5 Things You Had No Clue AI Could Do for You

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to replace all of mankind: this statement is quintessentially the hallmark of the pessimism of our generation – and for good reasons, actually. Not only is it poised to take over more than 40% of all jobs in the next 10 years, AI has made it possible to fall in love with an entity without a soul. Heck; forget about the fruit of good and evil – because of the insane advancements of AI, robots are even able to discern what’s morally right and wrong.

Yet, our world today is enriched by AI in countless of other aspects as well – especially in the medical field. Creating one-day precision medicine for cancer patients would be a reality soon. This means that every cancer patient can receive a personalised diagnosis based on their lifestyle, environment, and genetics, in addition to a targeted treatment plan, all in just one day. This breakthrough is insane.

In fact, AI makes our everyday lives so much easier and seamless – the best example is what’s in that cuboid you whip out every five minutes or so. Here are 5 things you had no clue AI could do for you!

1) Instant food recommendations when the hunger strikes with Google Assistant

AI has given birth to Google Assistant, which is basically Google Search on steroids + your personal butler. Not sure where to head to quell the growl in your tummy? Just Ask.

2) Interpret real-time through Google Translate

Everyone knows about Google Translate, but only a handful know that it doubles as a personal interpreter as well. Yes, we’re talking about simultaneous interpretation. Say goodbye to awkward interactions with any foreigner!

3) Bring you anywhere, anytime through Google Street View

Not enough moolah to get you jet-setting around the big blue marble? Fret not, as Google Street View is here to bring the world to you. Because of the emergence of AI, Google Street View makes it possible to fully immerse anyone anywhere. All the magic you need is an internet connection.

4) View the world, through a new lens with Google Lens

With Google Lens, nothing can look unknown anymore. Even if it looks like an artifact born out of outer space, search it with Google’s new set of visual smarts, and you will be able to learn a ton about the matter.

5) Make your photos RAISR-sharp

One of the latest advancements in the world of AI and machine learning, dubbed RAISR (Rapid and Accurate Image Super-Resolution), can help your photos stand out in terms of quality. RAISR is an AI-based digital zoom-processing enhancement that runs in the background of Google phones like the Pixel 2 XL. The tech trains on pairs of low and high-quality images to find filters that, when applied to selectively to each pixel of the low-res image, will recreate details that are of comparable quality to the original. Sick tech!

There, bet you didn’t know AI could accomplish that much for you!

Photos courtesy of Google.

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