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A-DROYX & Human Version: A Beautiful Fusion of Art & Science

The theme of Artificial Intelligence (AI) was thoroughly explored with two ingenious exhibitions – A-DROYX and Human Version – which were exhibited for the Voilah! French Festival Singapore 2018. A-DROYX by Mathieu Briand was an exhibit that showcased his assembly of androids in his laboratory studio. It is a testament to the fact that the story behind creation can be more interesting than the final product itself. To call the space in A-DROYX messy would be an understatement – the circuits, tools, and makeshift limbs strewn all over were an immediate indication to viewers of the nature of the undertaking.…

5 Things You Had No Clue AI Could Do for You

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to replace all of mankind: this statement is quintessentially the hallmark of the pessimism of our generation – and for good reasons, actually. Not only is it poised to take over more than 40% of all jobs in the next 10 years, AI has made it possible to fall in love with an entity without a soul. Heck; forget about the fruit of good and evil – because of the insane advancements of AI, robots are even able to discern what’s morally right and wrong. Yet, our world today is enriched by AI in countless…