Microsoft Surface Pro 4: This 2-in-1 Tablet-cum-Laptop Works Great, Even For Microsoft Beginners

Once you go Mac, you never go back? Wrong. As the user of a 13” screen Macbook Pro for a good three years now with zero difficulty, I have to admit that for a period of time, I abandoned Windows completely. For someone not tech savvy like myself, an Apple was easier for beginners to use, and cleaner in terms of appearance, which also meant nicer photos for Instagram. Brilliant. With such unwavering faith in the ability of Apple products, I was pretty impressed (and intrigued) when I learned that Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 had beaten Apple’s iPad Pro at the…

G910 Orion Spark – As Recognisable as the Constellation

Nowadays, everyone plays video games. Whether you admit it proudly and proclaim it to the world or stay silent as you bang away on your keyboard in your computer generated fantasy, we all love a solid game. Now, we’re not throwing shade or dissing on console or mobile games but there is a significant portion of fans that much prefer the PC for their gaming fix. But when it comes to playing on a PC, be it desktop or laptop, PCs offer an interesting problem that most console and mobile players don’t really need to consider: the mode of input.…