Table Matters Takes Home Dining to the Next Level: It’s All About the Experience!

Do you recall what makes your dining-out experiences even more memorable and enjoyable? What sight makes you anticipate the food that you will be diving into? What do you see as soon as you’re seated that keeps you on your toes till your food is served?

You may not realise this, but it’s actually your table! The way your cutlery sits on your table, the style of the set-up on the table, every detail of every element – all of these share such a unique sneak peek about the experience you are about to have in the restaurant. Even studies have shown that food isn’t the only thing that defines your perceptions and experiences of your dining – tableware has a huge role to play in that too!

But who said you couldn’t give your family members or guests the same experience? Or the same sneak peek into the delicious food that awaits them? 

Table Matters: Japanese Dishes
Just look at this table (and the food, of course)~

You now can, because Table Matters has got your back! They have the most beautiful collections and themes for you to choose from and are affordable despite their incredible quality. In addition, they have the most meticulous testing processes to ensure that their items are of utmost quality and can withstand the test of time and, of course, dishwashers

Rest assured that their bowls are Lead and Cadmium Free, Microwave Safe, Oven Safe and Dishwasher Safe. Every piece at Table Matters is crafted from clay that is fired and glazed into a high polish. Everything is SGS and US FDA-certified! 

Table Matters: Chirashi
Perfect for any mood, atmosphere and conversation!

There are many ways one can express himself, and don’t be surprised to know that tableware is one of them! You have the power to invoke the emotions you want, in the person sitting at your dining table. So whether you want them to feel like they’ve travelled back in time, or they’re sitting amidst nature, or they’re experiencing a whole new culture, or even living on a tropical island – Table Matters has got something for every occasion and every aesthetic. The table is your canvas, and Table Matters is your brush.

Their unique designs are sure to drop the jaws of everyone who walks into your dining room. So naturally, they look for trendy topics to base their new projects and launches on. However, their designs are also often inspired by the beauty of their surroundings. Everything around us is an inspiration waiting to be drawn, an opportunity waiting to be sought, and Table Matters has successfully incorporated our surroundings into their tableware – flowers, waves, graffitis, the change of seasons, the style of buildings around us, everything.

Table Matters: Ondeh Ondeh
You can feel the Peranakan heritage inscribed in the intricate details of the tableware

Speaking of the style of buildings, ever noticed the eccentric style of the Peranakan street houses at Joo Chiat? Funnily enough, Joo Chiat is Table Matters’ founder’s favourite spot in Singapore, and their newly-launched Peranakan coasters are inspired by those houses! 

The Peranakan-themed coasters are simply a staple piece for your table. Up the elegance of your food, while delivering an experience your family members and guests won’t be able to forget for a while.

Every detail on every piece of the Peranakan theme is exquisite, and in it, is the engravement of the culture of Malays descended from Chinese settlers in the early days. The artistry of the Qing dynasty also inspires the design itself. The bright hues and intricate patterns make for a very elegant table set-up.

Table Matters: Tamago
How lovely is this Japanese-themed plate?

They also have a Japanese theme, among many, many others. Their ceramic dessert plates fashioned with Japanese-inspired Blue Waves that mimic the ebb and flow of the ocean are simply ethereal. Nature seems to come to life in your dining ware. What better way to enjoy some Japanese seafood?

Table Matters’ Japanese-themed pieces are an ode to earthenware and their art. The stunning colours and detailed work on the bowls so miraculously invoke the aesthetic of Donburi meals and the Japanese life we are able to live and experience through their tableware. They also deliver a pop of colour to the table, making them a stunning treat for your eyes too!

The Asian culture sees a reawakening in the world of dining, not just in the food we eat but the utensils we use. Every plate, bowl and tray plays a vital role on your table of the feast. 

Table Matters: Peranakan Dishes
This table shares the Peranakan heritage. What will your table share?

Table Matters also shared that they are a Disney licensee! Of course, you know what this means! They have shared that they have a new theme of ‘Disney’ goodies coming right up! But Table Matters will never forget its roots – they hope to maintain the essence of culture and heritage even in an internationally loved and enjoyed theme like Disney. That’s how you know that Table Matters is different – they stand out. 

Although they are still in the pre-planning phase of this grand project, keep your eyes open and ears peeled for any news! You can do so by following their Instagram and Facebook pages to stay in touch with Table Matters’ newest projects and launches! Also, check out their website for a complete tour of every item and piece Table Matters has created!

Never underestimate the power of expression because now, even dining is a vehicle for artistic expression. This is the world we live in today. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

Photos by Brandon Neo of the DANAMIC Team.

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