Yeo’s Drinkable Garden: A Month-long Refreshing And Immersive Experience

A garden where you can eat from is possible. But have you heard of a drinkable garden? Yes, you read that right. A drinkable garden. Warning: don’t take it too literally and attempt to drink from the flowers displayed!

Specially curated by Singapore’s iconic beverage brand — which I’m sure many are familiar with — Yeo’s has launched Yeo’s Drinkable Garden, a refreshing and immersive experience at Gardens by the Bay. Yeo’s Drinkable Garden is a collaboration between Yeo’s, Gardens by the Bay and This Humid House, a botanical studio known for their bold contemporary creations that reflect our surroundings’ climate, geography and collective culture.

With a whopping 100 years of expertise in preserving iconic flavours, Yeo’s celebrates the beauty of chrysanthemums in all its glory for the first time ever in this multi-sensorial display. The month-long exhibit is in tribute to celebrating the beauty of the chrysanthemum flower and the brand’s signature drink — Yeo’s Chrysanthemum Tea, one of Singapore’s most well-known beverages. 

Yeo's Drinkable Garden: Chrysanthemum Tea Flavours
Peep the two new flavours!

The exhibition features an installation inspired by various Yeo’s chrysanthemum brews, including the new ‘heavenly’ rare Snow Chrysanthemum Tea and the all-new Rose-Infused Chrysanthemum brew. 

The launch of Yeo’s Drinkable Garden and new chrysanthemum flavours also marks the brand’s latest efforts in diversifying its reliance on a singular crop and contributing to a healthy supply of chrysanthemum flowers for the future.

Yeo's Drinkable Garden: Chrysanthemums and Yeo's Drinks Display
Chrysanthemum flowers have a unique significance in Asian cultures.

Fun fact: did you know that chrysanthemums contain antioxidants, such as flavonoids and phenolic compounds, which help combat oxidative stress and reduce the risk of chronic diseases? Moreover, chrysanthemum tea is believed to offer digestive benefits by soothing stomach discomfort, improving digestion, and alleviating nausea. Its pleasant aroma is even said to evoke a sense of calm. So, if you are a chrysanthemum tea addict, you no longer need to feel guilty for drinking too much! 

Embark on a multi-sensorial journey inspired by the classic Singaporean drink as the botanical experience tells the story of the quality and craft behind each Yeo’s drink. Explore and learn about the unique benefits of various chrysanthemums.

Yeo's Drinkable Garden: Walk-through
Beautiful chrysanthemums have taken over the Flower Dome.

Have you ever wondered how exactly the delicious Yeo’s beverages are made? Well, if you’re full of curiosity, you can now satisfy that curiosity as the botanical experience allows you to get a glimpse into the intricate craft infused into making Yeo’s chrysanthemum teas. 

From the growing and harvesting of fresh flower petals, the drying process, the masterful brewing techniques and finally, meticulous cooling and packaging. We stan a brand which doesn’t gatekeep its secrets! 

Yeo's Drinkable Garden: Snow Chrysanthemum Tea
Learn more about the new ‘heavenly’ rare Snow Chrysanthemum Tea.

So, if you’re a fan of the classic Yeo’s chrysanthemum Tea just like me, or simply adore chrysanthemums, what are you waiting for? Get your tickets ASAP via the Gardens By The Bay website to sprinkle some colour into your life (and insta-worthy pictures)! 

Yeo’s Drinkable Garden

Date: 16 September to 13 October
Location: South American Garden, Flower Dome, Gardens By The Bay 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953
Time: 9 am to 9 pm
Price: Free admission (*Admission charge to Flower Dome applies)

  • Singapore Residents 

Adult: $12
Child: $8
Senior Citizen: $8

  • Non-residents

Adult: $20
Child: $12

Visuals courtesy of Yeo Hiap Seng Limited.

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