Peters’ Personal Touch in Deported Tour Leaves Audience in Tears of Laughter

He came armed.

The laughter ricocheting the stadium as Russell Peters fired one joke after another is not for the faint-hearted. Comedian Russell Peters performed in Singapore for the fifth time this year in his new world tour, DEPORTED. As usual, Russell Peter ad-libbed his material to suit Singapore’s multicultural society so no one was left spared!

Deported Tour opens to a packed hall
The night opened first with legendary Jake Johannsen with his usual weird stories that kept us in fits of laughter. Johanssen’s 30-minute of the limelight was warmly received, but he hardly brought the house down. That glory was reserved for the night’s headliner, who entered the stage with a story of his paranoia of endoscopy.

Jake Johannsen opens with his strange stories
He then took his jokes on a personal note sharing jokes about trying for another child with his fiancee. It got sidetracked to his understanding of the gay committee through a gay friend. He got the audience howling with laughter at how gay men brand themselves Gold Star, Silver and the ultimate Platinum Gold gay, one who has not touched women and was born through a C-section!

Deported's audience clap
Expect that for a Peters performance. It has the usual run of the mill material stemmed from his personal life experiences and told with a tinge of honesty that resonates with all.

The main portion of his act involved making jokes at the expense of audience members sitting in front of him. No race, nationality or culture was left unscathed, whether a young Chinese couple expecting a baby to a European man with an Asian girlfriend. He fired off observational yet cliche quips about their children’s names and stereotypes, leaving the crowd in stitches.

Enraptured audience laugh at Russell Peters' jokes
The highlight of the show was his pre-rehearsed material geared towards the Asian community – Indians in particular – while other material focused on his parenting skills and relationships with his parents. A detailed story of his curious nature as a kid badgering his father about Taj Mahal provoked stomach-clenching laughter.

Russell Peters laughs along with the audience as he delivers quip after quip
Peters’ energy remained consistent throughout the night, rippling through race, politics, relations with his usual touch of humour. He sure knew how to keep his audience hooked throughout the night, and even left them with a sexual innuendo of a toothpaste to keep their thoughts lingering on him during bedtime. The audience left the Singapore Indoor Stadium thoroughly entertained on Feb 24.

Photos courtesy of AEG Presents

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