Hard Seltzers Now Locally Brewed: Introducing Joe’s Singapore Seltzer

Health is increasingly becoming a focus for people in recent years. And with food science coming to the fore, there are currently more varieties of healthier options available than ever before. For example, meat and milk now have plant-based substitutes for people to choose from, and even alcohol has gone healthy with the introduction of hard seltzers.

For those unfamiliar with hard seltzers, think sparkling water with a little kick of alcohol. It is usually made by fermenting cane sugar to form the alcohol before being combined with flavoured carbonated water to produce the final product. These beverages have lower calories and sugar than other alcoholic drinks, which explains their growing popularity worldwide, especially in the US.

Singapore has its own fair share of hard seltzer options; you may have chanced upon brands like Somersby or White Claw while out on a grocery run. Now the selection is getting bigger with the introduction of Joe’s Singapore Seltzer — a new hard seltzer line.

The brainchild of local independent brewery Trouble Brewing, Joe’s Singapore Seltzer is the first-ever Singapore-brewed hard seltzer. Even more uniquely, the beverage is brewed and fermented with champagne yeast and 100% organic Blue Weber agave, a plant-based sweetener sourced from Mexico with a low glycaemic index. 

The end product is a 300ml bottled drink with 4.8% ABV (alcohol by volume) and zero sugar. Joe’s Singapore Seltzer is also gluten-free and contains just 94kcal, making it a beverage that can be enjoyed anytime and on any occasion!

“Over the past two years, we have seen consumers take more action around their overall health and wellness, searching for beverages that taste refreshing and provide healthier options. The appeal of hard seltzer lies in its low content of carbohydrates, sugar and calories while maintaining a similar strength to a beer, and Joe’s Seltzer is the perfect answer to that need,” says Joseph Barratt, CEO of Trouble Brewing

Joe’s Singapore Seltzer has three all-natural flavours to savour — Lime, Peach, and Grapefruit. The Lime and Grapefruit flavours are great citrus options to pair with foods that need some zesty kick, like salads, seafood and cheese. Meanwhile, the Peach flavour is a perfect tropical foil for intense meals such as Asian cuisine.

The Joe’s Singapore Seltzer line will be sold at Trouble Brewing. Each case of 24 bottles currently retails at a promotional price of S$96, with an additional option of a mixed case containing all three flavours for S$100.

They also offer same-day island-wide delivery for orders placed before 5pm (Sunday-Wednesday) and 7pm (Thursday-Saturday), with free delivery for orders above S$60.

More information can be found on Trouble Brewing’s official website.

Visuals courtesy of Trouble Brewing.

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