IKEA’s Newest Additions to the Menu: Old Favourite Lobster with Laksa Spaghetti and the New Fish and Chips with Nacho Cheese Sauce!

Remember what I said about IKEA’s food going online with Click and Dabao? Well, I’m here again to deliver even more exciting news for you — IKEA is now releasing some limited new menu items! 

On top of all your beloved menu items like their meatballs and chicken wings, IKEA lovers will be able to enjoy the newly launched Fish and Chips with Nacho Cheese Sauce ($7.90), as well as an old crowd favourite, Half Lobster with Laksa Spaghetti ($16.50). 

IKEA Fish and Chips with Nacho Cheese Sauce
Fish and Chips with Nacho Cheese Sauce, IKEA’s newest limited-time addition to the menu

A combination of succulent fish perfectly fried to a golden crisp, with a creamy, rich cheese dip, and an indulgent lobster pasta with a uniquely Singaporean twist – these new items are sure to satisfy all your cravings! 

But, do note that these items will only be available for a limited time, from 12 July 2021 to 31st August 2021, so do come down soon for a nice meal with your loved ones! 

Of course, you can only enjoy these dishes in accordance with the COVID measures, which means if you wish to dine-in, do keep it two a group of two only! These dishes are also available for takeaway at all IKEA restaurants. You can even use their ‘Click and Dabao’ service for easier ordering and pick-up at their Tampines, Alexandra and Jurong outlets.

And, that’s not all! As all Singaporeans would know, discounts are always irresistible, right? So I have even more good news to share. For all who shop from IKEA Food Market using Foodpanda, enjoy special bundle deals on selected Wednesdays in July, featuring IKEA’s iconic food items like their meatballs, lingonberry jam and savoury sauce. 

This means you’ll be able to save money and have your food delivered straight to your doorstep, all at one go!

14 July 2021

IKEA Meatball_Daim cake bundle
IKEA’s meatballs can be bundled with an Almond Cake from Daim

Available on 14 July, this bundle includes 1 pack of IKEA meatballs (1kg), a jar of Lingonberry jam (400g), 2 packs of savoury sauce (28g each), and a box of the Almond cake with daim (400g). All of this would cost you $36, as compared to its usual price of $38.20, so if you’re interested in the items I listed, you should mark your calendars! 

21 July 2021

IKEA Meatball mushroom soup bundle
A Meatball Bundle with Mushroom Soup Packs included

This deal consists of items similar to the previous one above (with the meatballs, jam and sauce), but instead of Almond cake, you get two packs of mushroom soup (500g each). In addition, you’ll be getting all of these items at only $38, instead of their usual price of $39.30. This deal would be perfect for lovers of IKEA’s mushroom soup! 

28 July 2021

IKEA Meatball cinnamon and choco biscuit bundle
The IKEA Meatballs Bundle, this time with Cinnamon Buns

And finally, the last bundle of the month! This bundle too features the meatballs, jam and sauce, but with a pack of cinnamon buns (510g) and chocolate biscuits (176g). Again, this is a bundle tailor-made for those with a sweet tooth, and you can get this bundle for $36, instead of the usual $37.20! 

If any of the items I have listed interest you, then do remember to purchase the bundles on the dates listed to make the most of the deals!

With a whole array of food (and now, even grocery) options at the tip of our fingers, I’d say that we’re all still pretty spoiled, even though we’re pretty much stuck at home most of the time these days. On top of the maximised convenience, there are now even deals and discounts to maximise our savings.

Do click here for more information on IKEA Food Market’s items and deals, and here for their restaurant’s menu items! 

Visuals Courtesy of IKEA Singapore.

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