Made with Passion: Jewel Changi Airport’s Showcase of Singapore’s Finest Homegrown Brands

“Jewel is where the World Meets Singapore, and Singapore Meets the World,” Mr. James Fong, CEO of Jewel Changi Airport Development, eloquently puts it as he unveiled a new retail cluster in the heart of Jewel Changi Airport. This latest retail offering is a combination of Singapore’s cultural and culinary prowess; the aptly named “Discovering the Best of Singapore Brands” enclave features eight homegrown brands that promise an experience that tantalises the senses and captures the essence of the Lion City’s rich heritage.

“Fostering the growth of local brands with unique value propositions is in line with Jewel’s vision”, adds Mr. Fong, as the carefully curated selection of brands brings to life Jewel’s commitment to showcasing the very best of Singapore’s culinary prowess. So, we invite you to join us on an adventure, exploring the distinctive offerings of each brand that has found its home in this dynamic and vibrant retail space.

Anthology by Compendium Spirits: Brewing Southeast Asian Flavours

Jewel Retail Cluster: Anthology Storefront
Anthology by Compendium Spirits serves as their flagship store

Prepare to elevate your senses as you step into the world of Anthology by Compendium Spirits, a trailblazer in Singapore’s craft spirits scene since 2015. Nestled within the new retail cluster, Anthology, an experiential bar, welcomes thrill-seeking travellers and layover loungers alike to explore the art of mixology like never before. Anthology by Compendium Spirits takes pride in being the first distillery in Singapore to unveil locally aged spirits, including the enticing Dark Rum and Hom Mali Rice Whiskey. What truly sets them apart is their commitment to crafting spirits from scratch, undertaking the entire process within our backyard!

In the words of Mr. Simon Zhao, Founder of Anthology by Compendium Spirits, “Proudly and authentically being a Singaporean brand, there’s no better strategic location than Jewel Changi when it comes to the idea of creating an Experiential Bar for Compendium Spirits.”

Anthology stands as an extension of their brand house in Circular Road, with a design reminiscent of their local distillery to captivate those seeking an immersive and delightful journey into the world of craft spirits. And this Experiential Bar, according to Mr. Zhao, will serve as the face of their brand, welcoming countless visitors and spreading their passion for craft spirits and love of Asian flavours. 

Jewel Retail Cluster: Anthology Bottles
Bring home or gift your favourite spirits from Anthology’s wide array of travel-friendly bottles

At Anthology, the beverage menu promises a sensory journey through the diverse and vibrant flavours of Southeast Asia. Nine exclusive signature cocktails await, inclusive of Rojak gin, Chendol gin, Kopi O liqueur, and the innovative Ondeh Ondeh soju, each a masterpiece in its own right. Among the highlights is the nostalgic “Ahma” cocktail, an ode to grandma’s White Fungus Chrysanthemum soup. 

I was given the good fortune to enjoy the “Ahma” cocktail, and upon my initial hesitation due to the mention of fungus in a cocktail, I was assured it was only in the garnish that lay atop it. So instead, what I tasted was a well-balanced cocktail where the Straits Vodka serves as a clean canvas for various flavours to come together, creating a refreshing and sophisticated drink with a floral and slightly herbal complexity, brightened by the citrusy notes from the lemon, and complemented by the sweetness of elderflower and honey, which was the main component that made me reminisce my grandma’s homemade soup. 

For those seeking a deeper encounter, the tasting flights offer a unique opportunity to sample each spirit, inviting patrons not only to savour the rich flavours but also to delve into the intricate process behind the creation of each elixir. 

Jewel Retail Cluster: Anthology Esclusive
Check out Anthology’s exclusive promotional merchandise featuring a collection of uniquely Singaporean Spirits, only available at Jewel Changi Airport!

As a cherry on top, Anthology is offering an opening promotion – purchase one drink and receive an additional cup of the same drink, on the house. This exclusive offer is valid from 4 pm to 7 pm daily on weekdays till 29 December 2023, providing a perfect reason to indulge in the spirit of the season.

Check out Anthology’s website for more information on exclusive promotions and merchandise.

IRVINS: Dangerously Addictive

After the introduction of a newly developed experimental bar, we have a brand that (almost) needs no introduction. In the realm of snacking innovation, few stories are as captivating as that of IRVINS. What began as a restaurant in 2009 transformed into a snack industry phenomenon, where the marriage of their signature salted egg sauce with fish skin and potato chips took the culinary world by storm. 

Now, with a reputation that resonates globally, IRVINS stands tall as a household name, synonymous with the quest for memorable and delectable gifts for loved ones around the world.

Jewel Retail Cluster: IRVINS Storefront
IRVINS opens another store in Changi Airport, now at Jewel. It’s even easier to grab those souvenirs for your friends and family!

As the journey of IRVINS continues, we witness the grand opening of their flagship store at Jewel Changi Airport – a monumental venture that marks their largest outlet to date. This culinary haven invites returning addicts and yet-to-be addicts to immerse themselves in the world of their ‘Dangerously Addictive’ products, featuring the iconic Salted Egg Fish Skin, Potato Chips, and Salmon Skin, all made with authentic ingredients locally in Singapore. The store promises not just a snack, but a culinary experience that transcends borders, inviting you to indulge in the irresistible allure of IRVINS’ culinary creations. 

Jewel Retail Cluster: Irvins Super Mario
For a short time only, IRVINS collaborates with Super Mario to bring you their exclusive packaging, which is only available at Jewel Changi Airport!

For those seeking a true taste sensation that transcends the ordinary, the journey begins at IRVINS’ flagship store at Jewel. This culinary escapade promises to tantalise taste buds and leave an indelible mark on the palate.

Find more information on fun and upcoming promotions on the IRVINS Instagram page or Facebook page.

Kele: A Piece of Singapore, Wrapped in Pineapple Tarts

From a recent snacking phenomenon to a heritage name steeped in history, Kele, a revered name in Singapore’s bakery landscape since 1983. For generations, Kele has been the custodian of premium confectionery products, celebrating local and seasonal flavours that illuminate the splendour of Singapore’s vibrant culinary culture. Their iconic pineapple tarts and roll cakes have become a cherished part of Singaporean heritage, capturing the essence of tradition in every delightful bite.

Jewel Retail Cluster: Kele Storefront
Aromatic with the smell of pineapple, Kele opens its new experiential store in Jewel Changi Airport!

To further solidify its cultural legacy, Kele invites shoppers into a realm of unparalleled sensory delight at their new experiential concept store at Jewel Changi Airport. It features a sensory station where shoppers can familiarise themselves with the smell of certain ingredients to make a more informed decision before purchasing a product for themselves or their loved ones. 

But what can beat the sense of taste? Kele’s Pineapple Tarts are as classic as it gets; a combination of the sweet pineapple filling and the buttery, crumbly pastry creates a harmonious blend of indulgent and satisfying flavours. It is a delightful treat that captures the essence of the tropical sweetness of not just the flavour but also of Singaporean and Southeast Asian cultures.

Jewel Retail Cluster: Kele Aroma Station
Kele at Jewel Changi Airport features a sensory station for smell to aid shoppers in making an informed decision before purchasing

Here, the spotlight also shines on Kele’s latest creation – the travel-friendly pineapple boxes, unveiled exclusively at Jewel. Crafted with precision and care, these boxes not only tantalise the taste buds with their renowned pineapple tarts but also serve as a unique memento of Singapore’s culinary richness. 

Perfect for travellers seeking an authentic piece of Singapore to share with loved ones, the Singapore Series adds an artistic touch, featuring depictions of the iconic Singapore skyline or the Peranakan house. But guess what, the newly unveiled store also features a DIY corner, to customise your packaging to make your gifts extra special for those extra special people in your lives!

Jewel Retail Cluster: Kele Merchandise
Kele introduces the Singapore Series gift set that features travel-friendly and aesthetic packaging!

As Mr. Gordon Ang, Founder of Kele and Head of Business Development, affirms, “After four years in the making, Kele is now finally ready to expand our brand-new travel-friendly pineapple souvenir boxes to all tourists by putting a concept store in Jewel.” 

So the stage is set for you to go off on a culinary voyage beyond the Little Red Dot, inviting you to carry a piece of Singapore’s rich heritage with Kele’s delectable creations anywhere you go!

Check out Kele’s website for more information on their latest merchandise and promotions.

Keong Saik Bakery: Fusion Pastries with Local Flavors

From one sweet treat to another, let’s go to a spot where heritage flavours meet modern culinary innovation as Keong Saik Bakery graces Jewel Changi Airport with its delectable offerings. Keong Saik Bakery, founded by two friends, has mastered the art of seamlessly fusing local and traditional flavours into their Western pastries, creating an experience that resonates with nostalgia in every bite. 

Among their standout creations is the Sor Hei pastry, a heartfelt homage to the resilient Majies of Keong Saik Road. It encapsulates the spirit of tradition and resilience in a single, delectable treat.

Jewel Retail Cluster: KSB Storefront
Keong Saik Bakery opens a new store in the new retail cluster with a design reflective of the fusion of Singaporean and Western cuisine

As Mr. Tan Yuzhong, Founder of Keong Saik Bakery, states, “We felt that Jewel is a place where we could showcase our unique pastries with locally inspired flavours to both locals and tourists alike and increase our brand awareness.” 

Jewel Retail CLuster: Cruffin
The Milo Crème Brulee Cruffin heated to get its signature caramelised top layer!

The Jewel outlet of Keong Saik Bakery promises an exquisite lineup of signature items that transcend the ordinary. They bring a world of unique flavours with offerings like the Cereal Prawn Croissant Éclair, Palm Beach (a Pandan cheesecake with fresh coconut mousse), and the Milo Crème Brulee Cruffin, which are exclusive to Jewel Changi Airport!

See these exclusive treats on Keong Saik Bakery’s Instagram page.

I got to sample the Milo Crème Brûlée Cruffin, and let me just tell you that, yes, it’s as good as it sounds! The Milo Crème Brûlée Cruffin offers a delightful combination of chocolate, malt, creamy custard, and caramelised sweetness. The play between textures, from the flaky, buttery cruffin layers to the creamy custard and crunchy caramelised top, makes it a decadent and indulgent treat for those craving everything sweet!

For those seeking the perfect gift, the Financier Gift Boxes, available in sets of 6 or 12, showcase an array of unique local flavours, including pandan coconut, quaker coffee, gula jawa, and more. Join the culinary celebration at Keong Saik Bakery, where tradition is innovatively elevated, and every bite is a reminder of Singapore’s culinary heritage and modern innovations!

To learn more about their gift sets and promotions go check out Keong Saik Bakery’s website

Kim’s Duet: The Distinctive Taste of Singaporean Coffee

A perfect pairing to an aromatic pastry is the aromatic embrace of Singapore’s very own Kim’s Duet, unveiling its flagship store at Jewel, marking a significant venture into an experiential retail store. 

This new experiential store beckons locals and tourists not only to explore the extensive array of Kim’s Duet products but also to delve deeper into the story behind each drink product they offer. Visitors are invited to learn about the intricate roasting method that imparts the distinctive bittersweet and smoky profile to Singapore Traditional Coffee, a craft perfected by Kim Guan Guan in 1988, and still upholds the ideals of using only pure ground coffee.

Jewel Retail Cluster: Kim's Duet Storefront
Kim’s Duet unveils its new store in Jewel Changi Airport, featuring an in-house coffee and tea bar and a wide selection of merchandise

The store’s allure lies in its exclusive offerings, notably the Timeless Collection – an exquisite gift set featuring The Singapore Roast Coffee Powder, Singapore Traditional Tea Dust, and Premium Hot Cocoa Mix, each encased in beautifully designed tins. 

Check out Kim’s Duet Holiday Gift Sets over at their website.

Mr. Nigel Soon, Brand Partnerships & Growth Manager of Kim’s Duet, expresses the brand’s pride in launching the flagship store at the iconic Jewel Changi Airport, an international platform allowing them to showcase not just their products but also the unique story behind the brand. 

Jewel Retail Cluster: Kim's Duet Coffee
Kim’s Duet takes pride not just in their tea and coffee, but also in their aesthetic packaging

As part of the new retail concept featuring the best of Singapore brands, Kim’s Duet stands as a beacon of heritage and tradition, inviting locals and tourists alike to share in the joys of Singapore’s distinct coffee culture, and what better than to do it over a cup of Kim’s Duet Singapore Steep Coffee while you’re there.

Learn more about exclusive merchandise and promotions on Kim’s Duet’s Instagram or Facebook page.

Kwong Cheong Thye: A Legacy of Soya Sauce and More

We jump from strength to strength as we continue to celebrate Singapore’s homegrown brands, and there is no one more historical than Kwong Cheong Thye. With a legacy spanning nearly seven decades, the company unveils its treasures at Jewel Changi Airport. Through a reputation built on unparalleled experience and expertise in food manufacturing in Singapore, Kwong Cheong Thye stands as a testament to the nation’s culinary heritage. At the heart of their offerings lies the crown jewel – their renowned Soya Sauce, fermented naturally for six months in the vibrant tapestry of Singapore.

Jewel Retail Cluster: KCT Storefront
Kwong Cheong Thye proudly displays all their products at their new store at Jewel Changi Airport

Under the guidance of their 5th generation of owners, Kwong Cheong Thye introduces another star product to their illustrious arsenal – Singapore’s first barrel-aged Soya Sauce, available in two distinctive flavours: Oak-aged and Acacia-aged. Travellers are invited to explore the convenience of travel-friendly bottles and jars, making it easy to carry a piece of Singapore’s culinary excellence wherever they go. 

As Mr. Alvin Choo, Business Development Manager of Kwong Cheong Thye, affirms, “We feel that it is the perfect location to showcase a 131-year-old homegrown brand with the locals and the globe.” 

Jewel Retail Cluster: KCT Sauces
Travel-friendly bottles are perfect for gifting or having that taste of Singapore wherever you go!

To uphold the many generations of success, Mr. Choo also believes that every generation has to offer something to further their legacy and to stay with the times. As such, the product range now extends beyond Soya Sauce, featuring an array of cooking sauces, including the celebrated Sambal Belachan Chilli paste and Nasi Lemak Chilli sauce, among others. 

For those seeking the perfect gift, Kwong Cheong Thye presents unique gift sets encompassing home-cooking essentials, offering an array of sauces, premix sauces, and fresh noodles – a thoughtful gesture for home cooks and a testament to Kwong Cheong Thye’s commitment to sharing top-quality products with locals and tourists alike. The stage is set for a culinary exploration transcending time and borders, inviting you to savour the heritage of Kwong Cheong Thye at Jewel Changi Airport.

Find out more on what Kwong Cheong Thye has to offer over at their Facebook or Instagram.

I LOVE SG: Flavorful and Unique Souvenirs

Jewel Retail Cluster: I LOVE SG Storefront
The new I LOVE SG store unveiled in Jewel Changi Airport has a wide and ever-changing array of souvenirs featuring local artists and collaborators

You would be hard-pressed to find something more iconic in Singapore beyond the food scene. Still, for over a decade, I LOVE SG has stood as a beacon of Singaporean pride, offering a one-stop shop where both locals and travellers can immerse themselves in a curated collection of Singapore-related merchandise. 

However, the excitement reaches new heights as I LOVE SG exclusively unveils Merlie and the Chocolate Factory at Jewel Changi Airport, introducing a novel chocolate gifting experience that promises to satiate your sweet tooth and evoke the essence of Singapore.

Jewel Retail Cluster: I LOVE SG Chocolates
The chocolates are made locally, with local flavours such as Milo Dinosaur, Kopi-O, and Durian!

In their new innovative concept store, I LOVE SG infuses local flavours into chocolates crafted right here in the heart of Singapore. Brace yourself for a delectable array of options, including the aromatic Kopi-O, the delightful Milo Dinosaur, the soothing Teh Tarik, and even the bold Durian-flavoured chocolates. This captivating chocolate journey becomes an enticing opportunity for visitors to not only savour the diverse flavours of Singapore but also to gift a piece of the nation’s unique culinary identity to their loved ones.

As Mr. Tan Zhi Guang, Founder and Director of I Love SG, passionately expresses, “At I Love SG, our aim is to inspire and connect people with the essence of their travels, through our in-house designed Singapore souvenirs and delicious Made in Singapore local flavour chocolates, allowing them to carry a piece of their Singapore adventures home.” 

Jewel Retail Cluster: I LOVE SG x Disney
Come catch the I LOVE SG x Disney collaboration while stock lasts!

So let’s up our gifting game and swing by I LOVE SG, where every chocolate becomes a sweet testament to Singapore’s vibrant and diverse flavours.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast: A Nostalgic Breakfast Experience

Finally, our last stop. Whether you’re up at the crack of dawn to catch a redeye flight or just landed at the stroke of midnight, there is always time for breakfast at Ya Kun Kaya Toast. An iconic brand with a rich history dating back to its inception in Lau Pa Sat, welcomes visitors at Jewel Changi Airport. With an enduring home at the iconic Far East Square outlet since 1998, Ya Kun Kaya Toast needs no formal introduction as it stands synonymous with the comforting aroma of traditional Singaporean breakfasts.

Jewel Retail Cluster: Ya Kun Storefront
Ya Kun Kaya Toast unveils a new store at Jewel Changi Airport with an all-too-familiar aura

Indulge in Ya Kun’s signature Kaya and Butter toast, served alongside soft-boiled eggs and a steaming cup of Kopi or The. This timeless combination is more than a breakfast; to most, it is a nostalgic and heartwarming taste of home, routine for locals, and a must-try experience for every traveller. 

As visitors and travellers step into Ya Kun’s outlet at Jewel, they’re in for a treat as they indulge in their favourite breakfast meal amidst a setting adorned with a distinctive new look. While the ambience may have a new touch, the comforting familiarity of the menu remains unchanged, providing a delightful sense of continuity for both seasoned patrons and first-time visitors. 

As Mr. Jesher Loi, Director of Branding and Market Development at Ya Kun Kaya Toast, puts it, “Jewel is a national icon for Singapore, and as a Singaporean heritage brand, we are so proud to be a part of Jewel.” 

Jewel Retail Cluster: Ya Kun Mosh Bottle
The Ya Kun Kaya Toast branded Mosh Bottle; only available at Jewel Changi Airport

To add a touch of exclusivity to the experience, guests can seize the opportunity to grab an exclusive Mosh Bottle, marking their visit to this unique store. So come savour the essence of tradition and make breakfast at Ya Kun Kaya Toast, a cherished moment at Jewel Changi Airport.

Check out Ya Kun Kaya Toast’s Facebook or Instagram page for more information.

These eight homegrown brands within the new retail cluster, each with its own unique tale and flavours, have converged to create an unparalleled hotspot for locals and tourists. From the artisanal spirits at Anthology by Compendium Spirits to the addictive creations of IRVINS, the nostalgic pastries at Keong Saik Bakery, and the sensory delights of Kele, every brand is a brushstroke in the vibrant portrait of Singaporean culinary, artistry, and creativity.

So, whether you’re a local looking to rediscover the familiar or a traveller eager to embrace the authentic tastes of Singapore, Jewel Changi Airport welcomes you. The carefully crafted retail experience, coupled with exclusive promotions and offerings, ensures that your visit is a unique and worthwhile one – it becomes a celebration of culture, a journey through flavours, and an exploration of the Best of Singapore. Come, be part of the excitement, and let Jewel Changi Airport be the gateway to a culinary adventure that lingers in your senses long after you leave. 

One More Thing: Special Launch Promotion

From today till 31 January 2024, shoppers can redeem an exclusive ‘Discovering the Best of Singapore Brands’ premium with a minimum spend of S$60 (maximum 3 same-day receipts) at any store in the retail cluster or S$45 for Mastercard holders. 

From 1 December to 29 February 2024, shoppers at Jewel can also enjoy the newly minted Jewel Festive Hands-Free shopping service. For just S$6 over a 3-hour duration, shoppers can deposit their bags (regardless of size or weight) at the Basement 1 facility (next to Toys”R”Us). Simply show a receipt with a minimum spend of S$50 upon collection of bags.

Photos by Brendan Tan of the DANAMIC Team.

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