The Internet’s Best Responses To “Pokémon GO” – Coming 2016!

In case you haven’t heard, the Pokémon franchise announced last week the launch of “Pokémon GO“, Nintendo’s overdue foray into the mobile app market. Arriving in 2016, the new release brings the familiar gameplay of the Pokémon series to the boundary lines of augmented reality.

/collective sobbing from an entire generation of 90’s kids/ So basically, the mobile app notifies you of Pokémon “hiding” (sorry, those inverted commas were offensive) around your area, which prompts you to get closer in order to battle or capture the wild Pokémon. It’s reminiscent of questionable dating app Tinder, but without the… you know. The aim of the game stays true to the “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” motto, but with the refreshingly new element of “connecting” with other players (who are real people!!!).

Additionally, the Pokémon GO Plus is a companion add-on product that “enhances the enjoyment of the game”. Worn like a wristwatch, the Pokémon GO Plus provides feedback through vibration and uses LEDs to indicate various in-game events. It also makes you look like a legit Pokémon trainer so why not.

Co-producing the game is former Google startup Niantic, which specialises in the augmented reality experience. It seems Nintendo has finally decided that the schtick of timing new gaming devices with new Pokémon releases is getting old. The move to the mobile platform also means greater accessibility to casual players and potential players, which can only be a good thing.

Not surprisingly, reactions from the online public have been incredibly positive:

Can you imagine breaking into the Istana Gardens for a Tropius?

Um… Sand-Attack?

If heat is a factor then I guess you’ll see them everywhere in Singapore.

Annoying little rats.

Office goals.

That’s actually terrifying.

NTS: Bring sunblock.

Never thought Drake was a Flying-type trainer, huh?

Yikes. Remember to save often!


More details on the official Pokémon website here.

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