Astronauts’ New Single: “Kryptonite” Hits You Right At The Heart

Local indie band Astronauts, a five-piece quintet R&B/Soul band, just released their latest single – ‘Kryptonite’, and based on what I’ve heard from their previous songs like ‘I’m No Good’, they’ve certainly lived up to the lofty standards that they’ve set for themselves.

A little reminiscent of Bruno Mars’ work, I was genuinely impressed by Ben Jacob Lee’s smooth sensual voice grooving through the beat; it made me want to move my feet and snap my fingers along to the rhythm.

Being a fan of hip hop personally, I feel like a Kendrick Lamar or J Cole collaboration with Astronauts would shake things up in the space-time continuum and reset the world in their image – but hey, a man can dream can’t he?

Delving deeper into Astronaut’s music, I felt that ‘Get Close’ was a track that possessed immense potential to contend with music equivalent to the Sam Willows and Gentle Bones of the local indie music scene.

I gave Kryptonite a few more listens and I felt so immaculately at ease.

You know those long road trips across the country where you’re just enjoying the scenery with the windows down, and then a swathe of cool night breeze just washes over your face, and you feel like nothing only that moment mattered in the world? I feel like Kryptonite would be the perfect accompaniment to that magical, carefree moment.

Also, with me being a student of lyricism – I perused carefully through the song’s lyrics and I’ve gotta say, they’re very poetic.

When it came to the stanza of “She got that something that I like, she’s my kryptonite”, I could resonate with the writer’s willingness to bare his vulnerabilities and soul to the apple of his eye, and the delivery of those lines… Stunningly flawless; it got me.

“She ain’t even trying but she’s got a hold on me, ooh wee makes it hard to breathe.” Again, this line shows how much the girl is killing him but how desperate he is to die again.

All in all, if you’re in love with someone, this song is going to resonate with your heart. I can’t think of any more superlatives to describe this band and their work, but they’re on track to be one of the biggest acts to ever come from our shores.

Listen to Astronauts’ single, ‘Kryptonite’ on iTunes and Spotify (below), now!

Photos courtesy of Umami Records.

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