Exclusive: An Afternoon with YM Raja Ihsan and Billy Mork

Serious photography in Singapore remains relatively nascent in the public consciousness and still suffers from a lack of mainstream recognition as art. This isn’t surprising given that the average Singaporean either associates it with high-brow culture consumption, or doesn’t deem photography to hold enough intrinsic value to be recognised as art. Anyone with a camera can take a photo – so why should it be art? Such obtuse views are repudiated with X EDITION, Asia’s largest hotel photography art fair, through its specially curated exhibition: Marang: The 1950s in Colour and Monochrome. Co-presented in collaboration with Canvas Gallery, the exhibition…

Laneway Singapore 2018: Presenting Southeast Asia’s Diverse Lineup

As with previous years, Laneway Festival Singapore 2018 – also the 8th Laneway in Singapore – promises to be a full sensory experience for music fans, with a focus on the best new and established live acts in the game! Focusing on the closer locale, they’ve added a varied line-up of Asian artistes – 8 groups from 4 countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore. From break-out bands to established musicians, here’s the full low-down on these 8 Southeast Asian acts! ALEXTBH Producing music from his early teens, 21-year-old ALEXTBH has since made his mark in Malaysia’s electronic music scene with…