Your Ultimate Guide to Concerts in Singapore For The First-Half of 2024!

Ladies and Gentlemen, before you continue scrolling, I must warn you that this article is not for the faint of heart. Today is the day we present to you a list of every performer gracing Singapore’s stage in 2024 (that we know of thus far). Let me just preface by saying that this article will not do your wallet any good. I suggest you either have your credit card on standby or lock it under maximum security as you read further. 

As a seasoned concertgoer myself, I will not be doing your bank account any favours. I am a firm believer in the “money is temporary, memories are forever” mantra. Take it from the girl who went to eight concerts and flew overseas for a music festival all in this year alone –  money may not buy you happiness, but it can buy you concert tickets; it’s basically the same thing, right?

Nothing in this world is better than when those arena lights dim and the floor shakes with the fervent screams of fans as the band walks in on stage. The moment the first note is played, all the money spent suddenly becomes worth it. Why deny yourself of that euphoric feeling? Life is short; you might as well have spent it listening to live music.

So, I hope I’ve been able to buy your credit card some time as it tucks itself away into the sanctuary of your wallet because here is the list of every artist coming to our tiny island in 2024, as of December 2023.

*Updated as of 11 January 2024

January 2024

Joker Xue

If you’re a fan of Mandopop, this definitely wouldn’t be the first time you’ve heard of Joker Xue. Starting his esteemed career in 2006, Joker Xue has established himself as one of the kings of Mandarin heartbreak anthems. His 17-year career has been riddled with chart toppers and karaoke must-haves – if that isn’t telling of a successful music career, I don’t know what is. 

Since 2021, his Extraterrestrial tour has been nothing short of impressive. Two years and 60 shows later, Joker Xue is still going strong and adding more dates to his world tour. He’ll be starting our year with a bang as the first artist to perform in Singapore in the coming year. As a testament to his popularity, all of his Singapore shows are unfortunately currently sold out as of writing. 

But worry not, for the concert Gods are benevolent, and if we all keep praying hard enough, Joker Xue will be back in no time – fingers crossed!

Date: 5 to 7 January 2024
Location: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Price: S$167 onwards (excludes booking fee)
Time: 7 pm


If you have a craving for live Thai acts, do I have good news to share with you! 2024 brings not one, not two, but three Thai singers to our sunny island, starting with the queen herself, Bowkylion. Her portfolio includes hits like Recall, which has garnered a whopping 123 million YouTube views and Longjai, which earned her a nomination for Song of the Year in 2020. 

Over the years, she has also collaborated with Thai bands like The Toys and other popular artists like Nont Tanont – whose hit song, Melt, was written by her. Bowkylion’s impressive career has been chalked full of incredible feats that have solidified her place on the list of Thai artists to look out for. 

Date: 6 January 2024
Location: Gateway Theatre
Price: S$118 onwards (excludes booking fee)
Time: 8pm

If you want to catch Bowkylion live in Singapore, ticket sales are still ongoing so quickly run as fast as you can to the official SISTIC Website and secure your chance to be blown away by Bowkylion’s immense talent.

Fly by Midnight

2024 will see the arrival of Fly by Midnight. The pop duo, which consists of Justin Bryte and Slavo, are coming to Singapore as part of their Anemoia 24 tour! The LA-based band recently dropped their fourth album, Fictional Illustrations, which houses some of their most popular songs like Infinitely Falling and In the Night

The pair have found commercial success with their songs added to numerous Spotify and Apple Music playlists. Who knows? You could’ve even heard of them before but lost them in the sea of radio recommendations from Spotify.

Tickets for Fly by Midnight have already sold out, but my gut tells me they’ll be back again soon! Until then, continue to stream Fly by Midnight’s music to be concert-ready when the day comes.

Date: 7 January 2024
Location: Esplanade Annexe Studio
Price: S$108 (excludes booking fee)


Even if you’re not a fan of Japanese pop, I’d bet my bottom dollar that you’ve heard of the Japanese synth-duo, YOASOBI. The duo took the world by storm with their hit song Idol (アイドル), which was featured on one of 2023’s hottest anime, Oshi no ko. With just three years of experience under their belt, YOASOBI has already achieved incredible global success. 

The band, fronted by vocalist Ikura and supported by producer Ayase, expanded their chokehold beyond Japan and broke straight through to the tops of international charts. With 10 of their songs having been on the Billboard Global 200 in the course of their illustrious career, it’s no wonder their Singapore concert has sold out. 

Date: 11 January 2024
Location: Resorts World Ballroom
Price: S$128 onwards (excludes booking fee) 

But something tells me that their 2024 will be even more successful than 2023 – so keep your eyes peeled and expect great things from YOASOBI.


Now, this is a band that needs no formal introduction. Mayday is one of Taiwan’s biggest alternative rock bands, and they are making their way onto Singapore’s stage in the coming year. For two nights, we have the honour, the privilege and the luck to breathe the same air as them.

Debuting in 1999, Mayday’s 24-year career has been packed with an abundance of success and more hits than you could count. It’s almost been a quarter of a decade since they started making music, but every new song, album or tour is met with incredible support and anticipation.

With that being said, Mayday is coming to Singapore for the third time in celebration of the 10th anniversary of their Nowhere Re: Live 2024 tour! And Mayday fans are still as committed as ever.

Date: 13 and 14 January 2024
Location: National Stadium
Price: S$168 onwards (excludes booking fee)
Time: 7:30pm

What was initially a one-night concert has since been extended into a two-day affair due to overwhelming demand. So everyone, say thank you to Mayday, scurry to the official Ticketmaster site and get your tickets to the 14 January show before they sell out!


Following Bowkylion, the next Thai artist on our list is Scrubb! This is another band that needs no introduction for any Thai music enthusiasts. Since the 2000s, vocalist Muey and guitarist Ball have been making waves throughout the Thai music scene. 

While they were always popular in Thailand, Scrubb gained international recognition after their part in the hit series 2gether, which tide us through the crazy waters of the Covid-19 pandemic. The series boosted their songs, and soon after, Scrubb went international. With songs like Everything and Khu Khan, the band’s list of hits goes on and on. 

Scrubb gave us fond memories to look back on in a time of uncertainty, and now, they’re giving us the chance to bask in the joy they brought to millions of fans through the 2gether series with a live show on 14 January 2024!

Date: 14 January 2024
Location: Gateway Theatre
Price: S$98 onwards (excludes booking fee)
Time: 7:30pm

If you have yet to get your tickets to this concert, you can head to the official Ticketmaster website and grab your ticket to relive some of your happiest moments with Scrubb!


If you’re a fan of K-pop, 2024 will be a pretty good year for you – with at least six Korean artists stepping onto Singapore’s stage, your wallet will be crying for help. To start us off, we have none other than Korean supergroup, Enhypen!

Over their three-year career, the seven-member team has beat the odds and gained a huge international following. The band is responsible for songs like Polaroid Love – which took over the internet in 2022 – and other viral hits like Fever.

In my humble opinion, Enhypen is one of the best groups in their generation. The group never fails to outdo themselves with each comeback – even their B-sides are not to be missed! I know I’m not alone when I say I always look forward to what new things Enhypen has to offer with every new album. 

Date:  20 and 21 January 2024
Location: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Price: $148 onwards (excludes booking fee)
Time: 8pm 

As a testament to the team’s popularity, tickets to the Singapore concert of their world tour, FATE, have completely sold out. But let’s all collectively manifest a quick comeback in the near future, and Enhypen will be back in no time!


Of course, we can’t call ourselves a compilation if we don’t mention Coldplay. The band made headlines in Singapore when they first announced their 2024 concert dates. The frenzy that ensued on the day those tickets went out was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. 

Coldplay burst onto the scene in 1997; the rest has been history. The British band is responsible for some of the most timeless hits ever produced. With songs like Yellow and Fix You in their repertoire, their ability to churn out hit after hit has made them one of the most highly regarded British bands of all time.

But given their immense popularity, it should be no surprise that all six Singapore shows are sold out. 

Date: 23, 24, 26, 27, 30 and 31 January 2024
Location: National Stadium
Price: S$98 onwards (excludes booking fee)
Time: 8pm 

Before you tear up and put your credit card back in your wallet, I suggest keeping the Coldplay concert on your radar. Although their most recent Infinity tickets sold out at Godspeed, I still, admittedly stupidly, hope for another ticket drop.

Melanie Martinez 

If you grew up in the golden age of Tumblr, I’m sure you’ve heard of Melanie Martinez. Her hit album, Cry Baby, resonated with the flannel-wearing, edit-making and beanie-adorning generation. Following the success of her first album, she went radio silent over the next few years.

But those dark days are over, Cry Babies! Melanie Martinez has been back and better than ever and has since released K-12 and, most recently, Portals. Sticking to her ever-eclectic and out-of-this-world storytelling skills, Melanie Martinez has stuck true to her musical roots with her album’s wacky visuals and her song’s heart-piercing lyrics. 

Date: 25 January 2024
Location: Singapore Expo
Price: S$108 onwards (excludes booking fee)
Time: 8pm 

As someone who has lived through the hay days of Tumblr, seeing Melanie Martinez live will feel like the equivalent of returning to the warm embrace of days past. If you too would like to bask in that unexplainable feeling, tickets to her show are still available at Ticketmaster’s official website. See you there!

Penny Tai

This is a little throwback for those of you who enjoy a good blast from the past. We welcome renowned Mandarin singer Penny Tai next onto the Singapore stage! After 11 long years, she’s making her way back to Singapore for her second solo concert.

The Malaysian singer debuted back in 1995 and was launched to fame with her song The Love You Want, which was used as the ending theme song for the popular Taiwanese series Meteor Garden

Ever since that fateful day, she has been making waves in the Mandarin music industry and collecting award after award. In fact, Penny Tai currently holds the record for the Female artist with the most Golden Melody Awards – tell me that’s not a sign of a successful career! Her 2024 Drift World Tour follows the release of her latest album entitled The Passive Audience, which came out during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Date: 26 January 2024
Location: The Star Performing Arts Centre
Price: S$98 onwards (excluding booking fees)
Time: 8pm

The concert promises to leave audiences with nostalgia as Penny takes you on a trip down memory lane. You can still get your tickets to embark on a trip to the past on the official Ticketmaster website!

February 2024

Brent Faiyaz

Finally, we’ve made it to concerts happening in February! Welcoming us into the new month is American R&B singer Brent Faiyaz. During his impressive career, he has racked up countless achievements and has developed a cult following. 

 Brent Faiyaz is no stranger to any R&B fan. Having collaborated with some of music’s biggest names like Drake, Tyler the Creator and Baby Keem, he has carved his name into the hearts of fans everywhere. His IT’S A WASTELAND tour, follows his latest album, Wasteland, which instantly shot to the top of the charts. 

A simple glance at his Spotify is enough to show the extent of his popularity. With hundreds of millions of people tuning in to his work, Brent Faiyaz has proven to be a singer everyone should watch out for. 

Date: 1 February 2024
Location: Capitol Theatre
Price: S$88 onwards (excludes booking fee) 

Sadly, tickets to his concert in Singapore are sold out, but for a star like Brent Faiyaz, you can rest assured that this won’t be the last time he comes!

Ronghao Li

Next up on our list is Ronghao Li. He is the fourth Mandopop artist on our list and will be gracing us with his presence during his Free Soul World Tour, which will take place in the early part of February. 

Ronghao Li is not a stranger to anyone. His first album, Model, which was released back in 2013, was very well received, having won the award for Best Newcomer following that wildly successful album! And he was just getting started. He has since gone on to make an even bigger name for himself and has established himself as a force to be reckoned with. 

But Ronghao Li is more than just a singer-songwriter; he’s a storyteller. The Free Soul World Tour follows his Born, An Ideal and If I Were Young tours. All four tours have been inspired by a part of his life that he wishes to pay homage to. Being his own music director for his current world tour, he has also handpicked a musical lineup that will showcase the best of his works throughout his lengthy career. 

Date: 3 February 2024
Location: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Price: S$158 onwards (excludes booking fee)
Time: 8pm 

Let yourself be carried away by Ronghao Li’s deep vocals as he serenades you through the night! Get your tickets on the official Ticketmaster website now!


The second Korean artist on our list is the popular girl group StayC! This is the group’s first world tour and their first time performing in Singapore. 

The six-member girl group debuted in 2020 – but don’t let their young careers fool you. Despite the group’s age, they have achieved a lot. They are responsible for tracks like ASAP and STEREOTYPE, which have received a ton of commercial success. StayC is no stranger to making hits, with their songs ranking in the Top 10 of Korea’s biggest music charts.

But they’re not just big in Korea. The rookie group have also gone on to achieve things other young groups have yet to do. Just five months after their debut, the girl group charted number nine on Billboard’s K-pop 100, proving that their songs transcended borders and nestled their way into the hearts of international listeners.

Date: 16 February 2024
Location: The Star Performing Arts Centre
Price: S$148 onwards (excludes booking fee)
Time: 7pm

Since it is StayC’s first time in Singapore, let’s show them the love they deserve! If you’re still scrambling to find tickets to their concert, head over to the official Ticketmaster website and bag yourself some tickets to check this powerhouse live in action!

Ed Sheeran

The 2024 concert scene will see the arrival of many big names. One of which is indisputably one of the world’s biggest artists, Ed Sheeran. He will be joined by none other than fellow English singer-songwriter, Calum Scott, as the two accompany the crowd through a night they won’t forget.

Everyone knows who Ed Sheeran is. The singer-songwriter has more hits than you have fingers and toes. Every single one of his albums and singles have hit the charts faster than I can say: “Ed Sheeran is coming to Singapore as part of his Mathematics Tour!”. If I could list every single one of his hits and achievements, this article would be about a million pages long, so I’ll save all of us time and leave you with the fact that Ed Sheeran is one of the world’s most streamed artists of our time. 

His Singapore concert has been a long time coming. The tour follows the end of his maths-themed empire, with the last of the arithmetic-signed albums, Subtract, dropping in May 2023. As expected, the album climbed the charts as soon as it dropped and needless to say, he’s got the world excited for his concerts.

As for Calum Scott, his music career started after he appeared on Britain’s Got Talent in 2015, and the rest is history. After the show, he released his own music and went on to create some truly bone-chilling music that millions worldwide resonated with. 

Date: 16 February 2024 and 17 February 2024
Location: National Stadium/Capitol Theatre
Price: [16 Feb] S$88 onwards (excludes booking fee)/ [17 Feb] S$298

With these two lyrical wizards combining forces, I suggest packing tissue packets because tears will be shed, but some unforgettable memories will be forged. For all those of you who managed to secure tickets, congratulations! How does it feel to be one of the lucky ones? Unfortunately, tickets for this concert are all sold out, but if there’s one thing I have taught you, my dear readers, is to have faith and soon enough, they’ll be back before you know it! Ed Sheeran will be extending his stay in Singapore for one more nightm, this time at the intimate Capitol Theatre! Tickets go on sale on Friday 12 January, so be sure to camp out the Ticketmaster website to get your tickets.

Eric Nam

The third Korean act to join our list is the only Eric Nam! He is a multi-faceted idol – not only is he known for his music and songwriting abilities, but he is also a popular TV personality and the star of his very own #1 podcast, Daebak Show.

Eric Nam is arriving in Singapore as part of his House on a Hill world tour, following the release of his newest album, yup, you guessed it, House on a Hill. Eric Nam is no stranger to the spotlight. Having first debuted in 2013, he has done what many other idols have failed to do –  he has managed to keep reinventing himself and branch out into new areas of the entertainment industry, where he has found major success.

Date: 18 February 2024
Location: The Star Performing Arts Centre
Price: S$98 onwards (excludes booking fee)
Time: 8pm

Attending his House on a Hill world tour is like going to watch a musician, a comedy stand-up and an entertainer all wrapped into one. Doesn’t that sound like an absolute ball? Well, lucky for you, tickets for his concert are still available. All you have to do is head down to the official Ticketmaster website and get your tickets to the House on a Hill world tour! Have fun!


This is one of my personal favourites, and I cannot wait to share it with you. Welcoming next onto the stage is Gareth.T! As soon as I saw his name plastered on the official Sistic Website, I whipped out my credit card and, without a second thought, pressed the big blue BUY TICKETS button.

If you don’t know who this is, allow me the privilege of introducing you to the enigma that is Gareth.T! He is one of Hong Kong’s fastest-rising stars at the incredibly young age of 23. He’s known for his incredible songwriting ability, with his breakout hit song Boyfriend Material racking a whopping 23 million streams. 

Not only can he churn out catchy English bangers, but being that he’s from Hong Kong, he also writes Cantonese hits. What keeps me coming back for more is his velvety voice that just hits my ear so well. Seeing Gareth.T sing live will be an experience I wish never to forget!

Date: 23 February 2024
Location: Esplanade Annexe Studio
Price: S$68 (excludes booking fees)
Time: 8pm

Do yourself a favour and check out Gareth.T on Spotify, and tell me you don’t get chills when he hits those notes. Tickets for his concert are still available, so you better run as fast as you can to the official SISTIC website and grab the chance to see this amazing performer live!


The next Korean group to join our list is one that every K-pop fan knows, and that is IVE! The group debuted in 2021 and has since received a ton of love and support from fans all across the globe.

IVE will be stopping by Singapore as part of their Show What I Have world tour. Like StayC, this is IVE’s first world tour ever, with 24 concert dates across five continents. The tour kickstarted in Seoul in 2023 with two unforgettable sold-out shows. So if you’re still hesitating over securing tickets to their concert, I suggest you quit stewing over the decision and book the tickets before they run out!

IVE is another rookie group that is no stranger to the charts. With songs selling millions of copies in just under a week, they have proven to be one of Korea’s biggest newcomers.

Date: 24 February 2024
Location: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Price: $158 onwards (excludes booking fees)
Time: 6pm

Like I said, with so many sold-out shows on their world tour, tickets are bound to run out soon. Don’t hesitate and lose out on the chance to catch this groundbreaking girl group in real life. Quickly make your way to the official Ticketmaster website and secure your tickets soon!


2024 will also see the arrival of the famous Chinese DJ, KnowKnow. Once the fourth member of the ever-popular hip-hop group Higher Brothers under the label 88rising, KnowKnow has since gone on as a solo act and is giving Singaporean fans the chance to catch him live in action.

During his time as a member of Higher Brothers, KnowKnow held his own despite being surrounded by incredible talents – he still managed to stick out to audiences with his fantastic flow and innate talent in the music genre. He has consistently delivered chart-topping R&B and Hip Hop music that has proved popular with audiences.

KnowKnow will be coming to Singapore as part of his Street Beethoven World Tour Part 1! Be prepared to let his flow guide you through the concert, and get ready to be blown away by KnowKnow’s outstanding rhymes and beats.

Date: 27 February 2024
Location: Capitol Theatre
Price: S$98 onwards (excludes booking fees)
Time: 8pm

Tickets are selling out almost as quickly as KnowKnow raps, so quickly secure your tickets at the official Ticketmaster website to see him perform live with your very own eyes!

March 2024


Shawols, it’s time to rejoice! SHINee is back in town for their PERFECT ILLUMINATION world tour – the band’s sixth world tour since they debuted in 2008. 

SHINee is one of the most iconic K-pop groups in history. With their outrageously viral tracks, they have set record after record, earning themselves a spot in the K-pop Hall of Fame. Even after 15 years on the scene, fans are still excitedly awaiting every comeback, including their eighth and most recent album, HARD. It’s no secret that SHINee has been through some tumultuous times, but their perseverance and passion for making music shine through in all their works and performances.

Date: 2 March 2024
Location: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Price: S$198 onwards (excludes booking fees)
Time: 8pm

Tickets for the show will open on presale on 10 January (Weverse) and 11 January (Singtel), both starting at 12pm. General sales will begin on 12 January, where you can purchase tickets at the official Ticketmaster website.

Taylor Swift

From one icon to another, SHINee will be passing the concert baton to Taylor Swift. 2023 was her year – from the setting of international records, the constant sold-out shows and with millions of copies of her work being sold, Taylor Swift was probably the winner of 2023.

Much like Coldplay, Singapore was sent into a wild frenzy when they found out that Taylor Swift was performing here for a total of six nights. Even with the rather generous addition of concert dates, the mass public still found it hard to nab tickets to her highly coveted show.

As if fighting with the whole of Singapore wasn’t enough, we had to fight with everyone in the Southeast Asian region for a seat. I don’t know about you, but I had friends from Vietnam and Thailand willing to fly to Singapore for one night to catch Taylor Swift in the flesh.

I won’t continue to rub salt in the wound for those of you who were not a part of the lucky ones who survived the great war. But I’m sure the concert will leave all of us floored and begging for more!

Date: 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9 March 2024
Location: National Stadium
Price: S$88 onwards (excludes booking fees)

wave to earth  

Amid all the Swiftie mania happening in March, another group with a major cult following is also hopping onto the stage. Up-and-coming Korean indie rock band, wave to earth, is next to grace our stages.

The trio saw success in 2023 with the resurgence of their EP summer flows 0.02, released in 2020. From there, wave to earth shot up the charts and straight into the hearts of their fans. Not too long ago, the band wrapped up their US leg of their first solo concert, The First Era and now, they are on their way to Singapore!

Date: 4 March 2024
Location: Capitol Theatre
Price: S$120 onwards (excludes booking fees)

I hate to keep being the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately, tickets to wave to earth are all sold out. But they have a bright future ahead of them, and I’m sure they’ll be back soon! 

Tom Jones 

The 2024 concert scene is nothing short of impressive, promising range not only in genre and language, but also in decades. The next performer joining our list is the iconic singer, Tom Jones

The singer is one of the most popular of his time, with impressive stats to back his legacy up. With 4 number-one albums and a combined 559 weeks in the top 75 charts, Tom Jones’s legacy precedes him. The 83-year-old British singer’s Ages and Stages tour will present the audience with the best of Tom Jones’s six-decade career. 

Now, it’s not very common for singers with careers that long to still be touring. I’m still foolishly holding out hope that Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr will magically announce a concert in Singapore. So, for all you Tom Jones fans, this is a one-in-a-million chance for you to catch your idol live!

Date: 10 March 2024
Location: The Theatre at Mediacorp
Price: S$108 onwards (excludes booking fees)

Tickets to Ages and Stages are still available on the official Ticketmaster website!

Jeff Satur 

The last Thai artist on our list is Jeff Satur, who found instant fame after his role in the wildly popular Thai series KinnPorsche. Not only is he credited as a singer and a songwriter, but he has also made his mark as a producer and an actor.

His song Why Don’t You Stay, which he sang for the series, granted him overnight success. Since then, his sweet takes on love songs is just one of the reasons fans have kept by his side and supported all of his work. Not only is he famous in Southeast Asia, but he has also performed on stages as far as Brazil and appeared on shows in China.

As a commemoration of the completion of his first album, Jeff Satur has embarked on his Space Shuttle No.8 Asia Tour, which promises to be nothing short of a visual and musical spectacle.

Date: 16 March 2024
Location: The Theatre at Mediacorp
Price: S$108 onwards (excludes booking fees) 
Time: 8pm

To all the Jeff Satur fans reading this, it’s your lucky day! Tickets are still available on the official Ticketmaster website, so quickly book those tickets to secure your seat to catch Jeff Satur live!

Rod Stewart

Joining Tom Jones on our list is the amazing Rod Stewart, whose achievements put him in a league of his own.

He stands as one of the greatest artists of all time having sold more than 120 million records globally, receiving countless awards and continuing to dominate the charts even after his debut in 1970. He will be coming to Singapore as part of his Live in Concert, One Last Time world tour. And yes, you read that right; this will be the global icon’s last time performing live. 

Did you hear that? That’s the sound of every Rod Stewart fan’s heartbreaking. Since this is his last world tour, you have to get tickets to see him live! Imagine the jealous looks you will get when you tell people that you actually caught THE Rod Stewart live on his last world tour. 

Date: 16 and 17 March 2024
Location: Sands Expo & Convention Centre
Price: S$150 onwards (excludes booking fees)
Time: 7:30pm 

If, for some insane reason, your finger is still lingering over the BOOK TICKETS button, let me remind you that this is the last time Rod Stewart is performing live. Money can be earned, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you’ll never get again. Head over to the official Marina Bay Sands ticketing website and buy those tickets now! 

Amber Liu

The last Korean idol on our list is Amber Liu! Once a member of the famous Korean girl group f(x), Amber has continued to make music as a solo artist.

Her tour, No More Sad Songs, is her first-ever solo show overseas. During the tour, she will hit many Asian countries and then move to Australia and New Zealand. In May 2023, she released many singles, including No More Sad Songs and Can’t Go Yet. In the past, she has also collaborated with fellow K-pop idol turned solo artist, Jackson Wang on her song Easier.

Date: 20 March 2024
Location: The Theatre at Mediacorp
Price: S$88 onwards (excludes booking fees)
Time: 8pm  

If you’re looking for a pick me up and a mood booster, one night listening to Amber Liu will do just the trick! You already know the drill; head over to the official Ticketmaster website to book your tickets today!

April 2024

Bruno Mars

Be sure to leave the door open to catch Bruno Mars in April 2024! The 14-time GRAMMY Award winner is making his return to Singapore in what is sure to be his biggest show yet!

Bruno Mars’ music was the heartbeat of many millennials’ playlists, with hits like Grenade, Just The Way You Are, and It Will Rain dominating the radiowaves during the early 2010s. Newer listeners, though, will be more familiar with his collaborative effort Silk Sonic alongside fellow singer Anderson .Paak. — producing stellar titles like the aforementioned Leave the Door Open as well as Smokin out the Window.

Date: 5 April 2024
Location: National Stadium
Price: Ticket Prices To be announced

Get ready to be serenaded by the smooth tones of Bruno Mars’ music this April! Pre-sale tickets for Live Nation members will open on 19 January 2024 at 11am. Make sure to sign up for a free membership on their website to access the pre-sale if you don’t have one yet! General sales will commence on 20 January 2024 at 11am onwards, and you can purchase tickets from the Ticketmaster website.


Hold onto your hats because this one’s a wild one. Introducing Incubus – the Grammy-nominated American rock band, who are set to step onto Singapore’s stage in the latter half of April 2024.

The band, which first came together back in 1991, have consistently broken and bent many barriers. With multiple international platinum certifications, the band has proven to the world that they are one to follow. Other than the Grammy nomination and platinum certifications, they have five consecutive Top 5 debuts and billions of listeners under their belt. 

The list goes on, but I’m sure I’ve already listed enough for you to get that Incubus is an ultra-popular band with a huge following. They are making their highly anticipated return to  Singapore as part of their Asia Tour in 2024. 

Date: 29 April 2024
Location: The Star Performing Arts Centre
Price: S$138 onwards (excludes booking fees) 
Time: 8pm  

Make your way over to the official SISTIC website to secure your tickets to catch Incubus live in 2024!

May 2024

Niall Horan

As a fan of One Direction myself, I eagerly awaited the news of Niall Horan’s arrival in Singapore. The wait is finally over, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief because the day is finally here: Niall Horan is coming to Singapore!

Since becoming a solo performer, Niall Horan has been able to shine and let his talent speak for itself. Niall Horan shocked the world with his solo debut album Flicker, which topped the charts back in 2017 and earned him multiple Platinum and Gold plaques. With over eight billion global streams, he has become one of the most successful ex-boy band members turned solo artists. 

Niall Horan is making a stop in Singapore for The Show, his biggest tour and headline run since his previous world tour, Flicker, back in 2018.

Date: 9 May 2024
Location: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Price: S$108 onwards (excludes booking fees) 

For all my Niall girls, it’s your time to shine! Tickets to The Show are still available, so run over to the official Ticketmaster website and secure your chance to see Niall Horan live!

Wow, that’s a lot of concerts in 2024, and there’s still more to come! We’ll be sure to update you on what other names will be making their way to the Singapore stage.

In the meantime, have you managed to secure your tickets? Perhaps you even have several of them? Let us know which concerts you will be attending by hitting us up on our socials on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok!

Cover photo courtesy of Live Nation Singapore and Clockenflap 2023

Jillian Metta Lau

Bookworm by day, concert maven by night, and an avid dreamer longing to trade pages for passports and explore the globe's symphony of cultures.

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