TRIFECTA Festival 2023 Recap: Skate & Sound Extravaganza

Thrill-seekers and festival-goers geared up in the heart of Singapore’s downtown for an unparalleled experience as TRIFECTA hosted its inaugural music festival, unveiling a groundbreaking fusion of board sports, music, and culinary delights along Orchard Road. 

TRIFECTA Festival 2023: Skateboard
Skate to the rhythm in the heart of downtown

Stepping out of Somerset Station, I found myself already enveloped in an energy that promised something extraordinary. The festival entrance featured a wave of eclectic sounds — a fusion of music, skateboards grinding, distant laughter, and even waves splashing! TRIFECTA, Asia’s first snow, surf, and skate attraction, immediately immersed me in an atmosphere of innovation and excitement. 

Unveiling Asia’s First Snow, Surf, and Skate Attraction

Wandering through the festival grounds, I couldn’t help but marvel at the innovative facilities. TRIFECTA aims to make board sports accessible to everyone, whether you’re a seasoned rider or a curious novice. 

TRIFECTA Festival 2023: Indoor Skiing
Experience the thrills and icy chills of snowboarding in the tropics of Singapore

TRIFECTA introduces a first-of-its-kind attraction in Asia, allowing visitors to experience snowboarding, skiing, and surfing in a safe and controlled environment. Nestled in the heart of downtown tropical Singapore, TRIFECTA spans an impressive 49,611 square feet and is designed to cater to the growing demand for wellness and unique experiences.

The venue also houses The Ride Side, an experiential sports store that provides custom boot-fitting services, equipment maintenance, and demo board collections for visitors to try equipment before making a purchase. 

So, being the ever-curious paraphernalia peruser, I had to get my hands (or feet) into one of those snow boots, and I can assure you that even my hard-to-fit feet found a fitting friend. The overall experience adds a personalised touch and lets you get familiar with your new gear before diving into your next adventure. And you can check out what else The Ride Side has to offer for your next adventure on their official website.

TRIFECTA Festival 2023: The Ride Side Store
Browse and try on skate, ski, and surf gear before your next big adventure

TRIFECTA’s mission aligns with making board sports accessible to the community, supported by the Singapore Tourism Board. The festival is not just an event but a catalyst to rejuvenate Orchard Road, transforming it into something more than a shopping hub for locals and tourists alike.

World-Class Performances and Exclusive Sessions

Having been graced by the presence of Sakura Yosozumi, professional skateboarder and Olympic gold medalist, and her Red Bull Team entourage during the TRIFECTA launch event, the bar was set high for Singapore’s skate community, and I knew I was in for a treat.

TRIFECTA Festival 2023: Sakura Yosozumi
Sakura Yosozumi puts on a clinic for the Singaporean masses

On the day of the festival, I found myself amidst riders, young and old, rookies and veterans, absorbing the passion and enthusiasm of one another, a testament to the inspiring clinics hosted by Sakura Yosozumi. 

The skate bowl echoed with cheers, and the unmistakable sounds of wheels rolling on concrete, and lugs grinding on ledges created an atmosphere that spoke not just of the growing interest of skateboarding in Singapore but also fostering inclusivity and breaking stereotypes in board sports.

Surf-heads found their haven too, as the collaboration with TRIFECTA and Citywave offered coaching sessions that turned the surf pool into a classroom of waves. 

TRIFECTA Festival 2023: Surfpool
Catch endless waves and hang ten over at the Citywave surf pool

It was inspiring to witness professionals sharing their expertise, creating an environment that not only celebrated the thrill of surfing but also fostered a sense of community.

Where Board Sports and Melody Collide

As the sun dipped below the skyline, I was drawn to the beats and rhythms emanating from the Festival Stage. TRIFECTA Music Festival 2023 promised a sonic adventure with a stellar lineup featuring a diverse array of artists and DJs from the local and international stage. 

Headlining Day One was the five-time Platinum record artist, Ruel. Coming from the back of another sold-out world tour, where he shared the stage with the likes of Khalid and Shawn Mendes, Ruel brought the same energy to TRIFECTA. Being in the sea of Ruel fans as he performed songs off his latest album, “4th Wall”, I felt the contagious energy as the synergy between the crowd and the artist transformed the whole festival into a collective celebration of music.

TRIFECTA Festival 2023: Ruel
Ruel serenades his fans with his soulful music on the 1st day of the festival

Taking centre stage on Day Two was Phum Viphurit, the Thai singer-songwriter with record-breaking streams on Spotify, brought his iconic soulful melodies with hits like “Lover Boy” and “Long Gone” and snippets from his new album “The Greng Jai Piece” that enchanted the audience. 

TRIFECTA Festival 2023: Phum
Phum Viphurit takes the crowd on a melodic journey on the 2nd day of the TRIFECTA Music Festival

Joining the headliner on Day Two was talented New Zealand singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Amelia Murray — Fazerdaze. Her dream-pop landscapes and ’90s-indebted fuzzy guitars will surely offer festival-goers a unique musical journey.

The whimsically set stage was backdropped by the city skyline at the golden hour, which created an ambience that washed over the masses of fans, offering a unique blend of urban landscape and musical enchantment. 

Beyond the Festival

TRIFECTA is not just a one-off festival but a lifestyle destination that operates daily from 7 am to 12 midnight. In addition to the festival activities, TRIFECTA offers an all-day dining concept restaurant with a collaboration kitchen, Butter by Two Men Bagel House and TRIFECTA. 

Try out delectable Bagelwiches, Croissantwiches and Pancakes over at Butter
Try out delectable Bagelwiches, Croissantwiches and Pancakes over at Butter

This 70-seater outlet introduces a brand-new dining menu featuring all-day breakfast, lunch, and dinner items. New menu items include the Butter Flight with a choice of 3 unique flavoured kinds of butter paired with a bagel, croissant or pancake, Ice Grease Scoops of butter-based gelatos, and more. For a more comprehensive list of their menu items, visit their website today!

To recap, The TRIFECTA Festival stands as more than a one-off event; it’s a transformative rejuvenation of the vibrancy and variety of what Singapore can offer and a testament to the growing interest in board sports and Singapore’s music and food scene.

As the festival echoed through the streets of downtown, it carved a lasting niche in the hearts of festival-goers. The fusion of snow, surf, and skate, once considered distant dreams in tropical Singapore, became a tangible reality, inviting new enthusiasts to explore, learn, and embrace the thrill of these sports in a safe and controlled environment.

The TRIFECTA Music Festival, with its eclectic lineup and dynamic performances, amplified the festival’s heartbeat, resonating with the beats of the skate park and the melodies that filled the air. It was a celebration of diversity, creativity, and the universal language of music that brought people together.

As TRIFECTA opens its doors to Singapore and the world, it presents a unique opportunity for enthusiasts and novices to engage in board sports, connect with the community, and immerse themselves in a vibrant fusion of sports, music, art, and food. I look forward to seeing it again next year!

While the festivities may be over, the fun doesn’t stop, as the various amenities like the Citywave surf pool, snow arena, and skate bowl are still available to try out! For more information on these facilities, you can visit TRIFECTA’s official website.

Visuals courtesy of TRIFECTA.

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