The Best #sghaze Jokes On Twitter

All across Singapore, locals here have adopted a simple 3-step process to tackle the persistent haze this week: #1 Stopping whatever they’re doing, #2 Whipping out their phone, #3 Tweeting a complaint about it. Bonus points for effort: some take it one step further by attaching a picture of their VSCO Fade +12 surroundings. Truly the mark of a first-world nation. While Singaporeans may be predictable, our national pastime (no, not eating… the other one) of complaining is expressed through a variety of ways – some more entertaining than others. We present to you: the best jokes on Twitter about…

“Hazed And Confused” Is The Soundtrack To Your PSI Complaints

Yes, the air quality is probably killing you right now. Yes, all the N95 masks disappear when you need them. Yes, your tweet about the PSI being higher than your PSLE score is hilarious. Besides doing what we do best (complaining), how can distressed Singaporeans soldier on through this funky fog? Spotify saves the day (in a very unique way) – with their “Hazed And Confused” playlist! We came across this aptly-named compilation (the same title caused a Ben & Jerry’s fiasco in 2014) from Twitter user @idgaina, who summed it up better than we ever could. wtf spotify no chill sia HAHAHAHAHHA pic.twitter.com/Fq32VlSIoy…