifestyles. From entering the home with a digital door lock, to managing the washer cycle, or switching lights on and off conveniently from their mobile phones, consumers will be able to personally experience what their dream smart home could look like.

Funan - COURTS AI Buddies

GT Robot Technology also debuts its AI Buddies, Wonder Boy and Assiststar. The GT Wonder Boy Series – better known as WoBo – is your child’s first robot companion that can converse in 13 different languages, is loaded with face and voice recognition, and is both educational and entertaining. Furthermore, GT Assiststar, a robotic sales assistant, makes its special appearance at COURTS Funan for a limited launch period.

Golden Village (GV)

Funan- gv showcase

GV Funan boasts two more premium yet affordable seating options – Deluxe Plus and Gold Class Express – as well as four Virtual Reality (VR) booths which offer an immersive virtual reality gaming and cinematic experience.

Funan - GV Funan Deluxe Plus
Deluxe Plus movie hall

The Deluxe Plus movie hall features spacious leatherette seats with a semi-recline function and lumbar cushion for increased support. Meanwhile, Gold Class Express offers movie-goers with an iconic Gold Class experience but at a more enticing price point. The regular Gold Class halls see patrons pressing the call button to place their orders, which is then served directly to their seats. At Gold Class Express, the call button service is removed and instead, patrons will place their order on the revamped iGV mobile app, and collect it themselves once the order is ready.

Best of all – both seating options include a handy USB charging port for every seat!

Taobao concept store

Operated by Virmall, Taobao’s first-ever concept store will offer a wide range of products available from Taobao that are specially curated for Singapore shoppers; covering categories ranging from furniture and household items to textiles and fashion.

Shopping made easy

If your shopping spree gets a little too intense, try out Funan’s 24-hour click-and-collect drive-through facility equipped with a state-of-the-art robotic arm.  Hands-free shopping is also made possible with an in-mall robot that will pick up your purchases from stores and then deposit the bags at the mall’s click-and-collect boxes located at Basement 2.


Opening Hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm
Venue: 107 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 179105

Photos by Deepa d/o Sundararaju of the DANAMIC team. Other visuals courtesy of Nikon Singapore, COURTS and Golden Village.

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