News-FLASH: Here’s how you can use Flash Coffee’s Iced Coffee to give back to the Community!

During a global pandemic such as COVID-19, acts of neighbourliness no matter how big or small, becomes so much more emphasised, so much more important. Everyone is facing some sort of hardship, so each little act of love and kindness will touch a heart somewhere.

One service many people relied upon was food couriers. For the sake of public health, restaurants and other eateries could not offer the dine-in experience. The solution: to have the dine-in experience at home with our favourite foods. 

But in all the chaos that ensued from coronavirus, who gave a spare thought to the people actually delivering the food, those knights bravely facing health dangers on their metallic steeds, ferrying food to-and-fro between restaurants and homes?

Well, Flash Coffee did. And my word, what a difference they made!

Flash Coffee Drink
For just $1 added to their food delivery, customers can treat their couriers to a cup of iced coffee

On 9 June, the Singapore-based coffee chain launched an initiative to show appreciation for essential workers such as delivery riders.

With just a dollar added onto their GrabFood, Foodpanda, or Deliveroo orders, customers can treat their food couriers to an iced coffee. And who wouldn’t appreciate that? After a full day of deliveries in the searing heat, what could be more smile-inducing than a cup of iced coffee? Preciously little, I’d say.

Flash Coffee has gifted more than 500 cups of coffee in less than a month.

Flash Coffee Barista
Flash Coffee is dedicated to quality service, amazing drinks, and giving back to the community

The local coffee chain will be launching another campaign on Friday, the 2nd of July. This one intends to encourage people to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

As a reward for getting the vaccine, customers will be entitled to a free cup of coffee when they show their vaccination records at any Flash Coffee store. In addition, a promo code will be given to redeem their cup of coffee via the Flash Coffee mobile app. Friendly baristas will be on-site to provide their assistance.

Flash Coffee Vaccination Promo
Those who have received the COVID-19 vaccine can enjoy a free cup of coffee from Flash Coffee from the 2nd of July

Flash Coffee is a rapidly expanding tech-enabled coffee chain committed to delivering quality customer service, and it is passionate about giving back to the community. They serve an award-winning menu of high-quality drinks at affordable prices. Flash Coffee hopes to roll out similar initiatives in the future.

You can find out more about Flash Coffee and their amazing initiatives on their website or Instagram!

Visuals courtesy of Flash Coffee.

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