Logitech MX Sound 2.0: For Home, and House Music

At S$149, the Logitech MX Sound 2.0 will serve as a hefty first upgrade to your default PC speakers. Yes, you definitely need an upgrade once you know how great Logitech’s new MX Sound is. Why, you ask? Don’t you listen to music? What, still using Spotify with ads? Wha… what are you doing?

The Logitech MX Sound 2.0 is clearly designed for the good ol’ desktop – you won’t be lugging them around, that’s for sure. They have a depth of 16cm and a diameter of 8.4cm, but don’t let the seemingly unassuming specs fool you – they’re easily twice as wide as your average stereo system, so messy desk owners (guilty!) beware.

The speakers come decked in a sleek grey finish, and a soft granite-coloured fabric mesh that accentuates the premium ‘Logitech look’ the company has cultivated over the years. The round design is certainly a fresh departure from the conventional squarish, boxed-up look that most speaker brands rarely break out of. Two rear-firing bass ports on either side of the speakers help support the entire module, while tilting the system 10-degrees backwards counts for an audio sweet spot.

There aren’t any tactile buttons in this model – the speakers have no need for a power button as they automatically switch on when plugged in the A/C. The closest thing to controls you get are three white LEDs peering through the fabric grilles; a Bluetooth symbol for pairing, and a plus/minus for volume. I was under the impression that the advertised motion-activated controls would let me control the volume through gestures, but I was disappointed when they only lit up when my hand was close. I still had to physically tap on the fabric mesh to adjust the volume, which may leave smudges in the long run. That said, the buttons are sensitive to touch and a slight tap would suffice.

The MX Sound 2.0 comes with Bluetooth 4.1 and allows you to connect your Bluetooth devices and stream music, even while it’s wired to the PC. The Logitech Easy-Switch allows you to toggle between the two without any hassle – just press pause on one device and play on the other for seamless music flow. The 25 meters line-of-sight connectivity is another major boon, seeing how you are likely to leave the computer while babying your phone all around the house.

With 24 watts of max power (12 watts RMS), expect rich sound and clear stereo separation that does the size of the speakers, justice. It packs reasonable volume – with deep, encompassing output, and no faultable loss of quality at typical listening levels. It brings to the table a very noticeable thump that adds depth to heavy gaming sprees.

For its price, the MX Sound 2.0 also has a great range of mid-range details. However, it falls short when playing higher notes. The strong bass often overwhelms, smothering higher soundtracks and voices, soddening the overall sound. Great for bass lovers, but quite a bummer for ballad lovers, surely.

If you identify as a gamer looking for the first upgrade to your novice speakers, this is a great choice for you. Bonus points if you’re a bass or trap/house music junkie. If you binge watch more sitcoms that you’d care to admit, or list Too Good at Goodbyes as your anthem, you may have to consider a less bottom-heavy alternative.

Find out more about the Logitech MX Sound 2.0 at Logitech official product page!

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