Directioners VS Beliebers: The Battle For The 13th

If you were creeping on Twitter last Wednesday, you might have noticed a peculiar date among the top trending hashtags. #Nov13 is just blowing up the whole Twittersphere. No, it’s not going to be the end of the world and no, Destiny’s Child are not scheduled for another mini reunion performance (but we can dream, can’t we). Well, it seems that 13 November 2015 is slated for a couple of the biggest album drops of the year.

That’s right, kids. A couple. As in, more than one album. The biggest boyband on the planet, One Direction, will be releasing their album on November 13. The album, titled “Made In The A.M.”, will be the band’s last album before they go on their “hiatus” (we think that term cushions the blow).

As if the announcement of the album’s release date wasn’t exciting enough, the band has released a spanking new single off the new album – the latest since “Drag Me Down”. Titled “Infinity”, the surefire hit is sure to send us to infinity and beyond when it drops! If you haven’t heard it yet, the song is available on Spotify for you to give a listen. In the words of the internet, it’s time to break that replay button.

Now, here’s where things get real exciting. Our favourite good-turned-bad boy, Justin Bieber, also posted a teaser picture: a hashtagged “Nov13” against a black background. The Biebs is finally putting out a new album – a comeback of sorts – after a few disastrous years of bad PR.

If “What Do You Mean” – Bieber’s first single from the album – is anything to go by, we’re super pumped to see the tracks he’s created for the album. The 21-year-old hit-maker (and law-breaker) has been tweeting that he’s hard at work getting the new album ready for his fans. After a slew of bad behaviour, some even towards his fans, the album is salvation for Beliebers.

Now, there’s no beef between these superstars but Twitter is abuzz about who should have dibs to #Nov13. Whatever it is, one thing’s for sure; both Directioners and Beliebers can’t wait for the albums to hit the record store shelves and iTunes (and we’ll be avoiding Twitter on the release date).


Made In The A.M” is available for pre-order on iTunes here.

What Do You Mean” is available on iTunes here.

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