Get Ready for CNY with Entrepôt’s Exclusive Lunar New Year Specials!

Newly refurbished and rebranded, The Robertson House by The Crest Collection has been transformed into a new hotel destination amidst the quaint locale of Robertson Quay. Points of interest like the National Gallery Singapore and the Statue of Sir Stamford Raffles provide nearby sightseeing opportunities, but another attraction that can be found right in the hotel’s footsteps — the Entrepôt restaurant.

Entrepôt is The Robertson House’s all-day dining restaurant, with its name referencing Singapore’s quayside story as an entrepôt port from 1819 to 1941. Indeed, the decor pays homage to this history, featuring British colonial-inspired design paired with a black and white theme. You can even find rattan and dark wood elements for the furnishings, which similarly is a callback to the period. 

Here, patrons can enjoy the various Anglo-Asian-inspired food options alongside friends and family — cultivated through the restaurant’s focus on communal dining. 

Entrepôt CNY 2024: Chef Nixon Low
Chef Nixon Low and his team of capable chefs handle the various food offerings

For the auspicious arrival of the Year of the Dragon, the restaurant has whipped up a special gastronomic adventure, beginning on 1 February 2024 and lasting till the end of the month. Curated by Chef Nixon Low and his team, the menu blends traditional dishes with a contemporary twist whilst also providing a multisensory experience.

Join us as we explore Entrepôt’s Lunar New Year Dishes!

“Chasing the Dragon” Yusheng

Entrepôt CNY 2024: "Chasing the Dragon” Yusheng
Entrepôt’s “Chasing the Dragon” Yusheng starts off the dinner with a visual feast before the actual feast

It isn’t Chinese New Year without Yusheng, and Entrepôt’s version has some very special quirks. Called the “Chasing The Dragon” Yusheng, the name is derived from the similarly-named cocktail shot made from Chandu The Robertson House’s speakeasy bar. Before feasting into the Yusheng, you’re encouraged to take a shot of it to properly set the mood! If you want to go easy for the night, there is also a non-alcoholic version.

But on to the Yusheng. Instead of the usual smoked or raw salmon, the restaurant’s Robertson Chai-cured salmon is featured here. Among the mix are ingredients like ikura, candied pecans, and popping candy. Dragon fruit serves as the base, while plum dressing is added to finish.

Before we got to dig in though, we were treated to a visual spectacle. The chef mixed some incense-infused dry ice below the plate to provide theatricality and a fabulous way to usher in the CNY mood. Diners will also have the same experience when they dine in.

I love myself some Yusheng, and Entrepôt’s “Chasing The Dragon” Yusheng is a delicious item to start everything. The Robertson Chai-cured salmon was as fresh as they could be and boasted much more flavour than the smoked and raw varieties. It also came generously portioned for all six people at our table. The candied pecans brought about a unique nutty combination and provided extra crunch, while the popping candy added a surprising playfulness to the overall meal.

Seasonal Fish with Superior Black Truffle Soy Sauce

Entrepôt CNY 2024: Seasonal Fish with Superior Black Truffle Soy Sauce
The Seasonal Fish with Superior Black Truffle Soy Sauce looks simple but offers complex flavours

Fish dishes usually arrive a little later during Chinese New Year dinner meals, but they are the next ones to arrive on our table after the Yusheng. 

The Seasonal Fish with Superior Black Truffle Soy Sauce from Entrepôt features locally sourced steamed fish paired with Black Truffle Soy Sauce and finished with fried small shrimp and crispy leaves. This was also an excellent dish — the fish meat was soft and delicate, while the shrimp and leaves added a nice touch of crunch overall.

But the real star is the Black Truffle Soy Sauce. Traditional fish dishes in CNY menus use a soy sauce base that is more subtle and lighter, but here, the truffle adds a more intense flavour profile that makes it feel like you’re eating a decadent meal. I highly recommend scooping the fish, sauce, and leaves together in one bite to get the full experience.

Dr Robertson’s “Pencai”

Entrepôt CNY 2024: Dr Robertson’s “Pencai”
Using only the most luxurious of ingredients, Dr Robertson’s “Pencai is a hearty mid-meal dish

Dr Robertson’s “Pencai” dish is another of Entrepôt’s exceptional offerings. Like most other Pencai, it is stocked with all the luxurious ingredients you can think of.

Inside, you can find delectable meat ingredients such as 5-spiced Kakuni Braised Pork Belly and Charcoal Smoked Duck. Meanwhile, seafood options include a mixture of Dried Scallops, Tiger Prawns, Fish Maw, and 6-head Abalone. The Braised Mushrooms, Chestnuts, Lotus Root, Napa Cabbage, and Mountain Yam bring the fibre, and all of it is braised in superior Black Truffle Sauce, with some Shaved Black Truffle added in for good measure.

Pencai is a dish that is hit or miss with me, but this is one of the few that I like. Like the Seasonal Fish, the Black Truffle Sauce elevated every ingredient and brought that extra bit of fanciness. But it certainly helped that each item in the Pencai was also good in itself. The seafood ingredients were notably fresh and high quality — the Abalone, in particular, had a good balance of chew.

If I had a nitpick, the Shaved Black Truffle was more of a decoration than a helpful addition. There’s no real flavour when you bite into it. Luckily, the sauce itself more than makes up for it.

Steamed Lotus Leaf Rice with Chinese Sausage (Lapcheong)

Entrepôt CNY 2024: Steamed Lotus Leaf Rice with Chinese Sausage (Lapcheong)
The humble Lotus Leaf Rice receives an Entrepôt upgrade with their iteration

Entrepôt goes against the grain with its next dish, choosing Steamed Lotus Leaf Rice with Chinese Sausage (Lapcheong) as part of its Lunar New Year set. Lotus Leaf Rice is more of an economical option outside, but the restaurant adds its own twist.

This Steamed Lotus Leaf Rice not only comes with the Lapcheong but also includes crispy shallots and crispy puff rice inside. It is topped off with a generous amount of diced spring onions. Before it is served, the dish is also torched to add some char taste.

The combination is good. The addition of the shallots and puff rice provides texture to the fluffy lotus rice, while the Lapcheong adds a good level of sweetness and saltiness. After the heavy Pencai, the Steamed Lotus Leaf Rice is a lighter dish that helps reset our stomachs.

Elderflower and Osmanthus Melon Sago

Entrepôt CNY 2024: Elderflower and Osmanthus Melon Sago
The Elderflower and Osmanthus Melon Sago provide a refreshing end to dinner

Our final dish was dessert, and for that, we had the Elderflower and Osmanthus Melon Sago. When you receive it, though, the dish appears slightly different to what you’d expect.

Instead of a creamy white milk mixture, the Elderflower and Osmanthus Melon Sago concoction is clear and served in a charming jar. Chef Nixon has opted to use a healthier alternative instead of milk. But it is nonetheless indulgingly sweet and refreshing to the palate — a great way to end the meal!

Bonus – Dr Robertson’s Gin

To accompany your Chinese New Year meal at Entrepôt, you may also want to check out The Robertson House Gin  — Dr Robertson’s Gin. This is an exclusive gin by the hotel, crafted in collaboration with the fine folks at Tanglin Gin.

It is infused with a mixture of spices and serves as a nod to Dr Robertson, a prominent Municipal Councillor during British colonial Singapore. The gin itself contains floral notes and can be made into a cocktail by mixing East Imperial Royal Botanic Tonic Water and Mint to get Dr Robertson’s Gin & Tonic. 

Dr Robertson’s Gin and its Gin & Tonic iteration are both available for S$18 per cup, and a full bottle can be purchased for S$200.

This is just a tiny peak at Entrepôt’s Lunar New Year offerings, with other dishes such as Roasted Half Chicken with Angelica Root Chicken Jus and Wolfberries, as well as Claypot Braised Vegetables and Dried Mushroom also part of the Harmonious Set that I unfortunately was not able to try.

For those who want a slight contemporary twist to the Chinese New Year dining experience, Entrepôt’ represents a great option to check out with your family and friends!

Entrepôt Chinese New Year Menu

Entrepôt CNY 2024: Entrance

🗓️Date: 1 February to 29 February 2024
📍Location: The Robertson House by The Crest Collection, 1 Unity St, Singapore 237983

  • Harmonious Set (serves 4-6 persons) – S$398
  • Ala-Carte Menu
    • “Chasing The Dragon” Yusheng – Small: S$58 (serves 2-3 persons), Medium: S$88 (serves 4-6 persons)
    • Dr Robertson‘s “Pencai“ – S$388 (serves 6 persons)
    • Yusheng and Pencai Set – S$468 (serves 6 persons)

Opening hours

  • Breakfast: 6:30am – 10:30am
  • Lunch: 12pm – 3pm
  • Dinner: 5:30pm – 10:30pm

Dr Robertson‘s “Pencai“ requires a 3-day pre-order in advance. Reservations can be made from the official Entrepôt website. To see more updates from the restaurant, you can follow their socials on Facebook and Instagram.

If you’d like to learn about which other restaurants in Singapore are also having CNY offerings, check out our helpful guide showcasing our picks!

Photos by Brendan Tan of the DANAMIC Team.

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