Fit For Your Home? Experiencing Steriluxe’s Product Slate

Some may know Steriluxe as a local tech brand, but did you know that they have roots in a cleaning company? That’s right, the creator of Steriluxe is also the founder of Sureclean, a residential home cleaning provider.

It is no surprise then to see the kind of products that Steriluxe has on offer, considering its relation to Sureclean. The company’s range of home and living devices focuses on cleanliness, providing users with that extra sense of security against germs in the house.

Most may be familiar with the Steriluxe’s Aurra Pro 2 Water Purifier, but they have more items within their slate. We got to try the Aire, Uvee, and the Aire Mini, and we’ll be discussing the experience of using these devices.

Steriluxe Aire

Steriluxe Slate: Steriluxe Aire
Steriluxe Aire with the Smart Life app

Given how frequent haze has been in Singapore, air purifiers are now more sought after by homeowners. But they also come with other benefits, namely in dealing with dust accumulation and foul odours. That’s where the Steriluxe Aire comes in!

In terms of design, the Aire’s capsule-like look is simple but sleek enough to fit the aesthetics of most homes. It also isn’t a giant machine, so finding a space for the device isn’t much trouble. We managed to find a nice spot for the Steriluxe Aire right within a corner of our studio space to help with the distribution of clean air.

The Steriluxe Aire arrives in the box almost all set up — all you have to do is install the included filter and then plug it into a power source for it to be ready to be used. 

So with the Steriluxe Aire all set up, now’s the time to start using it. The controls at the top are pretty simple to follow, with toggles for the fan speed and the timer. But there are two features to take note of. Long pressing the wind speed and light buttons will turn on the Anion and UV Air Disinfection functions respectively. The Anion feature helps to bind with airborne bacteria, and mould so that the air purifier filters them out more efficiently. At the same time, UV disinfection kills these viruses in the air. 

In use, we found the Steriluxe Aire comfortably quiet while in Auto mode. If you’re sitting near the device, you may even catch the nice breeze coming from the air purifier, though it isn’t enough to substitute for an actual fan in Singapore’s weather. 

The Auto mode certainly does its job of detecting bad-quality air. When we cooked some bacon inside the studio unit, the Aire was able to detect the smokey air and kicked into high gear. On full tilt, the device can be rather audible — it’s one factor to note if you need your space to be quiet. 

Steriluxe notes that the device is supposed to neutralise foul odours through its Carbon Activation Layer. However, the strong smell from the cooking still lingered even after the Aire switched back to its default fan level, seemingly deeming the air quality level to be back to normal. 

The Steriluxe Aire also functions as a smart device, allowing you to connect it to your smartphone via the Smart Life app. From here, you can control the functions straight from your phone, with a further option to set up Google Assistant or Alexa voice control if you have a smart home system set up. The app also lists the filter’s health so that users are well aware of when to change it.

The ability to control the air purifier remotely is great, but the insights provided are a little too basic. Currently, the app only indicates the air quality through either a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ rating. Having more information, such as showing the µg/m³ level, would have been better to see from a user’s perspective.

Steriluxe Aire Mini

Steriluxe Slate: Steriluxe Aire Mini
Steriluxe Aire Mini is a downsized version of the Aire

For those with limited space to play with, Steriluxe has the Aire Mini as another air purifier option. The Steriluxe Aire Mini is the Aire in miniature form and looks just like a toy replica of its bigger brother, but it is completely functional.

Measuring just 7 cm in width and 20 cm in height, the small size of the Steriluxe Aire Mini makes it the perfect accessory for your car or, in our case, the desk.

However, given the downsized nature of the device, some of the Aire’s features are scaled back here. The most significant exclusion would be the smart functionality — the Aire Mini is strictly a manual device. Even then, it uses touch-based controls, which we found finicky, occasionally not detecting our presses. There is also no indicator on the air purifier to let you know when to replace the filter, though the manual does recommend a switch after 6 to 9 months.

Besides that, it shares the same UV and Anion functionality as the Aire, helping distribute clean air within the vicinity. Like the Aire, it also automatically detects if the air quality is poor in the area and will increase its performance as a countermeasure. The device will glow green, yellow, and red to designate good, average, and poor air quality respectively.

At our admittedly dusty desk, the Aire Mini immediately went red on starting up and went ahead with full power — indicating that it can detect dust well enough. When it is at max speed, the Steriluxe Aire Mini is pretty loud, which will be exacerbated if you’re in a small area like a car.  

Steriluxe Uvee

The Steriluxe Uvee is more suited for new parents, but can be used with other items

Steriluxe’s last product is admittedly aimed towards a specific group of people. The Steriluxe Uvee is a steriliser and drying machine, able to kill 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and mould using its UV LED technology.

It is mainly targeted towards new parents for items like baby bottles, but Steriluxe says that you can use it for things like mobile phones.

The Steriluxe Uvee comes in a squared design and is rather big in comparison to other kitchen appliances, measuring 32 cm in width and 38.5 cm in height. If your kitchen area is on the smaller side, it might take some skilful manoeuvring to fit this device with other appliances.

Inside, the Uvee has enough space to fit 12 baby bottles, with an adjustable shelving system to ensure you can fit what you need.

The control panel for the Steriluxe Uvee can be found on the machine’s front door. While the controls are touch-based, they are adequately sensitive here — detecting touches well and emitting a helpful sound effect as feedback. To ensure that kids don’t interfere with the cleaning or drying process, a child lock function is available when you long press the associated button.

There are several modes to choose from: Dry, UVC,  Auto, and Storage. Both the UVC and Dry modes are fairly explanatory in what they do, with the Auto mode doing a mixture of drying and sterilisation while the Storage mode allows users to store items inside and keep them clean.

The sterilisation process revolves around the machine’s in-built UV LED technology, with no water or chemicals used to disinfect the items. Meanwhile, drying is done by filtering in warm air, which ranges from 45 to 65°C in temperature. 

Users can choose between 5 different cycle options for the sterilisation and drying processes (20 to 60 mins for drying, and 25 to 65 minutes for the UVC). Auto mode takes about an hour to complete — taking 40 minutes to dry the items, 12 minutes for sterilisation, and 3 minutes to change air. Lastly, Storage mode will sterilise every 2 minutes before taking the same amount of time to change its air, continually doing so for 24 hours before shutting off. 

While we can’t test the efficacy of its sterilisation feature, the drying function works well; thoroughly drying our water bottles that were just washed. We also tried placing our mobile phones inside, and the devices came out completely fine, meaning there are no worries about the machine damaging your electronics. 

That was our experience with three of Steriluxe’s products within their lineup. We hope that it has provided some good insights on whether they will be an excellent fit for your home!

If you’d like more information on these devices, you can head over to Steriluxe’s official website.

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Photos by Marcus Lim of the DANAMIC Team.

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