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Japanese Film Festival 2018 Brings The Best of Japanese Cinema in Singapore

One of the first things that would pop up in our minds once we hear “Japan” or “Japanese”, is either one of two: endless slices of Salmon sashimi, or cutesy anime girls with high-pitched voices that can almost destroy our eardrums. But for me, Japan never fails to prompt me to think of high quality in virtually anything that comes from it – be it cars, food, stationery, and even films.

Good Japanese films don’t only point to anime that keeps you addicted to watching episode after episode (even after the fillers), but also includes productions that are not shy to convey strong messages through seriously unconventional, entertaining, yet subtle means. To pull all three methods seamlessly and classily; yes, that constitutes a Japanese film that I will rave about for days even after first feasting my eyes on it.

If what I said has already sparked your interest, the sparks will be even set more ablaze at the 21st edition of the Japanese Film Festival 2018, which is happening right now. With a total of 16 exciting award-winning Japanese films being screened from 2 – 18 March 2018 at National Museum of Singapore, you’ll get to see Japanese life and culture in a myriad of perspectives through the eyes and minds of the Japanese creative geniuses themselves. Fans of the Japanese film landscape can expect to be blown away by delightful cultural aspects of Japan, with genres ranging from action, romance, anime, to comedies and skits.

The full list of all the Japanese films being screened for the duration of the festival are as follows:

The films will leave imprints on your hearts and minds, making you think to look at life with a fresh pair of perspectives and understanding.

All shows are priced at $13 each, and will be screened at the National Museum of Singapore. Purchase tickets here, as they’re selling out fast for the shows – so hurry if you want to know what quality Japanese films are like!

Photos courtesy of Japanese Film Festival.

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