Your Storage Heroes in Your Space Woes: StorHub and Winebanc!

In Singapore, where space is a coveted luxury and clutter threatens the tranquillity of every home, a revolution is underway. In a country where compact living craves innovation, we met the heroes of a modern epic, providing salvation to the space-starved. Enter the protagonists of organisation and elegance – StorHub and Winebanc – ready to rewrite the script and redefine space. And today, we tell their tale. The tale of overcoming the enemy – clutter. 

Meet StorHub, a leading self-storage platform in the Asia Pacific that will become the solution to the growing clutter in your home. And within StorHub’s services, they have Winebanc – catered specifically for your wine storage needs, complete with climate control to ensure that your collections are kept mellow and in stellar conditions, all while eliminating the common enemy – lack of space. 

In a modern world, we face modern problems – the winter clothes you’ve got lying around now that you’ve returned from vacation, the humongous suitcases that hog your precious space, the home office you need but have no room for, the inventory you want to store for your side hustle in this cruel world. Modern problems call for modern solutions. StorHub and Winebanc want to be your fighters in this battle for space. So, we met them. Here’s how it went.


Storhub and WineHub: Storhub units
Every locker holds a story. Every item holds a memory. StorHub protects these stories and memories.

Let’s start with our first hero, StorHub. When I first entered their storage facility, to no one’s surprise, I was greeted by rows and rows of storage units. Walking through these rows felt very “un-sexy”, as Luigi La Tona, StorHub’s Group Director of Operations, our tour guide for the day, said. But inside, each unit held people’s lives. StorHub gives you space to create new memories while safeguarding the ones you’ve already made. Poetic, don’t you think?

Offering storage spaces in many sizes, with units ranging from 4 square feet to 2,000 square feet, you can get things in and out of your storage 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These units are spacious in terms of width and height (two metres high!) to store anything and everything you need. If you’ve got a massive load of items to store, the cargo lifts will be your best friend in getting things in and out. And you can keep your items as safe as possible with your own lock for that added security.

Storhub and WineHub: Lifestyle
Store with style with StorHub Lifestyle! (See what I did there?)

But if your storage needs are beyond your personal use, maybe it’s to carefully store your fine collection or your small business’ inventories, then StorHub Lifestyle might be your hero. With more refined storage spaces, a small co-working space, and an elegant interior that greets your eye as soon as you enter, StorHub Lifestyle might be best suited for your fancier storage needs.

And StorHub Lifestyle gets a little more bougie with their security system, too. Instead of a physical lock, each unit comes equipped with a digital lock that you can use the mobile app to unlock! So, when it’s time to load your unit, a key is one less thing to carry or worry about. It’d be amazing if this technology could be applied across all storage units in StorHub.

From the ease of carrying your items up in a humongous lift to prevent multiple trips from your car to choosing the unit that fits your needs with all that convenience and security, StorHub, you are a true hero.


And now, I introduce you to our second hero. This hero is here for your more specialised needs – your wine needs. Wine lovers, enthusiasts, and collectors, this is your hero. 

Storhub and WineHub: Winebanc Units
Your wine’s personal paradise!

The fun of wine isn’t in buying bottles, chugging them down, or hopping from bottle to bottle. It’s hunting for the best, collecting your favourites, and saving them for the perfect occasion. Your wine collection needs the best care. Winebanc does that for you, with insane attention to detail to make your wine feel like it’s in a hotel!

Winebanc has considered every aspect of its wine cellar when bringing it to life, from the lighting and design to ensuring storage with minimal vibration. Wine is known to be best kept in the dark, away from direct sunlight and fluorescents, and free from vibration and excessive movement. And it does precisely that. The air in the Winebanc storage facility when I was there felt chillingly still.

But more notably, Winebanc ensures prime conditions to keep your wine at its best and most delicious: 13 degrees Celsius and 75% humidity. 

Optimal temperature and humidity levels prevent excessive heat, dryness, and moistness in the air to keep the cork in its best condition. If the cork dries out or dampens, oxygen enters the bottle, leading to oxidation. This triggers chemical reactions in the wine, leaving behind a bitter, acidic flavour and spoiling its taste. So, Winebanc protects your wine in every possible way.

You’ll have various locker options to choose from – ranging from small lockers for a more intimate collection to walk-in cellars fit to store a lifetime’s worth of wine! You’ll have round-the-clock access to store and retrieve your wine anytime. You’ll have the flexibility to choose the lease term that suits you best. You’ll have multi-tiered all-risk insurance to protect your wine in storage. And most excitingly, as a Winebanc customer, you’ll have exclusive access to the glorious Winebanc Tasting Room!

Let’s talk a little more about the Winbanc Tasting Room. With a magical chandelier taking centre stage and a majestic interior that makes you feel like royalty, it’s complete with wine glasses for you and your guests as you wine and dine in style. As I sipped on stunning wine, courtesy of StorHub, and learned all about the ways to appreciate it from a sommelier as I munched on goodies from a breathtaking charcuterie board, I realised that life truly can be beautiful. Ah, Winebanc, my hero.

Ending Thoughts

There you have it, folks. The heroes you’re looking for to make that extra room in your home for your dreams, your passion, your family, or your life aren’t that far. StorHub and Winebanc stand tall as the unsung heroes who have rewritten the narrative of space here in Singapore. StorHub, with its magical touch of decluttering sorcery, and Winebanc, with its refined cellars, have become the protagonists of a tale where they unite to fight the bad guy, the villain, the anti-hero – clutter.

Take on StorHub and Winebanc in your life, and watch as the tale unfolds and transforms into a legend.

StorHub and Winebanc

Choose from 18 StorHub locations and three Winebanc locations across the island; check out the prices for StorHub and Winebanc, and get your storage needs sorted right now! For all other details, check out StorHub’s official website and Winebanc’s official website.

Visuals courtesy of StorHub Self Storage Group (StorHub).

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