*SCAPE Creative Arts Festival comma Makes a Comeback: A Celebration of Youth Artistry and Community Spirit

*SCAPE, the vibrant youth-focused organisation in Singapore, is set to ignite the cultural scene once again at the Somerset Belt with the return of its celebrated Creative Arts Festival, comma. This year’s theme, “Disruption“, not only challenges the norms but also reflects *SCAPE’s ongoing transformation, making it a must-attend event for those eager to witness the convergence of youth creativity and cultural innovation. Now in its second year, comma promises an immersive showcase from 12 to 28 January 2024.

Unveiling “Disruption” in Arts

The festival’s theme, “Disruption”, serves as a rallying cry for young artists to challenge conventional norms and break barriers creatively. The festival aims to not only showcase the vibrant creative scene at *SCAPE and the Somerset Belt, but also invites the audience to experience the ongoing transformation of the space. This year’s festival promises a unique setting, providing a compelling backdrop to celebrate and explore the talents of young artists, dancers, and musicians.

Comma - Disrupt
Young artists look to interrupt norms, challenge the status quo and be the catalyst for change at *SCAPE Creative Arts Festival comma.

Ivy Lim, Executive Director of *SCAPE, expressed her excitement: “We are impressed by the creative energies of the young people who have journeyed with us at *SCAPE. At comma, we want to celebrate their creative pursuits and showcase the vibrant creative scene at *SCAPE and the Somerset Belt.”

As a key program of *SCAPE and the Somerset Belt, comma distinguishes itself by spotlighting budding youth talent. The festival offers a dynamic array of performances and exhibitions across dance, music, visual arts, and interdisciplinary forms. Noteworthy industry stakeholders such as RAW Moves (Contemporary Dance), World Supremacy Battlegrounds (Street Dance), and Steady State Records (Music) will be actively involved, enhancing mentorship and cross-disciplinary engagement for the artists of tomorrow.

Immersive Experiences Await at *SCAPE

Scars, Skins and Styles: Phygital Transfiguration

Comma - Jamela Exhibition

Jamela Law‘s visionary project, Scars, Skins and Styles: Phygital Transfigurations“, is more than an exhibition; it’s a community art project that delves into hidden struggles, celebrates resilience, and sparks conversations around mental health. 

This transformative experience intertwines digital technologies and fashion co-designing as experimental art therapy tools, leveraging Enclothed Cognition’s power. It explores mediation, introspection, and reinvention in Virtual Reality, offering a unique and immersive journey into the realms of healing and self-discovery.

Supported through the Community Arts Residency, this project aims to create warm-hearted, celebratory, and inclusive networks that promote healing while bridging interpersonal distances, one metamorphosis at a time. Jamela Law’s commitment to fostering dialogue around mental health and creating impactful art is evident at the heart of this endeavour.

Comma - Jamela Exposition
Jamela Law, the artist behind “Scars, Skins and Styles: Phygital Transfigurations”

Jamela Law, the creative force behind this transformative project, describes her transdisciplinary practice as “revolving around culture, social justice, and the environment”. She believes in “embodying multiple identities — a toolmaker, listener, educator, and activist”. Her curiosity and experimental nature led her to adapt previously unseen practices, setting precedents in the Fashion and Art Therapy domain.

“I hope to redefine social constructs through creative artistic outputs, cultivating empathy in my adopted communities. I look forward to sharing empowering narratives from our youth community, creating innovative visions and new aesthetics while pushing technological boundaries together,” says Jamela Law.

Be sure to witness and experience “Scars, Skins and Styles: Phygital Transfiguration” in its entirety and engage in meaningful discussions around mental health by following the programme guide below.


🗓️ Date: 13 to 28 January 2024
⏰ Opening Hours: 12pm to 9pm (Closed on Mondays)
📍 Venue: *SCAPE #02-07/08

Artist Talk:

🗓️ Date: 20 January 2024
⏰ Time: 4pm to 5pm
📍 Venue: *SCAPE #02-07/08

📝 Details: Jamela Law shares her evolving journey as an artist, spanning across fashion, visual arts, and art therapy, along with the challenges she faced.

Artist-Led Tour:

🗓️ Date: 21 January 2024
⏰ Time: 4pm to 4:45pm, 6pm to 6:45pm
📍 Venue: *SCAPE #02-07/08

📝 Details: 30-45 minute tours curated by the artist offer a guided perspective on the creative process, techniques, aspirations, and challenges. Explore fashion, society, and culture through various viewpoints.

Panel Discussion: Art & Mental Health:

🗓️ Date: 28 January 2024
⏰ Time: 4pm to 5:30pm
📍 Venue:* *SCAPE #02-07/08

📝 Details: A panel discussion featuring artists working in the space of arts & mental health, including Jamela Law, Quinn Lam, and Yoko Choi, facilitated by Alecia Neo. They will discuss approaches, share case studies, and explore the future of arts & mental health.


The MOV:MENT Lab, promises to be a cinematic journey into the diverse realms of dance, featuring six uniquely curated dance films that push the boundaries of expression and movement. Each film, with its distinctive theme and artistic approach, contributes to the rich tapestry of the *SCAPE Creative Arts Festival, comma. 

Let’s delve into the captivating lineup of films and the talented artists behind them.

Comma - Body Missing Body

1.  “Body Missing Body” by Grace Song

Grace Song’s “Body Missing Body” takes inspiration from post-war Japanese avant-garde dance forms, exploring themes of separation and memory. The film promises a visual and emotional exploration of the impact of historical events on the human experience, challenging viewers to reflect on the intersection of movement and memory.

Comma - Fragility

2. “FR:AGILITY” by Amanda Tan & Jonit On

Amanda Tan and Jonit On collaborate in “FR:AGILITY,” a film that delves into the abstract realms of human form and movement. Expect a visually stunning experience that challenges traditional notions of dance, inviting the audience to contemplate the intricacies of the human body in motion.

Comma - hard boil, soft centre

3. “hard boil, soft centre” by Sonia Kwek & Elsa Wong

Sonia Kwek and Elsa Wong’s “hard boil, soft centre” draws inspiration from feminine archetypes across cultures. The film is a visual exploration of these archetypes, translating them into a dance form that reflects the complexities and nuances of femininity.

Comma - I Summon You

 4. “I Summon You” by Jeremy Ho & Liz Sgt Tan

Jeremy Ho and Liz Sgt Tan collaborate in “I Summon You,” a dance film that reflects the artist’s journey and the profound influence of motherhood. Through movement, the film contemplates the unique intersection of personal growth and maternal bonds.

Comma - Trauma

5. “Laughter Is Trauma Exiting The Body” by Felix Galistan

Felix Galistan’s “Laughter is Trauma Exiting The Body” contemplates what it means to embody intergenerational trauma through movement. The film promises a poignant exploration of the intersection between personal experiences and the echoes of history through the language of dance.

Comma - WandW

6. “wordsANDworlds” by Zachary Yap

Zachary Yap presents “wordsANDworlds,” a film that explores the unsettling feeling of living in a world that can be confusing and emotionally detached. Through movement and dance, Yap invites viewers into a contemplative space, questioning the nature of our existence in a rapidly changing world.

Each film promises to captivate audiences and provoke thoughtful reflections on the intersection of dance and the human experience. Don’t miss out on the mesmerising world of movement and emotion at the MOV:MENT Lab by following the programme guide below.


🗓️ Date: 13 to 28 January 2024
⏰ Opening Hours: 2pm to 8:30pm 
📍 Venue: *SCAPE #03-08/09

The Experimentation Ground

The Experimentation Ground, a pivotal showcase within the *SCAPE Creative Arts Festival, comma, challenges conventional categorisations, presenting a space where art refuses to be confined by traditional boundaries. Hosted at The Ground Theatre during the festival’s second week, this unique platform promises a transformative experience, daringly blending disciplines to redefine the essence of performance.

Comma - Tapping

Afiszan Amat‘s work ‘;W[qw-u9 “TAPPING” merges everyday digital actions with performance, prompting reflection on technology’s impact on daily lives. Amat, a visionary artist, invites the audience to contemplate the intersection between the digital realm and the tangible world, challenging preconceived notions of art forms.

Comma - Ill

Hee Suhui‘s Ill Behaviour takes experimentation to a new level by intertwining sound art, performance art, and physical storytelling. This captivating piece offers a raw and humorous take on personal and collective experiences, pushing the boundaries of what is commonly expected in performance art.

As a festival-goer, the Experimentation Ground invites you to embrace the unexpected, challenge your perceptions, and witness the convergence of digital and physical worlds through the lens of talented artists. Don’t miss out on the shows by following the programme guide below.

‘;W[qw-u9 “TAPPING” by Afiszan Amat:

🗓️ Date: 20 January 2024
⏰ Opening Hours: 2pm to 3pm, 7:30pm to 8:15pm
📍 Venue: *SCAPE The Ground Theatre

Ill Behaviour by Hee Suhui:

🗓️ Date: 20 January 2024
⏰ Opening Hours: 3:30pm to 4:30pm, 8:30pm to 9:30pm 
📍 Venue: *SCAPE The Ground Theatre

Register for the Experimentation Ground Showcase for free on Eventbrite.

Showcasing Dance at *SCAPE

HOMEGROUND – Street Dance Production & Bloc Party

Step into the rhythm of the *SCAPE Creative Arts Festival, comma, as it proudly presents HOMEGROUND, a street dance production and bloc party set to be the ultimate gathering of local dance talents. 

Hosted at *SCAPE The Ground Theatre, this electrifying event showcases and celebrates the vibrant community spirit that defines *SCAPE. Let’s see what local talents take centre stage.

Comma - Shean

1. “Paper Trails” by Shean Buligis

Dance artist Shean Buligis takes the stage with “Paper Trails,” an exploration of movement inspired by chaos. Buligis, known for pushing the boundaries of street dance, promises a captivating performance that transcends conventional norms, inviting the audience to witness the beauty that emerges from the midst of chaos.

Comma - E2

2. “Enneagram 2” by Priscilla Chong

Priscilla Chong presents “Enneagram 2,” a dance that delves into self-love and emotional complexity. Chong’s choreography weaves a narrative of introspection and vulnerability, inviting viewers to connect with the intricacies of the human experience through the language of dance.

Comma - Aisyah

3. “Providence” by Aisyah Hanafi

Aisyah Hanafi takes the spotlight with “Providence,” an exploration of the interconnection of individual and collective existence. Through her choreography, Hanafi aims to unravel the threads that bind us together, creating a dance piece that resonates with the community’s shared experiences.

Immerse yourself in the community spirit and follow HOMEGROUND for a street dance production that promises an unforgettable celebration of talent, creativity, and the collective energy that defines the youth culture. Don’t miss out on the production by following the programme guide below. 


🗓️ Date: 27 January 2024  
⏰ Time: 7:30pm to 11:30pm 
📍 Venue: *SCAPE The Ground Theatre  

Register for HOMEGROUND 2024 for free on Eventbrite

*SCAPE Dance Residency Showcase

The *SCAPE Dance Residency Showcase is set to unfold as a captivating fusion of movement and meaning, bringing forth a collection of contemporary dance works that reflect the depth and diversity of the human experience. In this spotlight, four talented choreographers present their unique perspectives, using dance as a powerful medium to delve into complex themes and provoke introspection.

Comma - Manufacture

1. “Manufactured Nature” by Jeremy Loh

Jeremy Loh’s “Manufactured Nature” invites the audience to contemplate humanity’s alienation from the natural world. 

Through evocative choreography, Loh weaves a narrative that explores the delicate balance between modern civilisation and the innate connection we share with nature. This dance promises to be a visual poem, inviting viewers to reflect on their relationship with the environment.

Comma - Ignatius

2. “all-seeing” by Ignatius Sim

Ignatius Sim presents “all-seeing,” a choreographic exploration that draws parallels between the omnipresence of CCTVs and human behaviour. 

This thought-provoking piece delves into the implications of constant surveillance on our lives, encouraging viewers to question the boundaries between observation and self-expression. Sim’s choreography promises to be a dance of introspection, unveiling layers of societal scrutiny.

Comma - Look At Me

3. “Look At Me” by Kimberly Sim

“Look At Me” by Kimberly Sim transcends the boundaries of dance, evolving into a powerful statement about self-expression beyond societal judgement. 

Sim’s choreography is a dance of liberation, inviting individuals to embrace their authenticity without fear of societal norms. This piece promises to be a celebration of individuality and a call to break free from the constraints of external expectations.

Comma - Hitoiki

4. “Hitoiki” by Shanna Yap

Shanna Yap showcases “Hitoiki,” a dance that symbolises the breath of life through various forms. Yap’s choreography is a poetic exploration of the universal essence of breath, transcending cultural and linguistic barriers. “Hitoiki” promises to be a sensory journey, where movement becomes a universal language, speaking to the shared vitality that connects all of humanity.

Be sure to catch these four exceptional dance performances collectively showcase emotions, introspection, and societal commentary, offering audiences an opportunity to engage with dance in its most transformative and thought-provoking form by following the programme guide below.

Manufactured Nature by Jeremy Loh:

🗓️ Date: 19 to 20 January 2024  
⏰ Time: 3:45pm to 4:15pm, 8:15pm to 8:45pm
📍 Venue: *SCAPE Outdoor Area 

all-seeing by Ignatius Sim:

🗓️ Date: 19 to 20 January 2024  
⏰ Time: 3pm to 3:30pm, 7:30pm to 8pm
📍 Venue: *SCAPE #02-05/06 

Look At Me by Kimberly Sim:

🗓️ Date: 19 to 20 January 2024  
⏰ Time: 3pm to 3:30pm, 7:30pm to 8pm
📍 Venue: *SCAPE #02-05/06 

Hitoiki by Shanna Yap:

🗓️ Date: 19 to 20 January 2024  
⏰ Time: 3:45pm to 4:15pm, 8:15pm to 8:45pm
📍 Venue: *SCAPE Outdoor Area 

Beyond the Exhibitions at *SCAPE

The Festival Village at *SCAPE Creative Arts Festival, comma, is also beyond the ordinary as it’s a bustling hub of creativity, entrepreneurship, and cultural vibrancy. 

One highlight of the Festival Village is the diverse array of food options that cater to every palate. From pasar malam classics to innovative culinary creations, the Festival Village invites you to complete your sensory experience, where the aroma of delicious treats wafts through the air, which complements the visual and auditory delights of the artistic showcases.

Comma - Food
Enjoy a variety of culinary delights at the Festival Village

Beyond culinary delights, the Festival Village showcases the entrepreneurial spirit of young artisans and crafters. Stroll through the village lanes to discover pop-up stalls featuring unique handmade jewellery, thrift fashion, and zine-making workshops. Engage with the creators, each booth offering a glimpse into the individuality and innovation that define the festival’s spirit — a celebration of youth, art, and the spirit of community.

I hope that what we’ve presented here piques your interest in exploring the exciting capabilities of our young creators! To learn more about this extraordinary celebration of youth creativity and innovation or to register for comma, visit the *SCAPE website today!

Photos by Brendan Tan of the DANAMIC Team. Additional visuals courtesy of *SCAPE.

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