OATSIDE is Best Side: Singapore’s Newest, Delicious Plant-Based Milk!

Whether you’re a vegan, lactose-intolerant, an oat milk enthusiast who never orders any Starbucks drink without oat milk, or simply trying to switch to a more sustainable lifestyle, I’ve got some fantabulous news for you.

There’s a new plant-based milk on the block, promising to be more delicious, creamier, and maltier than any other milk you’ve ever had before! The name? OATSIDE! Made with Australian oats and natural spring water, this halal-certified oat milk is yours to love! They want to be sustainable without tasting sustainable. Now, that, I approve.

OATSIDE: Package
The aesthetics in this are insane. But, of course, I’m not the only one, right?

If you’re wondering why oat milk is more sustainable, allow me to share with you some shocking numbers –  the production of oat milk requires 90% less land and water, and produces 70% less emissions than cow’s milk. OATSIDE also sources Rainforest-Alliance certified ingredients and uses recyclable paperboard packaging (from Forest Stewardship Council certified sources). Is your jaw on the ground too? 

Our planet is running out of resources and is being poisoned by our actions. Such saviours who create products that use less of these resources deserve all our support! (We don’t want to move to Mars, do we?)

OATSIDE: Promo Image 1
Hey, wipe that drool off your face!

Not just that, they don’t just care about the planet; they also care for you – their consumer. They make you a promise.

A promise to source for the highest-quality ingredients. That you will be able to pronounce every word on that ingredient list (I love this)! That you won’t see any of the nasties – artificial flavours, gums, emulsifiers, preservatives or colouring. That since it is made of oats, there will be beta-glucans in it, which means goodie-goodie for your heart health, cholesterol and immunity! 

OATSIDE presents three interesting oat milk variants – Barista Blend, Chocolate and Chocolate Hazelnut. They are designed to make you wonder: how is this not dairy?

OATSIDE: Promo Image 2
They sure do know how to make their photoshoots look stunning, don’t they?

OATSIDE Barista Blend

Baristas, listen up! This will be your dream oat milk for your coffees and teas to take the spotlight in a cup of dreamy, creamy beauty. But, if you want to elevate your drink with some intricate and classy latte art, steam this Barista Blend, and it will create some exquisite microfoam that will deliver a treat for the tongue and the eyes alike!

OATSIDE Chocolate

If it doesn’t have at least a chocolate flavour, milk isn’t milk, don’t you think? This dark, rich and complex blend contains no-added-flavours and less sugar than most chocolate kinds of milk. But they promise it’s packed with a surprising punch of deliciousness that will steal your heart. What’s more, is that it is made with a 100% Rainforest Alliance certified blend of Indonesian-African cacao beans. Applause for the ethical sourcing, please!

OATSIDE: Promo Image 3
I am trying not to fangirl at the aesthetics of these visuals.

OATSIDE Chocolate Hazelnut

A nutty take on your classic chocolate flavours never hurts. In fact, it might make you fall in love! In this variant, the Chocolate Hazelnut is liquid ‘gianduja’. It’s velvety-smooth but not without some intense accents of roasted hazelnuts. Once again, containing no added flavours, the full-bodied taste of the hazelnuts comes from their sourcing of high-quality hazelnuts, which are 100% Rainforest-Alliance certified and sourced from Turkey!

OATSIDE is proudly one of Asia’s only “full-stack” food start-ups. Because they’re, and I quote, “control freaks”, OATSIDE has taken full responsibility for their production process, from ingredient sourcing to oat extraction to filling. 

OATSIDE: Benedict Lim
The brain behind OATSIDE!

A product of the pandemic by Singaporean Benedict Lim, it embodies the same innovation Man has exhibited during this insanely tough time. ​​Benedict Lim has formally served as the Chief Financial Officer at Kraft Heinz Indonesia. However, during the pandemic, Benedict began some innocent pandemic-influenced experimenting by making his own oat milk at home using different ingredients and extraction processes to achieve distinct flavours and texture combinations. 

“I can’t wait for everyone to join us on the OATSIDE. We’ve worked really hard to develop a plant-based milk for Asia that doesn’t feel like a compromise on quality, taste or texture. We hope to contribute to a growing stable of plant-based products where picking the sustainable option no longer tastes of ‘doing your part’,” said Benedict.

The OATSIDE team is just so full of smiles!

Has this enticed you? Do you feel an excitement charging your fingertips to order your OATSIDE drinks?

Well, OATSIDE is pleased to share that their three variants are available online at Redmart and Shopee! You can also find them at Baker & Cook, PPP Coffee, Chye Seng Huat Hardware, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf islandwide and more! For more information on OATSIDE’s products, check out their adorable website!

It’s admirable how a brand has placed the well-being of your health and our planet’s health on such a pedestal. These brands deserve our support. OATSIDE might just be the best side. Don’t you think?

Visuals courtesy of OATSIDE.

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