Easties Rejoice: MUJI Opens its Biggest Store in the East in Parkway Parade!

Today, we settle the age-old argument—or rather, we add fuel to the scorching, blazing debate that always gets Singaporeans worked up to the core—which side is the best side? East side? West side? My dearest Easties, you have one more victory to add to your list. Japanese lifestyle brand MUJI opens its biggest store in the East at Parkway Parade! Here’s your guide to everything you’ll see here and what makes this store so uniquely different from the rest.

This opening makes it MUJI’s 12th outlet in Singapore. Spanning over 1,700 square metres, this is also the biggest store in the east! This store takes residence where UNIQLO used to stand for many years in the basement of Parkway Parade. MUJI now takes up that humongous space and brings you thrilling goodies. Whatever you need, you’ll probably find it here! I know I’m not the only one who enters MUJI and feels like they’ve entered Wonderland. I can get lost in the zen aisles of MUJI for hours!

MUJI Parkway Parade: Clothing 1
MUJI is a family affair here at Parkway Parade.

You see, the thing about MUJI at Parkway Parade is that it’s made for the Easties. It’s made for those of us who live near this mall. It was built and designed with you in mind. First of all, this area of Singapore is home to many families, given that it’s close to residential areas like Katong and Marine Parade. Hence, the selection of items and the displays resonate with the essence of family.

You will find anything and everything here suited for your family and household – from undergarments for breastfeeding mothers and a fine clothing selection for the little ones to household items like diffusers, snacks and frozen meals, and home furniture! This is on top of their well-loved usual rotation of stationery, clothing, skincare and makeup, and home decor. MUJI is for the home, it’s for your lifestyle, it’s for you. Ugh, I love MUJI!

MUJI Parkway Parade: Clothing 2
Everything about the interior is so inviting

Allow me to fangirl with you about some things that caught my eye! Firstly, I loved how the clothing was arranged – from aisles dedicated purely to socks and mannequins showing you the clothing and luring you into the aisles to a somewhat hidden and intimate viewing of the undergarments. Oddly, a lot about the in-store shopping experience reminded me of another Japanese clothing giant, Singapore’s unofficial uniform, UNIQLO. But no complaints at all, because both stores know exactly what they’re doing if they can keep me occupied for hours!

I also loved the home decor and furniture sections. Not only does MUJI show you what they offer, but they also let you visualise it in your own home. Apart from the flagship store in Plaza Singapura, MUJI at Parkway Parade is the only other outlet in Singapore to display all their beds and mattresses in all their glory (I can almost hear the Easties’ evil laugh!). They even (very kindly) invite you onto the bed to test it out for yourself. It’s not just what you need in your bedroom; MUJI also has the dining areas decked out so you can envision which one would look perfect in your home. 

MUJI Parkway Parade: Beds
I just wanted to hop into bed, curl up and go night night!

If you need a little more of a helping hand, don’t you worry! Next to all these comfortable beds, you’ll see the MUJI Interior Advisor Service counter. They’ll help you visualise how your proposed room would look with their 3D simulation software and chat with you to decide the perfect pieces to make your house feel like home. You stand a better chance of getting a consultation when you book a slot, so do so by scanning the QR code in the store or visiting MUJI’s official website for more information on the advisor service.

I’d like to make a personal recommendation for a product that has changed my life. I say this with zero exaggeration. What if I told you that you can walk out of MUJI with a product that will make the scorching days feel a tad more bearable? It will make your roasting home feel like paradise. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Cool Touch Cushion!

MUJI Parkway Parade: Cool Touch Pillow
That’s the smile of approval of a woman (me) feeling cool and impressed by a cushion!

It’s self-explanatory. It’s cold to the touch! Hugging this extremely squishy cushion in this ominous weather will make a horrendously blistering day feel so much better. Let this marinate in the air-conditioning for an added effect, and you’ll be ready to cool down like never before. I hugged this to sleep one night with my AC on blast, and this cushion got so cold I actually had to put it aside. But that’s your evidence! This is magic. This is revolutionary. This is my newest obsession, and I hope it’s yours too.

Some of the newest additions to the MUJI family also include gorgeous new colours for the Hard-Cover Cases, perfect for your next getaway. These new colours include pastel pink, yellow, and blue, perfect for the spring season that has finally arrived in Japan, together with the glorious bloom of the Sakura! They come in various sizes for you to choose from.

MUJI Parkway Parade: Hard Cover Cases
Spring is here, and so is my time to buy a ticket to Japan!

Exclusive to this Parkway Parade store is the Kapok Filling Seat Cushion. It’s a cute seat cushion that gives your bottom the comfort it deserves. The best part? The designs of these cushions are inspired by endangered animals, and here’s what you’ll find – Mexican Rabbit, Polar Bear, Red Panda, and Giant Panda! They’re adorable and run for a limited time, so be quick and get yours soon!

Don’t miss their intriguing array of skincare and makeup, which occupied me for hours! MUJI introduces something I personally found revolutionary – create your own customised makeup palette! This is perfect for those of us who have our hot favourite makeup products we want to bring on the go. It’s your all-in-one palette that you know has everything you need! You can also pick something for a friend or loved one. In fact, you can give it to them in a Mini Jute Bag and Mini Canvas Tote Bag as part of MUJI’s Mini series! It’s cute yet snazzy. It’s perfect.

MUJI Parkway Parade: Cosmetics
“Can I just stay here? Spend the rest of my days here?”

On top of that, we can’t miss out on the iconic MUJI snacks and drinks! There are way too many for us to get into individually, but let us tell you some hot favourites and our personal recommendations. 

When you talk about Japanese snacks, how dare we miss out on Daifuku? MUJI’s Cream Daifuku and Rice Dumplings with Sweet Soy Sauce are some of their raging bestsellers, bringing you the authentic taste of Japanese confectionery. If you need help imagining their texture and flavour profile, they’re basically mochi’s close relatives. They sound divine. I’m frothing at the mouth!

MUJI Parkway Parade: Food
We were sucked in. We had our priorities straight!

Their vast array of rice balls is also a testament to how loved they are by their customers, with nearly an entire refrigerator dedicated to it! Some variants of this seemingly hot favourite include Salmon Rice Balls and Plum and Hijiki Seaweed Glutonious Rice Balls.

We also tried the Stroopwafel. Packed between two chewy wafers is a massive chunk of caramel that makes this absolutely heavenly, reminiscent of a waffle. It’s sweet, chewy and not crispy, which makes it so much better. The only thing I’d complain about is that price, though. At S$2.30, there was only one piece per pack, which didn’t feel worth it since it was devoured within seconds. But it was really yummy, though. 

So, truly, MUJI at Parkway Parade was made for you. But there’s more. We all know that Parkway Parade is pretty close to East Coast Park, and other than picnics and chasing waves, another hot-favourite activity at ECP is cycling. My dearest reader, MUJI, once again, has your back! 

MUJI Parkway Parade: Bikes
You’re looking at the next step in your fitness journey!

Somewhere in the middle of the store, towards the back, you’ll find a display of bicycles. Behold, the Mini Velo! Handcrafted by ASCENT Singapore in collaboration with this local brand, the Mini Velo is a gorgeous urban bike. It’s sleek and extremely light, weighing just about 8.5 to 8.8 kilograms! It’s made for a breezy ride by the beach, to work, or to anywhere your heart brings you! You can get them in four colours – white grey (a bestseller for its minimalistic, MUJI-like aesthetic!!), khaki (another gorgeous colour), dark grey, and red. 

Ending Thoughts

MUJI at Parkway Parade is a welcomed addition to the East Empire. I can hear the Easties snickering at the Westies! But when it comes to the battle of MUJI, the central kids are the coolest on the block, with the most humongous global flagship store in Southeast Asia, Plaza Singapura! 

MUJI Parkway Parade: Tote Bags
This just feeds our tote bag addiction (don’t we all have one?)!

Nonetheless, we love what MUJI has done with the place and how it’s made specifically for the residents of the area. This shows their attentiveness as a brand that cares for its customers. MUJI has continually outdone itself with its products, always introducing new goodies that prove it is a true lifestyle brand. 

This new store has finally opened its doors to the public, and it’s yours to get lost and find your own Zen Wonderland! Lose yourself to the allure of MUJI and give in to the magic that oozes out of that wonderful place. It’s all yours! 

May your pillow always be cold at night. Oh, wait. It will now! Insert wink emoji!

MUJI at Parkway Parade

MUJI Parkway Parade: Furniture
It’s calling out to you. It’s calling your name. It’s luring you in.

📍Location: 80 Marine Parade Rd, B1-153 to 155D Parkway Parade, Singapore 449269
Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm

Head to MUJI at Parkway Parade right now, and in the meantime, for more details, check out MUJI’s official website and their Instagram!

Photos by Pauline Caoile of the DANAMIC Team.

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