Numcha in Concert: A Night of Music, Magic, and Surprises!

Oh no, we’re not over Numcha’s electrifying debut performance in Singapore. We witnessed it live, processed it, and we’re now here to share the gospel of that amazing night. The Thai singer-songwriter recently released her new EP, hewantscoffeebutiamtea’, and came to Singapore to perform for Esplanade’s Mosaic Music Series. From an unplanned encore and throwing goodies for her fans to bringing a fan up to play her guitar while she serves, Numcha wow-ed and amazed the crowd at Esplanade that day!

We also got a chance to speak to Numcha and watch her rock out during soundcheck and her live performance, and I think it’s safe to say that we’re now fans.

Numcha Concert: Interview
Numcha was serving smiles all day!

Contrary to the deep and heart-wrenching topics Numcha often sings about, she herself is a ray of sunshine. Her smile is electric. Her laugh is contagious. Her passion for what she does makes her glow as soon as she takes the stage. She tears it up on stage like there’s no tomorrow. She dances like no one’s watching. It’s a pleasure to be in the same room as her and an experience from beginning to end to watch her do what she does best.

Numcha and her band set the stage on fire during soundcheck and the live show. The way they all function in a symphony, understand each other with a look, and work together in harmony – their chemistry is unreal. Her guitarist, keyboardist, bassist and drummer shined so bright that night! The crowd was just as blown away by the band as we were, with a fan asking the drummer for a drumstick at the end of the show as a keepsake of this magnificent night.

Numcha Concert: BTS 2
A telephone on stage? Nope, that’s a mic!

The set was magical too. Performing songs from her newest EP, ‘hewantscoffeebutiamtea’, Numcha brought the old-school feels and the retro vibes to the stage. From her baby blue guitar plastered in colourful stickers (she said she loves collecting stickers!) to a microphone disguised as a telephone that changes her voice to make you feel like she’s truly on the phone with you or like she’s from a different time – Numcha delivered a phenomenal show! 

After an awe-inspiring performance, Numcha left us in a state of post-concert depression (or what we affectionately call PCD) as she bid us farewell amid a chorus of “encore!”. Disappointment threatened to overwhelm us when the stage turned dark, and her name vanished from the screen. We turned and headed for the doors. But just then, the overjoyed screams of persistent fans who refused to believe the worst resounded behind us. We turned around, and there she stood – Numcha returned on stage for a surprise encore!

Numcha Concert: Guitar
Numcha bought this guitar in Thailand and adorned it with her collection of stickers to bring you the feel of ‘hewantscoffeebutiamtea’!

The crowd came running back to her. She and her band were back, looking beyond pleased by the reaction that pulled them back onto the stage. Numcha stood there with the sweetest smile and asked the crowd, “What song do you want to hear?” confirming that the encore was truly unplanned!

She then invited a fan up on stage and sang her a song. The fan was so overwhelmed by what will definitely be a core memory for the rest of her life that she burst into tears. Numcha gave the warmest embrace and serenaded her fan with her saccharine smile. 

Numcha Concert: BTS
Hey Alexa, play ‘Saccharine Smile’ by Donots, please!

After that, she invited another fan up on stage to play her guitar to her song while she sang! With the rest of the band, this rockstar in the making ripped up the stage with Numcha’s iconic guitar in hand. We can only imagine what an unforgettable, life-altering experience he must have had.

Numcha proved her love for her fans that night. She solidified their bond with such special experiences that no fan will ever forget for the remainder of their lives. 

During an exclusive interview with her, we asked Numcha about her favourite thing about Singapore, and she said, “The people”. Cue the “awwww”s!

Numcha Concert: Rehearsal
Her band is absolutely out of this world.

She said she loved the vibe of our people, how we’re so chill and calm. I’m not sure we’re really that chill and calm, but I’m glad we give off that vibe! That must be why Numcha did so much crowd work and audience participation that night, even going off-stage and into the crowd during her show – she loves the people. We gave her that feeling. We gave her that experience. She felt it. And so did we. 

I know some of us may not have attended her concert. So we wanted to bring a piece of it to you. We asked Numcha to tell us one song she performed that night that she would want someone who has never heard her music to listen to. 

She suggested ‘in my white dress’. It even has a fun music video that challenges stereotypical love stories with two male characters falling for each other, shot old-school style in a way that will have you hooked on their love. Who says only girls can wear a white dress? Give the song a listen and imagine this live in concert!

Not only does Numcha have an angelic voice, but she also writes her own music. We stan! For someone who wrote an entire EP and named it ‘hewantscoffeebutiamtea’, something so evocative and soul-stirring, we just had to know how Numcha writes her music and what her songwriting process is like. So, of course, we asked her.

She told us that she gains her influence from people – her friends, family, and even from her own personal experiences. She observes, and with her magical touch, she transforms these experiences and emotions into lyrical gems. Coupled with her melodious voice and soulful lyrics, Numcha concocts an enchanting listening experience that transcends you into a different realm.

Numcha Concert: Guitar Performance
The guitar-trio!

And boy, did she whisk us away into a world of her own that magical night. She also performed her biggest hit, ‘Keep Cold’ twice that night! 

This song was Numcha’s breakthrough. After going viral shortly after its release, this song has now garnered 19 million streams on Spotify. She shared with us how she didn’t anticipate that song to make the waves it did. She felt like she was no one back then and didn’t expect much, but when she heard her song hit the million mark, she was overwhelmed with joy and couldn’t believe what she’d created.

Her fans so love the song that when she came back out for her unplanned encore and asked what song she should play, some fans asked for ‘Keep Cold’ again. That song was the beginning of it all for Numcha, so it must have felt like a full-circle moment performing it twice in one night at a special request by her fans.

Numcha Concert: Performing
She shines at her brightest, doing what she does best – performing!

And as the final chords of her mesmerising performance echoed in the night, Numcha left behind an indelible memory in every single person present that night, myself included. Her recent EP, ‘hewantscoffeebutiamtea’, showcased her boundless creativity and gave us a glimpse into her soul while leaving us all eagerly anticipating what other wonders she’ll conjure next.

Are you ready to watch Numcha’s musical journey unravel? To watch her take the night? To hear her soul-gripping creations, note by note, lyric by lyric? Because this is just the beginning.

He might want coffee, and Numcha might be tea. But we will always want you for who you are, Numcha.


Numcha Concert: BTS 3
Till we meet again – you on stage, us in the crowd, cheering you on.

Check out Numcha’s fantastical music on all streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. Watch her newest music video for ‘afterglow’ on YouTube. To stay tuned to Numcha’s musical wizardry, check out her Instagram, Facebook or her official website!

Photos by Brendan Tan of the DANAMIC Team.

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