Singapore’s Concert Extravaganza: International Artists Set to Wow in the Second Quarter!

Congratulations, we’ve completed the first three months of 2024 – three cheers to us! If the days are starting to drag you down with them, and you’re looking for a dose of serotonin, you’ve come to the right place! I’m about to brighten your day and give you another collated list of all the concerts happening in Singapore for the year’s second quarter.

From one concert junkie to the other, this is a safe space for everyone (except for your wallets and bank accounts). I wholeheartedly understand the temporary feeling of bliss as you sing your lungs out for those few hours – the concert high is unlike any other feeling. The sense of euphoria is unmatched. So, allow me to put you onto some of the artists making their way onto our stages across languages, genres, and months. I’m ready when you are, let’s go!


Moon Byul 1ST WORLD TOUR [MUSEUM : an epic of starlit]

Singapore's Stage Spectacular: International Artists Set to Wow in the Second Quarter!: Moon Byul

If you’ve been a fan of K-pop for the past decade, this name should ring a bell. The first artist to grace the Singapore concert stage is Moon Byul – a member of the insanely popular Korean girl group MAMAMOO. The member now turned soloist, has since built an impressive resume for herself with chart topper after chart topper! As a solo artist, Moon Byul has also proven herself time and time again as a vocalist – pivoting her talents from rapping to vocals. 

Moon Byul 1ST WORLD TOUR [MUSEUM : an epic of starlit] follows the release of her third solo album: Starlit of Muse. The album houses two singles that have received a crazy amount of love – topping the iTunes Top Albums Chart across ten different regions. Even if Moon Byul isn’t your ultimate bias in MAMAMOO, you can’t deny yourself this fantastic opportunity to catch her live!

🗓️Date: 13 April 2024
📍Location: Capitol Theatre, 17 Stamford Road, S(178907)
💲Price: S$168 (Excluding booking fee)
⏰Time: 8pm

Thankfully, tickets to her show are still available. So, run on over to the official Ticketmaster website for your chance to catch Moon Byul live!

CHA EUN-WOO 2024 Just One 10 Minute [Mystery Elevator]

Singapore's Stage Spectacular: International Artists Set to Wow in the Second Quarter!: Cha Eun Woo

This should be another familiar name to many of you K-pop stans. Cha Eun Woo makes his way to Singapore for his tour: CHA EUN-WOO 2024 Just One 10 Minute [Mystery Elevator]! The world was introduced to Cha Eun Woo through his activities as a member of the boy band Astro. There, Cha Eun Woo gained popularity for his talents and dashingly charming looks.

He then dipped his toes into the acting world, further launching him into the stratosphere of popularity. With tons of viral dramas and movies under his belt, Cha Eun Woo has solidified his place as Korean entertainment royalty. 

This one’s a bit different from the rest, but we had to include it because, come on, it’s Cha Eun Woo. Introduced as a “meeting show”, the affair is characterised by its concept of falling in love with Cha Eun Woo in just ten minutes. Given that he has all of us in the palm of his hands, it’s safe to say that we’ve already fallen in love with him. During the concert, fans can expect to interact with the idol through high-quality performances, where Cha Eun Woo blows us away with his talents.

🗓️Date: 13 April 2024
📍Location: The Star Theatre, The Star Performing Arts Centre
💲Price: S$128 (Excluding booking fee)
⏰Time: 7pm

For those of you who have yet to secure your tickets, what are you waiting for? Tickets are still available and can be purchased through the official SISTIC website – have fun!


Singapore's Stage Spectacular: International Artists Set to Wow in the Second Quarter!: Slot Machine

The first quarter of the year saw three Thai acts and a whole music festival dedicated to Thai music. But in this quarter, we only have one Thai band coming down to Singapore, and that band is none other than Slot Machine! The band first stepped onto the scene in 2004—two whole decades ago—and has since established itself as a big player in the Thai rock band genre.

They travel to Singapore as part of their Slot Machine EXIT TO ENTER WORLD TOUR 2024. Their concert is so much more than just a concert—it’s a story. Following an Alien and Sci-Fi theme, Slot Machine is more than just a band—they’re storytellers. The tour invites fans to exit their ordinary lives and enter an exciting experience at their concert. How cool is that? 

🗓️Date: 20 April 2024
📍Location: Capitol Theatre, 17 Stamford Road, S(178907)
💲Price: S$88 (Excluding booking fee)
⏰Time: 8pm

Over the two hours, fans will be treated to over 30 of the band’s most popular songs and a visual effects spectacle! Lucky for you, tickets to this – dare I say, experience – are still available! If you wish to enter an exciting new world, one ticket to Slot Machine’s Exit to Enter World Tour is all you need! More information can be found on the official Ticketmaster website here!


We’re all getting spoiled by the sheer number of Korean acts this quarter. The next performer on the list is none other than the queen of K-pop herself, IU! I doubt she needs an introduction, but for those of you who have been living under a rock for the past decade, allow me to enlighten you on the cultural enigma that is IU.

IU first graced us with her presence in 2008. Thanks to her bone-chilling vocal talents and heart-swelling song lyrics, IU has claimed the title of “Korea’s Little Sister”, an affectionate title given to those who have the nation wrapped around their fingers. Even though it’s been years since her debut, IU has only grown in popularity – which is extremely uncommon in the Korean music industry. Every time IU releases anything, you best believe it’ll skyrocket to the top of the charts.

IU stops by Singapore as part of her IU H.E.R. WORLD TOUR CONCERT, following the release of her 6th mini album, “The Winning”. Dedicated fans had to survive a two-year drought of IU-less music, and their reward for staying patient came in the form of not one, but two nights of IU’s live music.

🗓️Date: 20 and 21 April 2024
📍Location: Singapore Indoor Stadium, 2 Stadium Walk, Singapore 397691
💲Price: S$178 (Excluding booking fee)
⏰Time: 5pm

Given the chokehold she has the world in, it’s no surprise that tickets to IU’s concert in Singapore have completely sold out. But there seems to be a trend of fans flying overseas to catch their idols in real life, so if I were you, and I was dying for a ticket to her show, I would check for any concert dates happening in the region and snag a seat. I wish you all the best of luck!

Boys Like Girls Spring Tour 2024

I’m proud to say that Boys Like Girls was the soundtrack of my teenhood. During my pop-punk phase, I would blast the band’s music wherever I went. And now, I’m happy to share with you that Boys Like Girls are making their highly anticipated return to Singapore in April – this is not a drill! Dust off that black leather jacket or your iconic red flannel, because they’re back and better than ever!

The band is no stranger to chart-topping hits, with songs like Love Drunk, Thunder, and Hero/Heroine under their belts. If those don’t seem to ring a bell, the band also famously sang The Great Escape—I’d bet my bottom dollar that you’ve listened to this at least once in your life. 

After a long hiatus, Boys Like Girls are gracing our stage as part of their Boys Like Girls Spring Tour 2024! Seeing how popular they are and how long their hiatus was, Boys Like Girls were kind enough to add an additional date to their initial one-night show.

🗓️Date: 25 and 26 April 2024
📍Location: Capitol Theatre, 17 Stamford Road, S(178907)
💲Price: S$88 (Excluding booking fee)
⏰Time: 7pm

Unfortunately, too many of us are looking for a chance to relive our younger days, so tickets to both nights have sold out. For the lucky few of you who managed to get tickets, allow me to remind you of some wise words from the band themselves, “We’ll scream loud at the top of our lungs, and they’ll think it’s just ’cause we’re young, and we’ll feel so alive”.


I’ve been an avid listener of Korean music since I was in Primary school. I remember tuning into Music Bank every Friday and waiting patiently to see my favourite idols on stage – this band is no exception! Everyone, please put your hands together for CNBLUE!

Like many of the performers on the list, CNBLUE has been on the scene for a long time. They debuted in Korea in 2010, and the rest is history. In a time when idols had complicated choreography and darted across the stage, CNBLUE chose the path few had trekked—they stood by their instruments and had fun on stage as a band.

For those who are blissfully unaware, CNBLUE’s tour: CNBLUENTITY, marks the end of the band’s seven-year hiatus! For all their fans, these past seven years have passed way too slowly. But our boys are finally back! During the concert, fans can look forward to hearing the band perform hits like LOVE GIRL, I’m Sorry, and I’m a Loner live!

🗓️Date: 27 April 2024
📍Location: Singapore Indoor Stadium, 2 Stadium Walk, Singapore 397691
💲Price: S$168 (Excluding booking fee)
⏰Time: 7:30pm

Seven years is a long time to wait for your favourite band to be back on stage again, so don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers! Tickets for this reunion are still available on the official Ticketmaster website. Don’t hesitate any longer—who knows how long it’ll be until CNBLUE is back in Singapore again?

One Night with George Lam

Next up on our list is Cantopop music legend, George Lam. For all of you who enjoy listening to throwback music, this one’s for you! George Lam is coming to Singapore as part of his One Night with George Lam tour. Joining him on stage as a special guest is Sally Yeh – his wife and fellow Cantopop legend- joins him on stage as a special guest. 

George Lam first burst onto the scene in 1978, during the height of Cantopop music popularity. Having been in business for the last 46 years, it’s no surprise that he has managed to rack up an impressive portfolio. He is responsible for some of the most timeless Cantonese songs that have stuck with fans and transcended generations – it’s because of all his achievements that he has been coined a Hong Kong music legend.

🗓️Date: 28 April 2024
📍Location: Level 5, Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956
💲Price: S$68 (Excluding booking fee)
⏰Time: 8pm

It’s not very common to have musicians of this calibre still tour. Although it’s just one night with George Lam, fans are also getting the chance to catch two legends at the price of one! Tickets to One Night with George Lam are still available, so grab them while you still can at the official Marina Bay Sands website. Even if you personally aren’t a fan of his music, share this with your friends and family who are – good things have to be shared!


Hold onto your hats because this one’s a wild one. Introducing Incubus – the Grammy-nominated American rock band, who are set to step onto Singapore’s stage in the latter half of April 2024

The band, which first came together in 1991, has consistently broken and bent many barriers. With multiple international platinum certifications, the band has proven to the world that they are one to follow. In addition to the Grammy nomination and platinum certifications, they have five consecutive Top 5 debuts and billions of listeners under their belt. 

The list goes on, but I’m sure I’ve already listed enough for you to get that Incubus is an ultra-popular band with a huge following. They make their highly anticipated return to  Singapore as part of their Asia Tour in 2024. 

🗓️Date: 29 April 2024
📍Location: The Star Performing Arts Centre
💲Price: S$138 onwards (excludes booking fees)
⏰Time: 8pm 

Make your way over to the official SISTIC website to secure your tickets to catch Incubus live in 2024!


Singapore Rockfest 2024


It’s the last day of pre-sale and the start of the public sale TOMORROW! Don’t miss All Time Low Live in Singapore, head over to tomorrow at 9 AM. To those who signed up for the pre-sale, please check your Spam/Junk folder for the private link. lamcproductions alltimelow singapore sgconcerts

♬ original sound – LAMC Productions – LAMC Productions

Let’s switch things up a bit, shall we? Technically, Singapore Rockfest 2024 isn’t a concert per se. But a festival is just a bunch of concerts meshed into one, so let’s make an exception this time. Singapore Rockfest 2024 is bringing acts like Deep Purple, Yngwie Malmsteen, Marty Friedman and All Time Low down to our sunny island for an unforgettable night of fun!

The affair—which spans nights and locations—will start with the iconic 1970s rock band Deep Purple. If you’re even remotely interested in rock music, you’ve definitely heard of Deep Purple before. The band has some of the most legendary rock anthems in their roster. Even after 50 years of producing rock anthem after rock anthem, Deep Purple is still killing it!

They’re followed by Yngwie Malmsteen and special guest Marty Friedman. Yngwie Malmsteen has made a name for himself as one of rock’s greatest guitarists of all time – and that is a big title to live up to. He is also often credited for the birth of what is now called neo-classical melodic rock! He’ll be joined on stage by Marty Friedman, the former guitarist of metal band, Megadeth. Rock the night away to the musical genius of these two guitar maestros.

To close the festival, we have All Time Low – this is a band that needs no introduction at all! I don’t know about you, but All Time Low is one of my favourite pop-punk bands. They are undoubtedly one of the most popular bands from the genre and have garnered a cult following with their upbeat and youthful music. They dominated the radio waves in the early 2010s and have continued their legacy, producing hit after hit!

Singapore Rockfest 2024 gives fans the chance to catch their favourite rockers live – everyone, say thank you!

🗓️Date: 📍Location: 💲Price: ⏰Time: 
Deep Purple1 May 2024Fort Canning ParkS$188 (Excluding booking fee)8pm
Yngwie Malmsteen and Marty Friedman2 May 2024Capitol Theatre, 17 Stamford Road, S(178907)S$158 (Excluding booking fee)7:30pm
All Time Low5 May 2024Fort Canning ParkS$158 (Excluding booking fee)8pm

For more information, head on over to the official SISTIC website!

Mayday! SG Festival 2024

Also ushering us into the month of May is none other than the Mayday! SG Festival 2024 – yet another rock festival! Is this the year pop punk makes its long-awaited comeback? The festival will see a total of seven bands rocking on stage. But the headliner of this amazing festival is: We the Kings!

At this point, I’ve made it clear that I used to be a sucker for pop punk, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that We the Kings were near the top of my list! The band shot to fame with their iconic song: Check Yes, Juliet. You can’t count yourself a fan of the genre if you’ve never heard of this seriously addictive track! The band will perform a full headlining set as part of the festival, so lace up your shoes and run to get your tickets now!

🗓️Date: 1 May 2024
📍Location: *SCAPE The Ground Theatre, 2 Orchard Link, Singapore 237978
💲Price: S$71.96 (Excluding booking fee)

The schedule for Mayday! SG Festival 2024 has yet to come out, so make sure to watch the festival’s official website like a hawk and be the first to know about any updates on this spectacular event!

A Lin is the next performer travelling to Singapore for her tour: A-LINK WITH PASSENGER 金曲 ONE MORE TIME! This name should sound very familiar to you, considering A Lin is one of the most famous Taiwanese singers of our time. With incredible vocal capabilities and outstanding talents, A Lin has carved her name into the hearts of millions across the globe.

You don’t have to go to an A Lin concert to know how much of a vocal powerhouse she is. An A-Lin concert is like one giant KTV session. But this time, she’s taking it up a notch. While she will be singing her classic hits, she will also treat fans to new songs and choreography that will have attendees floored. It’s no longer just a concert. It’s an experience.

🗓️Date: 4 May 2024
📍Location: Resorts World Ballroom, Resorts World Convention Centre, 8 Sentosa Gateway, 098269
💲Price: S$98 (Excluding booking fee)
⏰Time: 8pm

Lucky for you, tickets to this fantastic experience are still available! For more information or to snag yourself a seat, head on over to the official Ticketmaster website!

Niall Horan

Singapore's Stage Spectacular: International Artists Set to Wow in the Second Quarter!: Niall Horan

As a fan of One Direction myself, I eagerly awaited the news of Niall Horan’s arrival in Singapore. The wait is finally over, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief because the day is finally here: Niall Horan is coming to Singapore!

Since becoming a solo performer, Niall Horan has been able to shine and let his talent speak for itself. Niall Horan shocked the world with his solo debut album Flicker, which topped the charts back in 2017 and earned him multiple Platinum and Gold plaques. With over eight billion global streams, he has become one of the most successful ex-boy band members turned solo artists. 

Niall Horan will make Singapore his stage for The Show, his biggest tour and headline run since his previous world tour, Flicker, back in 2018.

🗓️Date: 9 May 2024
📍Location: Singapore Indoor Stadium
💲Price: S$108 onwards (excludes booking fees) 

For all my Niall girls, it’s your time to shine! Tickets to The Show are still available, so run over to the official Ticketmaster website and secure your chance to see Niall Horan live!


Shifting our sights, we move to India with Badshah, as he takes to the stage after Niall! The Indian rapper and singer (among copious other titles) is stopping by Singapore for his show ‘EK THA RAJA’ BADSHAH LIVE IN SINGAPORE 2024! The multi-talented artist found commercial success and has racked up an insane 18 million monthly listeners on Spotify – a true testament to his reach and sheer influence over the industry and genre. 

Badshah’s musical style knows no bounds—he crosses genres like pop and synthwave. Talk about range, right? Not only does he cross genres, but he also crosses languages with songs in Hindi, English, Punjabi, and Haryanvi. With this amount of talent, Badshah deserves every ounce of fame he has!

🗓️Date: 11 May 2024
📍Location: Singapore Expo Hall 5, 1 Expo Dr, Singapore 486150
💲Price: S$148
⏰Time: 5pm 

To catch Badshah in all his brilliance, make your way to the official SISTIC website for more details!

elijah woods : ilu 24/7, 365 tour

Singapore's Stage Spectacular: International Artists Set to Wow in the Second Quarter!: elijah woods

Prepare to be enchanted by the next performer on our list: elijah woods, as he makes his way to Singapore as part of his ilu 24/7, 365 tour! elijah woods may be young, but his career and accolades are outstanding.

Not only is he a talented singer-songwriter, but he’s also brimming with talent as a producer and recording engineer! Who would’ve thought? With a wide range of hits and millions of streams on Spotify, elijah woods has established himself as an artist who should be on everyone’s radar. This will be the first time the artist has ever toured in Asia, so let’s make sure to give this talented artist a warm welcome! 

🗓️Date: 13 May 2024
📍Location: Esplanade Annexe Studio, 1 Esplanade Dr, Singapore 038981
💲Price: S$108 (Excluding booking fee)
⏰Time: 8pm

Considering the trajectory of his career, I can only see elijah woods getting bigger and better in the next few years. If you wish to have bragging rights and say that you were present at his first concert in Singapore, make sure to head to the official Ticketmaster website to secure your tickets!

Power Station [Because of Love] World Tour

Power Station is a name I’ve come to know, thanks to my dad. The Taiwanese rock duo are considered royalty, having pioneered the genre – elevating it to a whole new level. The story behind Power Station is the epitome of rags to riches.  The duo started out performing in pubs around their city, which led to their discovery and, ultimately, their unmatched success!

Their long careers have been punctuated by chart-topping tracks, which have solidified their place in Taiwan’s Hall of Fame. There’s no doubt that Power Station is a name many of our parents know, but interestingly enough, thanks to the duo’s witty appearances and sense of humour, they have continued to stay relevant in the industry – finding popularity among younger audiences, too!

🗓️Date: 18 May 2024
📍Location: Singapore Indoor Stadium, 2 Stadium Walk, Singapore 397691
💲Price: S$128 (Excluding booking fee)

The band will make their return to Singapore as part of their Power Station [Because of Love] World Tour – which promises to be an immersive experience for all involved! For your chance to catch this legendary duo live, head over to the official Ticketmaster website!

Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys Who I Am Tour


Nick Carter’s “Who I Am” tour continues through 2024 with a one-night-only stop in Singapore! Catch your favorite Backstreet Boy on May 28, 8pm at the UCC Auditorium. Tickets are NOW ON SALE via lamcproductions nickcarter backstreetboys boyband singapore sgconcerts

♬ original sound – LAMC Productions – LAMC Productions

From one throwback to another, next on stage is Nick Carter – a former member of the electrifying boy band Backstreet Boys! While die-hard fans still hold out hope for the slim chance of another reunion of the iconic boy band, they’ll have to settle with seeing each member as solo acts for the time being.

With that being said, let’s welcome Nick Carter to the stage! In 2002, Nick Carter explored a career as a solo act with his debut album, Now or Never – which debuted at number 17 on the Billboard 200 chart. Since then, he has been churning out music for his fans to enjoy, and no one is complaining about that! 

He’ll be back in Singapore for one night only for his Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys Who I Am Tour – which follows a series of singles he released last year. The tour kickstarted in America in October last year and has now resumed! 

🗓️Date: 28 May 2024
📍Location: University Cultural Centre Ho Bee Auditorium, NUS, 50 Kent Ridge Cres, Singapore 119279
💲Price: Starting at S$88 (Excluding booking fee)
⏰Time: 8pm

Backstreet aren’t back, so I’m not yet alright, but Nick Carter will certainly satiate me for the time being! Head on over to the SISTIC website to grab your tickets now!


Tarcy Su

Singapore's Stage Spectacular: International Artists Set to Wow in the Second Quarter!: Tarcy Su

Prepare to be swept away on a nostalgic journey as Tarcy Su, the iconic Mandopop sensation of the 90s, makes her debut on the Singapore stage! The Star Theatre will come alive with the enchanting melodies of Tarcy’s first-ever large-scale concert in Singapore, part of her sensational Flower of Life tour

Celebrating her 30th anniversary in music, Tarcy’s return with the album ‘Every Side of Me’ in 2020 garnered critical acclaim, earning her a nomination at the prestigious Golden Melody Awards. Now, she brings her captivating energy and timeless classics like ‘Lemon Tree’ and ‘Duck’ to Singaporean fans, promising an evening of unforgettable musical magic.

🗓️Date: 1 June 2024
📍Location: The Theatre at Mediacorp, 1 Stars Avenue, S(138507)
💲Price: S$108 (Excluding booking fee)
⏰Time: 7pm

Don’t miss your chance to experience the allure of Tarcy Su live in Singapore! Head on over to the official Ticketmaster website to secure your chance at catching this Mandopop diva of the 90s live!

American Boy in Asia: Alexander 23

Singapore's Stage Spectacular: International Artists Set to Wow in the Second Quarter!: Alexander 23

In 2023, I flew to Jakarta to attend We the Fest. There, I was introduced to tons of artists that I had never heard of before and fell in love with a few performers. One of which was Alexander 23. I was so happy to find out that we’ll be getting a chance to catch him live in Singapore thanks to his tour, American Boy in Asia: Alexander 23!

His lists of hits include his debut song “Dirty AF1s” and “IDK You Yet” – both of which saw great commercial success. Outside of his songs, he was further launched into fame for his co-production of Olivia Rodrigo’s Grammy-nominated song  “good 4 u”. In 2023, Alexander 23 also supported Lauv on his sold-out tour!

But now, Alexander 23 is taking centre stage with his own tour through Asia, and I can’t think of a better and more deserving person!

🗓️Date: 14 June 2024
📍Location: Capitol Theatre, 17 Stamford Road, S(178907)
💲Price: S$78 (Excluding booking fee)
⏰Time: 8pm

If I were you, I wouldn’t let the chance to see Alexander 23 live slip through my fingers. So, make sure you check out the official Ticketmaster website for more information on this up-and-coming artist! I promise you won’t regret it!

VAULTBOY Live in Singapore

My introduction to VAULTBOY was one of pure fate. My Spotify algorithm had placed his song “Rocket Science” on my radio, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m pleased to announce that VAULTBOY will be making his way to Singapore, giving all of us a chance to busk in all his magnificent talent!

In early 2022, he released his debut EP, everything sucks, which spent two comfortable weeks on the top of the Spotify global viral chart – a remarkable feat for an artist’s debut. everything sucks was so well-received that it even saw remixes with big artists like Eric Nam, Gracey and Lil Jet.

🗓️Date: 14 June 2024
📍Location: Foochow Building 21 Tyrwhitt Road #02-00 Singapore, Singapore 207530
💲Price: S$80 (Excluding booking fee)
⏰Time: 7pm

VAULTBOY joins the list of artists bound to leave their mark on the industry. With catchy trending songs, this won’t be the last we hear of him! Tickets to his show are still available and can be purchased on the official Eventbrite website!

TOKYO~the city of music and love~

For those who enjoy Japanese music, please welcome the celebrated actor and singer Yu Shirota to the stage. He’s making Singapore a stop in his show TOKYO~the city of music and love~! For one night only, immerse yourself in an electrifying spectacle of music and dance at the iconic Esplanade Theatre in Singapore.

Embark on a journey through his career as he takes the stage for his very first performance in Southeast Asia, treating fans to a medley of beloved Broadway, Disney, and J-pop hits. This original production boasts a star-studded lineup, including J-pop sensations RIOSKE, yuzu, and emerging star Rainy, alongside special guests Miwa and Singapore’s very own Nathan Hartono. Prepare yourself for a night of unparalleled entertainment, featuring dazzling choreography, stunning costumes, and breathtaking sets that encapsulate the dynamic spirit of Tokyo.

🗓️Date: 22 June 2024
📍Location: Esplanade Theatre, 1 Esplanade Dr, Singapore 038981
💲Price: S$58 (Excluding booking fee)
⏰Time: 8pm

Act fast! Secure your tickets now for this unparalleled production, and don’t miss your chance to be part of this unforgettable experience! More information can be found on the official SISTIC website!

HWASA the 1st FANCON TOUR [Twits] in Singapore

Singapore's Stage Spectacular: International Artists Set to Wow in the Second Quarter!: Hwasa

The second MAMAMOO member taking the stage in Singapore is HWASA on her HWASA the 1st FANCON TOUR [Twits] in Singapore! Even though MAMAMOO has visited Singapore before, this will be the first time Hwasa has a fancon here—hopefully, this will be the first of many. Finger crossed! 

Hwasa has had one of the most impressive solo careers I’ve ever seen. Following her wildly successful stint as a member of MAMAMOO, she had her solo debut with the release of Twit, which flew straight to the charts. If you hadn’t already known her from that, I’m sure you heard Maria, another uber-successful song of hers that strayed from the typical love song and instead preached self-love. 

Hwasa has made a name for herself in her career for her loud stance on breaking stereotypes that jail other idols in the same industry. I have always admired Hwasa, and I know I’m not alone in feeling that way! Let’s all show our support to our favourite groundbreaker!

🗓️Date: 22 June 2024
📍Location: The Star Theatre, The Star Performing Arts Centre
⏰Time: 7pm 

Thankfully, tickets to her fancon have yet to be released! So, make sure you’re absolutely ready to press that big blue BUY NOW button on 19 April on the official Ticketmaster website! May the odds be in your favour, and the tickets be in your cart by the end of the day! 


Singapore's Stage Spectacular: International Artists Set to Wow in the Second Quarter!: Atarashii Gakko!

Make some noise for everyone’s favourite whacky Japanese foursome: Atarashii Gakko! The group flew onto everyone’s radar after signing with 88rising, and the rest is history! The band is known for their crazy antics, which they have explained are done with the intention of self-liberation – which is not always accepted in Japanese society and culture. Thanks to this ideology, Atarashii Gakko! has found international success and managed to nuzzle their way into the hearts of fans worldwide with their concerts.

Now, the quartet is on a roll—producing hit after hit, solidifying their names on an international stage! Their song, Tokyo Calling, has gone wildly viral, opening the floodgates to more global opportunities for the band. 

🗓️Date: 29 June 2024
📍Location: The Theatre at Mediacorp, 1 Stars Avenue, S(138507)
💲Price: S$98 (Excluding booking fee)
⏰Time: 7:30pm 

If you’re looking for a night of pure joy and vibes, leave your worries at the doors and dance like no one’s watching at the Atarashii Gakko! World Tour! Tickets to this concert await you over at the official Ticketmaster website!


Attention all Czennies! Brace yourselves for the electrifying return of NCT Dream to Singapore, igniting the stage with their unparalleled energy and talent in the highly anticipated NCT DREAM WORLD TOUR <THE DREAM SHOW 3>! As a big fan of the entire NCT group, I have to admit that I’m entirely biased towards NCT Dream. In my humble opinion, they have the best title tracks out of the whole group. 

Which is why when I heard that NCT Dream was coming to Singapore, I had to mentally prepare myself for the damage that would ensue on my bank account—but anything for NCT, right? With their debut in 2016, NCT Dream swiftly ascended to global acclaim, captivating hearts across continents with their infectious melodies and captivating performances.

From sold-out arenas to adoring fans spanning the globe, NCT Dream’s influence knows no bounds, captivating audiences with each exhilarating beat and mesmerising choreography. The Dream Show 3 awaits your arrival!

🗓️Date: 29 and 30 June 2024
📍Location: Singapore Indoor Stadium, 2 Stadium Walk, Singapore 397691

Unfortunately, these are all the details we have on the long-awaited return of NCT Dream to Singapore. But on the bright side, you found out about the concert in advance, giving you plenty of time to set your affairs in order. So start grabbing your friends and start saving up because, I assure you, the ticket sales for their concerts will be a bloodbath.

A Look Beyond the Second Quarter

Wu Bai & China Blue 2024 Rock Live in Singapore

Joining our list of legends coming down to Singapore is Wu Bai & China Blue! I—and many others—were made aware of the band’s existence through the wildly popular Taiwanese drama “Someday or One Day.” The drama—which featured the band’s song, Last Dance—went viral, and with it, so did Wu Bai & China Blue. Thanks to the drama’s popularity, a younger generation was introduced to them, bringing the band back into the spotlight. 

Wu Bai has had a long and illustrious career. He holds the esteemed title of Asia’s King of Rock and even has a style of rock coined after him, affectionately known as “Wu-style” rock. Beyond being a great artist, one thing I love about Wu Bai is his humour and refusal to age. He keeps the rock and roll spirit alive with his don’t-give-a-damn attitude and youthful outlook on life—which is so fitting for a rock legend!

🗓️Date: 7 July 2024
📍Location: Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Exhibition Hall E & F, Level B2
💲Price: S$98 (Excluding booking fee)
⏰Time: 8pm

Ask anyone, and they will tell you that Wu Bai is a performer you have to catch live. For an artist as seasoned as he is, he knows how to command an audience and have a good time! If you’re looking for an unforgettable night full of fun and nothing but pure vibes, make sure to head on over to the official SISTIC website to book your tickets now!

Aespa SYNK: Parallel Line


Since its debut in November 2020, the four-member girl band has had multiple hits. This will be its first show in Singapore. #mustsharenews #sgnews #sgfyp #sg #singapore #sgtiktok #tiktoksg #entertainmentnews #aespa #sgkpop #sgconcert #sgaespa

♬ original sound – MustShareNews – MustShareNews

Following NCT Dream is Aespa, the last Korean artist on our list. This effectively closes the second quarter of this year! What a way to finish the next three months: a night with the ultra-talented girl group.

Aespa debuted in 2020 and seemed to fit right into the industry. From the start, they made headlines, topped the charts and forced themselves to the forefront of the entertainment industry. SM Entertainment has a thing for keeping secrets from fans because, just like NCT Dream, not much information has been released about the concert that is set to take place. 

For now, all we know is that the group will start their tour in Seoul in June and head over to Japan in July.

🗓️Date: 20 July 2024
📍Location: Singapore Indoor Stadium, 2 Stadium Walk, Singapore 397691

I guess in some way, this is another blessing in disguise. The concert Gods are giving you the time to train your fingers because, with a group as popular as Aespa, I foresee the tickets selling out at the speed of light. I would keep watch of the group’s social media posts for any updates on their arrival in Singapore! Good luck, and may the fastest fingers win!

Teddy Swims: I’ve Tried Everything But Therapy Tour

Singapore's Stage Spectacular: International Artists Set to Wow in the Second Quarter!: Teddy Swims

As I sat in the passenger seat of my family car, Teddy Swims’ soulful vocals were enough to wrestle my attention away from my phone. And I’m not the only one; his stratospheric single Lose Control hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #4 on the Billboard Global 200, becoming many people’s earworm.

But the Atlanta-born singer-songwriter is heading to Asia, and lucky for us, Singapore is on the list! Teddy Swims: I’ve Tried Everything But Therapy Tour will host a line of concerts before featuring at the Capitol Theatre, and if you’re like me, you must be losing control from all the excitement!

🗓️Date: 23 July 2024
📍Location: Capitol Theatre, 17 Stamford Road, S(178907)
💲Price: Starting at S$78 (Excluding booking fee)
⏰Time: 8pm

Best compose yourself first—tickets aren’t out, but they soon will be. The Live Nation presale will be available on 16 April from 12pm to 11:59pm, while public tickets will go on sale on 17 April from 12pm at Ticketmaster.

And that’s it! Those are all the names of the international artists making their way to Singapore for the second quarter of this year and just a little further than that! We’ll make sure to update you on any more concerts we find! Start preparing yourself for the list of talents for quarter three – we’ll meet you there! 

In the meantime, have you managed to secure your tickets for those concerts? Perhaps you even have several of them? Let us know which concerts you will be attending by hitting us up on our socials on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok!

Visuals courtesy of Live Nation and Viu.

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