Meet the Coolest Cats and Hottest Catfluencers in Town: The Atome Kittens!

We’re all in love with boy bands and girl groups, but what about a feline supergroup? No, I am not kidding!

Please welcome, the world’s first-ever supergroup comprising of kittens – The Atome Kittens! This is the mighty group that has melted our hearts with its adorable #AtomeKittens dance challenge on TikTok, which is currently seeing no less than 4 billion views in Indonesia and Malaysia in early June!

This power group was formed by Atome, Asia’s leading buy-now-pay-later platform! The members are Sassy, a style trendsetter, Zesty, a passionate self-improver, and Savvy, a smart shopper. These kittens embody everything we want to be, making them the nation’s most loved and adored.

The Atome Kittens: Sessy
Meet the most feisty and most stylish kitten in town, Sassy!

But, the love and affection for Sassy, Zesty, and Savvy are not limited to just us Singaporeans. They’ve also snatched the hearts of people across Asia, namely Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Indonesia! They were a part of the ‘Get It Week’ campaign in these countries, and I’m pleased to share that this campaign is now live in Singapore too!

They are launching the campaign in three phases (this word holds many miserable memories, but in this campaign, I assure you it will only bring you joy!) – pre-sales from 25 June to 8 July, sales week from 9 to 18 July, and post-sales from 19 to 25 July.

These little kitties hope to boost local retail amid this dark and cloudy time, while also providing you with a means of shopping responsibly with the same rush you get running into stores when you see a big, red sign that says ‘SALE’. Of course, the campaign will be very active online as well, especially via social media!

The Atome Kittens: Zesty
You can’t spell zealous without Zesty (and ‘t’) – meet Zesty!

The pre-sales will kick-off to prepare you for the battles of the sales that will ensue once the Get It Week officially commences. The actual sales week, Get It Week, will be when the unbelievable deals begin, which you can check out on the Atome app!

Finally, the final post-sales phase will give all you shoppers that miss the rush of the sales from the Get It Week, to go back and do some more with some additional deals (but of course, they won’t get as good as the actual sales week!).

Some participating brands include ZALORA, ALDO, Sephora, Marks & Spencer, and Pandora, but these are just some among the 120 plus involved brands! The deals could get you up to 85% off! Don’t you feel your heart beating unbelievably fast? I know, me too!

A series of online teasers were also revealed upon launch, along with Out-Of-Home (OOH) ads in selected shopping malls like Tampines 1 and Causeway Point, and on buses 7, 14, 65, 81 and 153. So don’t be surprised to see the nation’s most beloved kittens casually cruising the streets and hitting the malls of Singapore!

The Atome Kittens: Savvy
The insider of the gang, who knows all the tips and tricks, but still knows how to be cute through it all, meet Savvy!

But this campaign isn’t just about the deals, mind you! There’s so much more that you simply cannot miss out on, for the sake of the full experience. 

As such, allow me to pull a classic soap opera cliffhanger ending where I tease something huge, and just leave you hanging to find out the rest on your own! You can expect exclusive daily flash offers (from 12pm to 2pm, till 18 July), interactive content like the #atomekittens TikTok challenge, and an exclusive Instagram filter game, both between 2 and 18 July. Plus, all us big spenders that need counsel on the ‘shopping smart’ ways can also seek shopping advice during this campaign. 

The Atome Kittens: Zesty Drums
Just look at Zesty with those drums. Rock and roll!

Psst! There will also be a TikTok and Instagram live show on 8 July, at 8pm, with a very special guest. Word has it that the guest is Singapore’s very own TikTok rising star, Yap Hui Xin – but you’re going to have to watch it to find out! 

You see, there is something for everyone in the ‘Get It Week’ campaign, and you just have to get your hands on them all now! 

This campaign perfectly aligns with what Atome stands for – in fact, Atome’s values and beliefs have been given life via The Atome Kittens themselves! Atome’s brand values are Aspiration, Access, and Advice, as represented perfectly by Zesty, Sassy and Savvy, respectively. 

The Atome Kittens: Sassy Runway
Sassy, I see you! That walk is perfect for the Kittens’ Secret runway!

Zesty is the passionate self-improver who expresses the importance of aspirations, which take us to greater heights. Sassy, the stylish trendsetter, shows that becoming one is no easy feat – unless you have access to every latest craze and fad in fashion! And finally, Savvy, the smartest shopper among them all, presents all the advice you would need as you indulge in smart shopping! The Atome Kittens are unmatched.

Are you ready, Singapore? Then, brace yourselves for what’s to come, and weapon up – download the Atome app on the App Store or Google Play now! But if you’re feeling a little tense or need something to tame that excitement into love and adoration, you can check out The Atome Kittens’ music video too.

Visuals courtesy of Atome Singapore.

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