Experience the Ultimate June Holiday at TRIFECTA SUMMER FESTIVAL 2024

Congratulations everyone! We’re about to make it to the June Holidays – it’s finally time to reward yourself for all the blood, sweat and tears it took to make it through the first five months of 2024. It may not have been easy, but the important thing is that you made it. If you want something extra fun to spice up your holiday, let me put you onto the TRIFECTA SUMMER FESTIVAL!

I had the privilege of attending TRIFECTA’s inaugural music festival back in November of 2023, and the vibes of the place blew me away. The atmosphere was electrifying, and the people were welcoming—we were all just busking in each other’s presence and having fun! If you’re looking for a way to destress this June, head on down to the TRIFECTA SUMMER FESTIVAL for a wholesome time surrounded by the best vibes! 

Everyone knows TRIFECTA as Asia’s first snow, surf, skate and lifestyle destination, but this June, they’re taking it up a notch and extending the invitation to include your little ones and your furry friends! It’s a party for all ages and species! Let me walk you through the fun-filled time TRIFECTA SUMMER FESTIVAL has in store for you this holiday!

The Great Grub & Goods List: Summer Edition

Experience the Ultimate June Holiday at TRIFECTA SUMMER FESTIVAL 2024: The Great Grub & Goods List: Summer edition
Feast, Shop and Surf at The Great Grub & Goods List: Summer Edition!

Surf’s up, it’s time to feast! The Great Grub & Goods List: Summer Edition is a culinary, creative and surf adventure like no other happening on 15 and 16 June 2024. 

Held alongside TRIFECTA’s first World Surfing Day Celebration, get ready for a weekend-exclusive summer party you’ll never forget! Featuring poolside takeovers and rooftop pop-ups by some of Singapore’s best restaurants and brands, you’re in for a wild ride!

Experience the Ultimate June Holiday at TRIFECTA SUMMER FESTIVAL 2024: Torasho Charcoal and Noodle Bar
You can’t go wrong with ramen from Torasho Charcoal and Noodle Bar

Let’s start with the grub, shall we? You can expect to feast on tasty dishes from Torasho Charcoal and Noodle Bar – who will be cooking up a storm and bringing you a completely exclusive and unique event menu; how fun! Sit back and enjoy as Chef Sho Naganuma whips up hearty bowls of his famous ​​tsukemen and Japanese ramen, as well as a charcoal menu and smoked tapas! 

Next up on the menu is none other than Naga House, the coolest and trendiest brand I’ve seen in a while! One scroll through their social media, and I already know that whatever they’re bringing down to the festival, I will have a try – no questions asked! 

Last on the menu is Slurp Your Oysters – the name truly says it all! Feast on juicy Murotsu Oysters, succulent scallops and silky salmon sashimi; the list goes on and on. I don’t even have to go on. I’m already sold. I know where my first stop will be.

Experience the Ultimate June Holiday at TRIFECTA SUMMER FESTIVAL 2024: Slurp Your Oysters
Keeping true to the ocean theme, we have Slurp Your Oysters!

This isn’t even the full line-up yet; I told you TRIFECTA was going all out! The complete list will be announced on their official website, so I suggest watching over it like a hawk and mentally preparing yourself for the tastiest adventure you’ve ever been on!

Now, onto the creative portion, TRIFECTA has unveiled Sandra Riley Tang as a special guest this June! Many of you may have heard of her during her time as a member of the band “The Sam Willows”, but since then, she has proven herself to be a woman of many (and I mean many) talents. For the past two years, she has been exploring the world of visual arts – where she discovered her passion for working with resin and concrete to create gorgeous sculptures. 

Experience the Ultimate June Holiday at TRIFECTA SUMMER FESTIVAL 2024: Sandra Riley Tang
Witness the multi-faceted talents of Sandra Riley Tang as she unveils her limited edition collection at TRIFECTA!

Over the weekend, you can bear witness to the debut of her limited edition collection, inspired by her fascination with water – given that she is very passionate about surfing, the theme of the weekend. The collection will also be available for purchase exclusively during the event – so don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers!

For all my avid surfers, you’ll be happy to hear that Maison Meru will also be making an appearance! Based in Bali, the brand has established itself as one of Singapore’s pioneering Surf apparel brands. Drawing inspiration from city life and Southeast Asian surf culture, Maison Meru is returning to our shores, and they’re bringing gifts! 

Experience the Ultimate June Holiday at TRIFECTA SUMMER FESTIVAL 2024: Maison Meru
Surf in style with Maison Meru!

As if all that wasn’t enough to convince you to come down, feel the excitement of the TRIFECTA Surf League Finals, where live bands, art jams, film screenings and exclusive giveaways await. I’m the furthest thing from a surfer. Still, I’m all ready to spend my weekend eating my heart out and soaking in the good vibes and energy pulsating through The Great Grub & Goods List: Summer Edition – you’d be a masochist if you passed up on an opportunity as relaxing as this one!

Day of Animals, Wares & Groceries (D.A.W.G)

Experience the Ultimate June Holiday at TRIFECTA SUMMER FESTIVAL 2024: D.A.W.G
Treat your furry friend to a nice date at D.A.W.G

To kickstart the month of June in style, join TRIFECTA for their Day of Animals, Wares & Groceries (D.A.W.G) – TRIFECTA’s very Marketplace for your beloved furry friends! On 1 June 2024, take your furry friends out on a date to pet wonderland! Shop pet goods, accessories and treats at the Surf Arena and discover brands like Poopee, Wonderwuff, Rollie, Crunchy Crunchies and The Furever Dog all in one place. While your pets enjoy the goodies, you can savour delicious cheese platters provided by Cheeselads!

Event-goers can also indulge in tasty treats from SG Brisket Kitchen treats from 11am to 5pm. Led by one of Singapore’s very few female pit masters, SG Brisket Kitchen will knock your socks off with their irresistible Texan-style BBQ beef briskets and tender pulled pork – you’ll have the best of American BBQ brought straight to you.

Doesn’t it sound like a perfect outing for both you and your pets? The day will be filled with great surprises and tasty treats (for human and animal consumption!) So, mark your calendars and bring your furry friends for a fun-filled day at TRIFECTA’s D.A.W.G! Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, delicious food and a wonderful community of pet lovers! For more information, make sure to head over to the official TRIFECTA website.

Family & Kids 

Experience the Ultimate June Holiday at TRIFECTA SUMMER FESTIVAL 2024: Family & Kids
TRIFECTA has something for everyone this June Holiday!

If you’re a parent looking for a day of fun, but you’ve got little ones, head over to TRIFECTA Family Day, happening on 8 June 2024! An entire day jam-packed with fun for the whole family – there won’t be a second of boredom from start to finish! 

TRIFECTA Family Day takes place alongside TRIFECTA’s Surf League, so this holiday season, let your little ones explore the world of surf, snow and skate classes at TRIFECTA. Who knows, this might unlock a whole new world for them, and they could be the next Kokona Hiraki! 

Besides that, there will also be a kids art bar by Mind in the Mountain, pizza-making workshops by Yeast Side, bouncy castles and face painting – when they said fun-filled, they really meant fun-filled! Besides joining all these activities with your family, the adults can also expect a pop-up by Amanita Kombucha – sip on a nice cold glass of Kombucha as you forge new memories you won’t ever forget! 

Surf, Snowboard and Ski Kids and Youth Camps

Experience the Ultimate June Holiday at TRIFECTA SUMMER FESTIVAL 2024: Surf, Snowboard and Ski Kids and Youth Camps
Unleash your little one’s talent for boardsports at TRIFECTA’s Youth Camps

Holidays back in my day were slightly different from what they looked like at TRIFECTA. My friends would be subjected to an onslaught of tuition camps and enrichment classes during the holidays that they’d have to beg their parents not to go to. But TRIFECTA is putting a spin on these enrichment classes that’ll have your little ones begging you to go!

TRIFECTA invites any young shredder to join this June holiday at their Surf, Snowboard and Ski Kids and Youth Camps! There, your little ones will learn the basics of riding and ride the high of board sports. During these camps, kids will be introduced to a world of fun with riding, pizza making, boardsports films and more!

Take this opportunity to introduce your little ones to a world they’re unfamiliar with – holistic development is equally important as education! Your child will thank you for spicing up their June Holidays, trust me. They’ll be bragging to their friends about their awesome holiday! To learn more about the camp, check out the official TRIFECTA website now.

Ride: Surf, Snow, Skate & More

Experience the Ultimate June Holiday at TRIFECTA SUMMER FESTIVAL 2024: Ride: Surf, Snow, Skate & More
Looking to try a new sport? Check out the Surf, Snow & Skate Summer Games at TRIFECTA

I firmly believe that it’s never too late to learn a new skill, and TRIFECTA agrees too! That’s why they are holding their first-ever Surf, Snow & Skate Summer Games ahead of the 2024 Summer Olympics. TRIFECTA’s Summer Games aim to create opportunities for beginners and newbies to try their hand at boardsports, as well as give a platform to novice riders to improve their skills – the only thing you need to bring is a positive attitude and an open mind! 

Snowboard & Ski 

Experience the Ultimate June Holiday at TRIFECTA SUMMER FESTIVAL 2024: Snowboard & Ski
Who says you can’t do winter sports in Singapore? 

Not many of us can say we’ve had the chance to try winter sports before, seeing as we live all 365 days in summer. But with the TRIFECTA Slope Pow Wow Challenge, we can finally experience the thrill of winter sports—everyone says thank you, TRIFECTA. 

Beginner and Open category challenges across Snowboarding and Skiing at TRIFECTA’s Ski Simulators and Freestyle Park – everyone can have a go at these winter sports! As an added incentive, there are prizes of up to S$10,000 worth from brands like Burton, Volcom and Capita, just to name a few! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, TRIFECTA opens its arms and welcomes anyone looking to try out the sport! Find out more information on the official TRIFECTA website now!

🗓️Date: 26 May 2024
⏰Opening Hours: 2pm to 5pm 

Art, Music and Urban Sports 

Experience the Ultimate June Holiday at TRIFECTA SUMMER FESTIVAL 2024: Art, Music and Urban Sports
Paint the town in vibrant colours to celebrate the 2024 Paris Olympics!

Brought to you by the French Embassy and Art Outreach Singapore, Artletics, TRIFECTA combines the unlikely trio of art, music and sports to Somerset Skate Park to celebrate the 2024 Olympics in Paris. The skate park will turn into an urban art canvas for talented Singaporean and French street artists ZERO, SPAZ, Simpleproblemebings, Kekli and Elsa Martino! Be inspired by their creativity and participate in art jams to unleash your own creative side. 

While that is happening, be awed by the talent of top French and Singaporean athletes in an array of different urban sports, such as breaking, bike trials, BMX, and many more! Wonder at the mastery taking place before you while you enjoy food and drinks courtesy of TRIFECTA and dance the night away to rave beats brought to you by DJs Kiat and Intriguant!

🗓️Date: 25 and 26 May 2024
⏰Opening Hours: 4pm to 10pm 


Experience the Ultimate June Holiday at TRIFECTA SUMMER FESTIVAL 2024: Surf
Ready surfers? On your mark, get set, surf!

TRIFECTA is celebrating World Surfing Day in style, with Singapore’s first-ever TRIFECTA Surf League! Throughout three weekends, marvel as teams of four surfers battle head to head, with the victors crowned king of TRIFECTA’s citywave Surf Pool! 

The qualifying rounds will be held on 1, 8 and 15 June 2024 and the finale between the top two teams will take place on 15 June 2024. Catch the finale alongside The Great Grub & Goods List: Summer Edition – featuring film screenings, live bands, art jams and more! Whether you’re a rider or not, there will definitely be something for you to enjoy!

🗓️Date: 1, 8 and 15 June 2024
⏰Opening Hours: 2pm to 5pm 


Experience the Ultimate June Holiday at TRIFECTA SUMMER FESTIVAL 2024: Skate
Calling all Skateboarding enthusiasts, TRIFECTA is hosting Go Skateboarding Day! So, let’s go skateboarding!

To close off the whole ordeal, TRIFECTA is holding Go Skateboarding Day, which aims to celebrate anything related to skateboarding. Skateboarding is undoubtedly more than just a sport; it’s a community. So lace up your shoes and try out some exciting community programmes and beginner-friendly activities all at TRIFECTA! 

At this point, you already know the drill. Visit the official TRIFECTA website for more details or to register for programmes!

🗓️Date: 22 June 2024

Summer Holiday Promotions: Spend, Earn & Win

Experience the Ultimate June Holiday at TRIFECTA SUMMER FESTIVAL 2024: Summer Holiday Promotions: Spend, Earn & Win
Get ready to shop till you drop!

As if supplying us with a month’s worth of fun wasn’t enough, TRIFECTA is giving you the chance to bring home some big prizes! And it’s super simple. Stand a chance to win a 3D2N trip to Bali for two with a minimum spend of S$50 on a single receipt at any of TRIFECTA’s events between 1 and 16 June. You’ll receive a lucky draw coupon that entitles you to a single lucky draw entry to win a flight and stay in Bali for two! May the odds be in your favour!

In addition, for the whole month of June, TRIFECTA is rewarding riders with two Krisflyer miles for every dollar spent when you purchase a TRIFECTA 100 or 300 credit pack or any season pass! For more information on pricing and packages, check out the official TRIFECTA website!

Make the most of your June Holidays at the TRIFECTA SUMMER FESTIVAL! There’s no shortage of excitement, from thrilling surf competitions and creative art displays to mouthwatering food and fun for the whole family. Bring your loved ones, including your furry friends, and dive into a vibrant community celebrating summer in style. Stay tuned to the official TRIFECTA website for more details, and get ready for an unforgettable experience!


Lifestyle Events
25 to 26 May 2024ArtlecticsArt, Music, Urban Sports
1 June 2024D.A.W.G.: Day of Animals, Wares, and Groceries ft.
Kitchen Takeover by SG Brisket Kitchen
Pets, Farmer’s Market,F&B
8 June 2024TRIFECTA Family DayFamily, Kids
11 to 20 June 2024TRIFECTA School Holiday CampsKids, Surf, Snow, Skate
15 to 16 June 2024The Great Grub & Goods List: Summer EditionF&B, Shop, Music, Surf
Sports Events
26 May 2024TRIFECTA Slope Pow Wow 2024Snowboard, Ski
15 to 16 June 2024TRIFECTA Celebrates World Surfing DaySurf, Art, Music, F&B
1, 8 and 15  June 2024TRIFECTA Surf League 2024Surf
22 June 2024Go Skateboarding DaySkate

Visuals courtesy of TRIFECTA.

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