“Runnin’ (Lose It All)” Featuring Beyoncé Is The Fall Anthem You Need

English DJ and producer Naughty Boy has just dropped his track “Runnin’ (Lose It All)” featuring newbie Arrow Benjamin and mothereffing Beyoncé! How he managed to get her on a track is still a big question mark but this. track. is. fire.

The visuals! The production! The hook! It’s hard to decide which element is the real scene-stealer in this beautiful song but it’s definitely, without a doubt, gonna be huge in #Q3. Plus, Beyoncé hasn’t done a good ol’ fashioned hit song where she just saaangs her heart out, at least not since the “Sasha Fierce” era.

Yes, while the Fall season is usually cornered by the likes of Ariana Grande, it seems Beyoncé has chosen this to be HER TIME (at least before album #6 drops). Now don’t try to tell me Naughty Boy got to decide when he wanted his track released, because when Beyoncé gently asks for something in that deep contralto speaking voice of hers, you do it.

Queen Bey is no stranger to these random singles coming out of left field: she’s done this multiple times. The singer has released notable songs between albums, almost like a time marker of sorts before the next release arrives. “Why Don’t You Love Me” and ” Bow Down (I Been On)” were both released “in between” albums, and do not appear on the albums’ regular issue. It’s like her way of saying “I’m still here. I can still outsell all of these pop princesses just like that.”

So, is this a hint for new Beyoncé music in early 2016? Hmm…

Also, who is this Arrow Benjamin because he actually sounds pretty good.

/slaps self/ “Is this the reeeal liiiiiife…”

Quite true. Do you think “Runnin’ (Lose It All)” tops the Sam Smith smash from 2013? Let us know in the comments below!


Find out who Arrow Benjamin is here.

Worship at the Shrine of Beyoncé that is her Instagram here.

Tweet Naughty Boy asking how he got royalty to sing for him here.

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