Canon Singapore Launches The Canon eShop

We’ve come a long way in terms of technological advancements, but shopping from home is definitely one of the most ingenious marks of progress in the 21st century. As a spoken statement, “I am shopping in my pyjamas” used to be synonymous with laziness and a shocking disregard for Orchard Road’s dress code, but it is now a hallmark of the Internet generation, represented by millions of tech-literate people who complete half of their day’s to-dos while still in the general vicinity of their bedroom. This is the future, and Canon fully respects that.


Canon Singapore has launched the Canon eShop – a “one-stop ecommerce platform offering the full range of Canon consumer products and services to customers at their convenience”. What does this mean besides buying electronics in bed? With the Canon eShop, round-the-clock shopping and doorstep delivery is now possible. Customers can easily purchase products or accessories, and stock up on consumables such as media and ink cartridges (because we all know the two thirstiest things in the world are fangirls and inkjet printers).

“In this digital age, a segment of customers appreciate the convenience, accessibility and option to research and shop online. Our customers’ needs are important to us and we aim to deliver a multichannel approach for a seamless Canon experience.’’ said Edwin Teoh, Assistant Director, Consumer Business Marketing, Canon Singapore.

Delivery is free for purchases above $200, which is about the price of 6 average-priced ink cartridges. Currently, the Canon eShop accepts both local and foreign credit cards for delivery to customers residing in Singapore.


An extensive line-up of genuine Canon consumer products such as cameras and lenses, video camcorders, printers and scanners, accessories and consumables are available on the eShop. They even sell binoculars. If that isn’t dedication then I don’t know what is.


Start shopping on the Canon eShop here.

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