The Boomsday Project: Hearthstone’s Explosive New Additions

Do you smell that? No? That’s the smell of an explosive brand new card set for Hearthstone! (I swear it’s thematic. Please don’t go.) A new set of cards has been just released for Hearthstone that’s themed towards Dr Boom and his researchers in Netherstorm, a science-based zone in World of Warcraft (WoW). Titled “The Boomsday Project”, some of the keywords and new cards have been quite interesting so far. The Boomsday Project is Hearthstone’s ninth card expansion. “Magnetic” is the latest set of keywords to be added into the game. Just like a Megazord, placing a card with “Magnetic”…

Against The Current: Right In Our Bones

*SCAPE’s The Ground Theatre was fit to burst as fans of pop rock trio Against the Current thronged for the band’s third performance in Singapore. The youthful crowd was filled with dedicated fans who had been following the band from their Youtube days, all hoping to catch the new songs from their debut album In Our Bones. The night kicked off with local outfit The Summer State warming up the crowd with their energetic brand of pop punk laced with a little local flavour. The band seemed to be right at home as they pumped out fan favourites “Trying Was…

Bang Bang Into The Room: Blaster Empire Brings NERF Wars To Life

War is not a game. NERF wars, however, are a thriving business. What better way to get to know your classmates and co-workers than to shoot them with a foam dart? Forget conventional retreats and lame games of Bingo; get together for a competitive shootout match! Blaster Empire is making this happen with an array of NERF guns and props that simulate a real-life battle scenario, minus the icky stuff. With 3 different packages to meet the needs of anywhere from 10 to 30 players, Blaster Empire is here to revolutionise company retreats and even birthday parties. While the concept of simulated gunfights have…

Neck Deep: Moshing, Surfing, Diving

This January has seen a spate of unseasonal showers (and wet laundry) but it wasn’t just water falling last Wednesday. Over at *SCAPE The Ground Theatre, stage divers were falling off the stage at a rate of one every ten seconds, goaded by their friends and the music as they moshed. We lost count of how many people dived or surfed (or for a few, failed to dive or surf), we just know it was a lot of fans. Such was the intensity of the moshing at Neck Deep‘s very first performance in Singapore during the 2016 World Tour. Even vocalist…