The Best #sghaze Jokes On Twitter

All across Singapore, locals here have adopted a simple 3-step process to tackle the persistent haze this week: #1 Stopping whatever they’re doing, #2 Whipping out their phone, #3 Tweeting a complaint about it. Bonus points for effort: some take it one step further by attaching a picture of their VSCO Fade +12 surroundings. Truly the mark of a first-world nation.

While Singaporeans may be predictable, our national pastime (no, not eating… the other one) of complaining is expressed through a variety of ways – some more entertaining than others. We present to you: the best jokes on Twitter about the sigh-inducing haze. Just try not to breathe in too much of this unhealthy air while giggling.

Hmm… idea for Jack Neo and his team?

ST Sports Desk welcomes F1 driver Lewis Hamilton to Singapore in their usual cheeky style.

N95 masks will be available to patrons at cost price! Not really a joke, just a PSA. Thanks, organisers of Singapore GP! More here.

I hope the F1 drivers love their Singapore fans, hur hur.

It’s insta-Instagram!

Really jialat ah, this haze.

The online movement against kendama continues…

See what?

Okay this is just some next level shit. Is that the monster from “The Mist“?

That’s a little depressing.

Dee Kosh was last seen being escorted by into a black MPV by eight men in suits and shades.

Why is Zoe Tay‘s crying face not a meme yet? WAKE UP, SINGAPORE!

Even the frogs can’t tahan.

Black and white filter, contrast +100, #sghaze gone! Turns out PM Lee is a pretty good photog.

And finally… I have no words for this absolute gem.


Find out more about the “We Breathe What We Buy” campaign that environmental group @WWF have been talking about here. “Talking about” is a nice way to put it… they’ve really been auto-replying to all mentions of the haze on Twitter.

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