Song Of The Week #1 – Ellie Goulding

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Ellie Goulding – “On My Mind

After just a short week of teasers, Ellie is BACK with this banger produced by Max Martin (“Problem“, “Blank Space“, “Love Me Like You Do“). This comes three years after 2012’s “Halcyon“, and definitely picks up where the Billboard Top 10 album left off.

Sure, the chorus is pretty much just six words… but then again which Ellie Goulding song isn’t? This absolute banger (and its stabbing guitar hook) is definitely replaying on my mind this week.

Industry rumours place “On My Mind” as the lead single off “Delirium“, Ellie’s third studio album. 16 tracks will feature on the regular release, with an additional 6 tracks on the deluxe version. Check out the tracklist of the whopping 22-song LP here:

1. Intro (Delirium)

2. Aftertaste

3. Something In The Way You Move

4. Keep On Dancin’

5. On My Mind

6. Around U

7. Codes

8. Holding On For Life

9. Love Me Like You Do

10. Don’t Need Nobody

11. Don’t Panic

12. We Can’t Move To This

13. Army

14. Lost And Found

15. Devotion

16. Scream It Out


17. The Greatest

18. I Do What I Love

19. Paradise

20. Winner

21. Heal

22. Outside

Some have whispered that the album will drop on Friday, 6th November 2015. Fingers crossed on Ellie’s return!


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