Indomie X WONG FU FU: Specially Curated Collab By MasterChef Finalist

Calling all Indomie lovers! Wong Fu Fu has an exciting collaboration: Indomie X WONG FU FU. The collaboration will feature five unique recipes specially created by the MasterChef finalist, Ilya Nur Fadhly. And the best part is that it’s halal-certified, so everyone can enjoy!

Indomie X WONG FU FU: Interior
Peep the awesome Bubble Tea self-serve station!

The restaurant’s interior was giving Taiwan snack stall vibes, and it’s adorable! The star area of the store is the All-You-Can-Drink Bubble Tea self-service station. You read that right: unlimited Bubble Tea (what a slay). Go nuts and fill your cup with as many different toppings as you’d like! So, if you’re a Bubble Tea addict like me, you should definitely give it a try. I promise it’s worth every single cent. 

The Bubble Tea Station got me excited to pair my cup of sweetness with some savoury food from the all-new menu. As one of two members from the DANAMIC Team headed down to try out the exciting new menu, here’s what you should try! 

Grilled Kicap Manis Stuffed Squid with Seafood

Indomie X WONG FU FU: Grilled Kicap Manis Stuffed Squid with Seafood
The Stuffed Squid will have you feeling stuffed!

The Grilled Kicap Manis Stuffed Squid with Seafood (S$22.90) may not look like much, but it is filling! The stuffed squid was smaller than expected but was generously filled with eggs and spices. I prefer my noodles slightly soggy, and it thankfully did not disappoint! I loved the addition of the Kicap Manis as it brought out the flavour of the Indomie and Stuffed Squid. 

Served with Tamago Bergedil — which I wish there were more of — and tangy house-made Achar, this dish is easily one of my favourites. Those who do not have high spice tolerance should give this dish a try! 

Indomie Rendang Burger

Indomie X WONG FU FU: Indomie Rendang Burger
Not your regular burger buns

The Indomie Rendang Burger (S$21.90) took me by surprise as I was simply expecting a regular burger with soft buns, so imagine my surprise when I saw that the buns were made of crispy Indomie! Fair warning, though: the noodle buns and the juicy meat together are a little tough to cut through, so channel your inner Hulk because just a bite of it will be worth the minor struggle. 

Not only was the amount of fries that came with it more than generous, but it was delicious too. I swear I was almost filled up on fries before even trying the burger (or anything else). The fries were not too salty and crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. Tip: The fries taste the absolute best when eaten hot.

Grilled Beef Striploin with House-made Kecap Manis

Indomie X WONG FU FU: Grilled Beef Striploin with House-made Kecap Manis
The mouthwatering Beef Striploin will actually have your mouth watering.

And, of course, I had to save the best for last: the Grilled Beef Striploin with House-made Kecap Manis (S$19.90). Aside from the fact that it looked mouthwatering, I’m also a sucker for some good ol’ Steak, so obviously, expectations were set. Thankfully, the dish exceeded my expectations with flying colours! 

The juicy Steak paired perfectly with the tangy noodles and had my mouth bursting with flavours. Safe to say, I devoured this dish (I didn’t even want to share). The fact that it came with the Tamago Bergedil made it ten times better! It’s an 11/10 for me. 

Indomie X WONG FU FU: New Disjes
Spot the bubble tea.

All in all, not only were the dishes delicious, but it also made me realise how versatile Indomie is. It just makes everything taste better! So, if you happen to be in the Bugis area, don’t forget to drop by WONG FU FU to try the new combinations!


Location: 776 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198744
Opening Hours

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday to Sunday: 11.30 am to 10 pm 

Don’t walk; run over to WONG FU FU ASAP, as the Ilya Nur Fadhly x Indomie x Wong Fu Fu collaboration is only available till 8 October!

Photos by Brendan Tan of the DANAMIC Team.

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