Thumping Thrills with Skyline Luge’s Ride the Beat Musical Experience!

Coldplay’s “A Sky Full of Stars” reverberates through the air amidst the night atmosphere, later making way to the bopping beats of “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift. No, this isn’t the National Stadium, where the two major music icons recently had their concerts. Instead, the location is Sentosa, specifically Skyline Luge, which has a new musical attraction called Ride the Beat.

Ride the Beat is described by Skyline Luge as an all-new sensory experience, bringing high-energy tunes while you go on thrilling rides. As this is a nighttime luge experience, the journey down also sees the track illuminated with neon that pulsates in rhythm with the music to fully immerse you in the electrifying atmosphere.

We got to try out Skyline Luge: Ride the Beat for ourselves! So follow along with us and see what you can expect before trying it for yourselves.

On the way up

Skyline Luge Ride the Beat: Entrance
A party atmosphere begins before the ride down

Most nights are still and quiet around Singapore, but not in Sensotsa. After alighting off Beach Station, faint beats can already be heard amidst the excitable crowd. When we reached the entrance of Skyline Luge, a dazzling display of light and music was on show.

A DJ was at the heart of the festivities, hyping up the crowd with EDM tunes and remixes of our favourite songs. Collectively, the people were soaking it all in and grooving to the rhythm. Such was the atmosphere that many passing bystanders seemed tempted to join in!

While the electrifying party was alluring, the team didn’t want to miss out on the main star—the luge ride. We only had two hours, after all, and seeing others ride their way down with smiles only enticed us more. Once we made our way through the entrance, we had to choose our helmets—safety first, as everyone knows!

Afterwards, we joined the snaking queue towards the Skyride, which would take us towards the top, where the luge rides were. Those with a fear of heights may feel intimidated by this — I know I was when I realised how high we were going — but it is much easier to experience when you have people next. That’s just another reason to bring your family and friends along for this!

Skyline Luge Ride the Beat: Skyride
Your smile may be a nervous one if you’re afraid of heights!

While my legs hung perilously from the air for what seemed to be an eternity, we thankfully reached solid ground. Again, another queue awaited us before we were able to get onto the luge carts. Luckily for us, the wait wasn’t as long as the Skyride.

Riding down

Finally, it was our turn to get seated on the luge carts, where attendants from Skyline Luge patiently instructed us on how to control them. Basically, the handlebars function as your speed control—pushing them down disengages the brakes and accelerates you down the slope using gravity. You can adjust your speed by lessening the pressure on the bars. It sounds complicated, but you’ll understand once you’re in the kart yourself.

Skyline Luge Ride the Beat: Starting Point
Eagerly waiting for the signal to begin

But before you ride, you should know about the tracks—yes, plural—because there are four of them! The 2.6km downhill journey has several points that split off into different trails. The four trails are Dragon, Jungle, Kupu Kupu, and Expedition, and you’ll see a sign telling which one you’ll be riding towards.

To fully immerse ourselves in the musical experience, though, we were told that the Expedition Trail and the Jungle Trail were the best options. Naturally, I was inclined to heed their recommendation. 

Speeding off the starting point provided such a thrill that I nearly missed the sign when the path started to split! Do be sure to keep your eyes peeled. I went ahead with the Expedition Trail, where I could hear Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) envelop the entire area. Though it may have been a Thursday, the music and adrenaline-fueled ride certainly made it feel like a Friyay night!

Skyline Luge Ride the Beat: Trails
Don’t forget to turn!

The Expedition Trail was filled with twists and turns, so while it may be tempting to groove to the beat, you must be on your toes to navigate the corners and other riders. Eventually, all good things come to an end and we filtered through to the endpoint. Alas, with adrenaline still pumping into our veins, we needed one more ride.

This time, I opted to go for the Jungle Trail. Accompanying me for the trip down was  Usher’s Yeah!, with the beat and lyrics seemingly egging me on to go faster with every mention of “Yeah!”. The Jungle Trail is a little different in that riders will go through a tunnel and have the opportunity to go fast with long, straight paths — speed demons will love this!

The rides down certainly are something to remember, but you can memorialise it further by grabbing photos of the experience! There are cameras throughout the path which will capture the best moments. All you have to do is scan your helmet, and you’ll be able to see what expression you had while speeding through. Once you’ve picked your best shots, you can choose to get the digital photos or bundle them together with physical prints!

Skyline Luge Ride the Beat: Prints
Be sure to grab some prints of the experience before you exit

Exclusive Promotions

Given that we are still in the Taylor Swift vibes despite her concert recently ending, Skyline Luge is offering a second chance with Taytay. You and your besties can sing your hearts out to Taylor Swift as Ride the Beat blasts her best hits until 27 April 2024!

And while you’re at it, why not also enjoy some free food? Collaborating with Shake Shack’s Sentosa outlet, participants can get a free box of Cheese Fries from Shake Shack with every purchase of Night Luge’s 3 Ride Combo! All the details about it can be found here.

The new Skyline Luge: Ride the Beat is an experience to be had; who knew blending thumping music with speed could be so much fun? But you don’t need me to eulogise any further; go try it for yourself alongside your family and friends!

Skyline Luge: Ride the Beat

Skyline Luge Ride the Beat: Finish Line

📍Location: 45 Siloso Bch Walk, Sentosa, 099003
💲Price: Ride the Beat 3 Ride Combo (Individual) – S$36
⏰Opening Hours: Every Friday and Saturday (7pm – 9pm)

To book tickets for Skyline Luge: Ride the Beat, visit their official website!

Photos by Brendan Tan of the DANAMIC Team. Additional visuals courtesy of Skyline Luge.

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